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By Corbin Fisher

Let's hope Finn woke up this morning ready and eager to get railed, because that's what Grayson had in store for him! The looks on Finn's face how he stares into Grayson's eyes, almost mesmerized by Grayson and how his dick is making him feel as it pumps his hole make me think whether or not he woke up ready for Grayson's cock, he went to bed that night set to dream about it over and over. This episode is packed full of loads and loads of hot fucking it's a lengthy one, and most of it involves Finn with his hole getting pounded while his eyes are rolling back and he's gasping and moaning in pure pleasure. Grayson's dick is most definitely doing the trick for Finn, just as Finn's hole is doing the trick for Grayson's dick! Grayson doesn't ever seem to want to stop fucking Finn and Finn's completely ok with that!

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