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Darren Marines Anal Visit Military Classified

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Darren has returned to the cameras for the same reason most Marines return to me and that's for the cash! I have the unique job of using the cash to compromise their heterosexuality and film it for you all! Well Darren is one of those Marines and today he's using the cash excuse to bend over a dude's ass for the first time and fuck it silly. All in a day's work right? Well I gotta say this day was special because the reaction I got from Darren on camera is priceless. check it out! We shot downstairs in my theater room and we immediately got started talking about Darren's first time. He was all smiles describing how they fucked to the movie "Mortal Kombat" in the background. Ho Hum! Actually he became more relaxed when he talked about pussy and like any horny Marine, starts to get turned on.

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