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Wardrobe BJ Buddies Visit Aussies Do It

By Aussies Do It

Hot Colombian Andie and expat Brit Beckett prove how resourceful gay men in heat can be. We don't need a bedroom to have a hot hookup, a secluded wardrobe will do just fine for some juicy cocksucking action. Andie is quick to drop to his knees and start worshipping Beckett's smooth hard body, and Beckett's close behind in burying his face into Andie's hungry butthole. Soon they find their footing and Beckett is grabbing a closet shelf behind him with both hands to steady himself while Andie eagerly goes to work swallowing his thick woody. Once his eyes are rolling back into his head we know that Andie's a cocksucking pro and Beckett can't hold back much longer. He holds Andie by the scruff of his neck and drills his spurting dick down his buddy's throat.

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