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Cousin Devin was just there minding his own business outside the restroom out by the rest stop up the desert road on the way towards the penitentiary (he says he meets a lot of friends there) and some trucker done walk past him with that "I'm gonna fuck your hole" look. And Devin really likes to get his hole fucked. So he gave that hairy stud a bit of time to get himself warmed up and ready and he headed in to get some of that dick. Seems that trucker's name is Brogan and he likes to give out a good Bro Job. He sucked Devin's cock good and hard and then got Devin out so he could bend him over and fuck that trailer trash hole. Some dirty pig sex and good old-fashioned butt fucking is all you can hope for on a hot summer day out here in the country and Devin is good at finding dick.

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