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Stepping out of the shower is great when you have a horny bottom slut waiting to get you dirty again. Just ask BlessedXBoy and Rudalo. BlessedXBoy had just come home from a long day. His buddy Rudalo was coming over for dinner, but Rudalo didn't know he was the appetizer. BlessedXBoy stepped out of the shower with Rudalo on the bed, waiting for the main course. After some kissing, that's just what he got as he unwrapped BlessedXBoy's towel and took his cock into his mouth. Rudalo was in slut paradise as he tried to swallow his meal in one gulp, but BlessedXBoy was hungry himself and feasted on Rudalo's hole before filling it with his thick dick. Rudalo was ready to take a pounding, and that's what he got until BlessedXBoy unleaded his load all over the bottom's ass.

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