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First Aid: If you're gonna bang a Scoutboy on a camping trip, you gotta seize the moment as soon as it presents itself. And on the third day of our adventure, sexy young Scout Serg was served up to me on a golden platter. The boys were all given a choice of going swimming in the lake, or learning first aid. I wasn't sure anyone would opt for the latter but Scout Serg is a singular young man and I "selflessly" said I'd be happy to remain in the campsite to teach him a few basic skills while the rest of them hot footed it to the other side of the woods. And then, just like that, we were alone. A few seconds after I'd demonstrated how to deal with a cut on the arm, we were locked in a passionate embrace. I pushed him onto his knees, pulling down his shorts to expose the most beautiful, tight hole, which I immediately invaded with my tongue.

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