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Sweet Sugar Koki Visit Japan Boyz

By Japan Boyz

We've referred to adorable Koki as "Kissy boy" in the past, and he sure lives up to that name. When he and Rio get together for a night of horny fun, they smooch and suck face so passionately you'd think they invented kissing. Koki is not the "wham bam" type, he likes to mix in mix in a lot of impromptu romance with some nasty hijinks, and Rio is definitely along for THAT ride. The sweet boy plants a big wet one on Rio's lush lips and they're off to the XXX races. After the customary rubbing and nipple tweaking, the guys trade dick sucking turns, then Rio moves down to lap at Koki's hungry hole. When he slides his raw dick in, Koki pants and gasps like it's the greatest sex ever. We like that for sure. Rio takes his time and builds up to a smooth steady thrusting rhythm, and soon both studs are too hot to hold back.

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