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The Covenant: I did as ordered and crawled subserviently into the room. The first person I saw there was Master Drayke. To be honest, I was relieved: He's a man I know and trust. He really looked after me during my initiation. I left that ceremony feeling like a precious object. I noticed two other men standing towards the back of the room. But I felt obliged to keep my head hanging low so I couldn't tell who they were. I could only fathom that they, like Master Drayke, were wearing white suits. I was ordered to kneel up and, at that point, dared to look over to my left, discovering that one of the men was actually Apprentice Cole. I've always been scared of Apprentice Cole. Ever since I arrived here, he's been so much further on in his training and he comes across as super confident. He's also ridiculously handsome.

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