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Cruising Porn: Jerry & Dominik Visit Cruising Porn

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Jerry Kayton is visiting and Dominik Black is the only one home at the time. He lets the Daddy know that it’s going to be a little while before anyone gets back, and he lets him know that it won’t be boring. Since they’re both along in the apartment, Dominik is more than happy to be a good host and entertain the older man while he waits. That’s an offer that Jerry decides to take advantage of right away. He pulls his dick right out on the sofa and the twink goes to work on it with his mouth. He wants to make sure that the guest is comfortable, after all. Jerry is happy with the service but he’s always willing to take more if he can get it. That’s why he gets the young twink onto his back and throws his legs over his head. His virgin asshole is right out in the open and Jerry uses his tongue to get it nice and lubed up for him.

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