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Bob Coogler and Virgil Avedon decide to make breakfast for their friends. Hugo Carter, Dallas White and newcomer Jimmie Ackerman soon join them for some delicious food prepared with love. The boys decide to thank Bob and Virgil for such a lovely morning in the only way they know how. Virgil and Bob are generally known for their love of anal sex and the other three are happy to meet their needs. The five-way begins with a round of intense blowjobs as Bob and Virgil move from one hard dick to another. Dallas‘ long cock is as usual the center of the attention. After offering their asses for rim-jobs, Bob and Virgil finally get fucked by the three horny youngsters, their rock hard dicks taking Bob and Virgil to orgasm. Their final reward comes as they lay below a circle of hard cocks and wait for three big cumshots to land on their faces.

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