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Stroking with Scoutmaster: Mere minutes after the others had left Scoutmaster McKeon and I were clambering into his tent and lying down next to each other, gently feeling ourselves up. He undid his belt and zipper and pulled his dick out of his underpants like he was unveiling a precious jewel which in many ways he was. His dick is so big and beautiful. I slowly uncovered my penis, feeling a little bashful that it wasn't quite as impressive as his, but there was no doubting how rock-hard it was and quite how much pre-cum was oozing out of it. I ended up sucking him before I kissed him. His dick just looked so enticing that I had to get it into my mouth. He grabbed my face and pushed it deep into my throat, then unzipped his shirt and pushed me onto all fours, pulling my butt cheeks apart and eating me out.

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