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We pitched a tent and sat inside, joking about how ridiculously small it felt. Then the look on his face suddenly changed to one of pure desire and I knew that the time had come. Moments later we were kissing. The boy knew exactly what he was doing. Within seconds he was groping my bulge and I was impatiently tearing his shirt off. He unzipped my pants and exposed my dick, pressing his soft lips against it. Noah gave head like a pro and I found myself groaning with pleasure, my head spinning with dirty thoughts about what I was gonna do to him. I started to finger his hole with one hand while pushing down on the back of his head until he was choking on my meat with the other. I got him squatting in front of me and thrust my hungry tongue deep into his beautiful, smooth ass before kneeling behind him and pushing my 9-inch raw penis into him.

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