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Jun 19, 2024


by Naked Sword

Ripped bodybuilder Jerri Gomes is looking to get stuffed at both ends and, lucky for him, Andy Rodrigues and Gabriel Coimbra are right by his side and ready to fill him up with their big dicks. The two hung tops swap between fucking Jerriā€™s mouth and ass as they constantly rotate positions across the bed. The bareback threesome then comes to a creamy climax as Andy and Gabriel kneel over the beefy muscle hunk and have their monster cocks cum all over his sweaty pecs.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 19, 2024

Serg Ch 5: Double Daddies

by Fun Size Boys

Double Daddies: Dr. Wolf kept the introduction between the two very brief. They all knew why they were there. Dinner was done. Dr. Wolf caressed Serg and kissed him. Soon enough Serg was staring down two massive cocks, rock-hard and ready to be milked. Serg found himself stark naked, his body being felt and tasted by these men. He was in heaven. Dr. Wolf let Mr. Steele go first. The tailor slid his enormous cock into the boy's ravenous hole. Serg moaned in delight as he felt his insides rearranged by the gray-haired tailor. Dr. Wolf took the opportunity to join Mr. Steele and slowly began to stuff his own cock into Serg's yearning hole, eliciting louder and louder moans of ecstasy out of the boy. Mr. Steele's legs are spread wide as the boy rides his cock. Dr. Wolf noticed Mr. Steele's man-hole on clear display and yearning for a cock.

By Fun Size Boys

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Jun 19, 2024

The Pink Lotus 1: Asses Not Ashes

by Peter Fever

When A-gays Nolan Ft. Knox and his hot himbo tagalong Travis arrive at the exclusive Costa del Sol gay resort The Pink Lotus, their first impression is no relaxing, luxurious dream cum true, but more of a frustrating nightmare. The hotel has misplaced the cremated ashes of Nolan's beloved Carlotta, after the pair intended to scatter her ashes in the warm Mediterranean surf. While Nolan goes down to the front desk to rant, Travis makes his move on hunky concierge The Occitan Prince. Occitan does his best to console Travis, who admits that Carlotta was a raging bitch who he hated. Taken aback, Occitan still is up for a roll in the hay and takes on muscular Travis and his big juicy cock. Ever service-oriented, Occitan drops to his knees and swallows Travis' thick tool in one deep gulp.

By Peter Fever

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Jun 19, 2024

My Asian Stepsister 1: Ploy

by Sex Japan TV

Hot blonde/Read-head Ploy loves big dick guys. And she invited her friend to visit, him being just the right size. Waiting for him, she began to caress herself, and upon the arrival of the guy, she immediately rushed to suck his big dick. Then he fucked her hard in her pussy.

By Sex Japan TV

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Jun 18, 2024

Gaycation Brazil: The Laundry Spy

by Raw Hole

Travis is making himself at home in Rio, out on the terrace hanging up with laundry to dry in the hot tropical sun. But there's a sneaky voyeur checking out Travis' hot muscle body and thick bulging crotch. Shaved headed Petrick Garcia stops in his tracks on the way down the outside staircase to enjoy the view of the American tourist. Once Travis notices, he rubs his crotch, gives the local guy a good show to spy on. Turned on and rock-hard, both studs step upstairs to the roof to fuck al fresco. Travis stretches back in a rattan lounge chair as Petrick leans in to get a taste of American cock. Big lush lips locked around the head of Travis' uncut piece, he guzzles Travis to the furry root. Petrick straddles the lounge to grind his ass across Travis' probing tongue, grabbing his cheeks to spread his hole open wide.

By Raw Hole

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Jun 18, 2024

Yusaku's Sweet Sex Date

by Japan Boyz

Wild boy Yusaku is probably the most edgy and intimidating model in the Japanboyz stable, but tonight Kaoru is lucky to catch the hot pierced and tatted stud in a subdued, almost romantic mood. There's no sticking out his split tongue or brandishing his heavy gauge cock piercing ring. They kiss, gently tweak each other's nips, slide down to lick and suck each other, then move on to the really hot stuff. But still with a passionate but intimate attitude. But Yusaku still has his edge, drawn like a moth to a flame when he sees the shiny nipple rings on Kaoru's lean-muscled chest. Once Kaoru's mouth is latched around Yusaku's big cock, he gobbles it down, piercing jewelry and all. His tongue traces a path from Yusaku's well-packed nuts to the Prince Albert-ringed tip of his dick.

By Japan Boyz

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Jun 18, 2024

Rio & Chris

by Treasure Island Media

Old Buddies Rio 9rande and Chris Flex cross the friend zone when Chris confesses to wanting Rio's huge cock inside of him. Mr. Flex gets his insides wrecked by Rio's massive fat uncut cock.

By Treasure Island Media

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Jun 18, 2024

Threesome 3-Pack Compilation

by DamianXDragon

Damian & Kemono Dragon x Caged Jock, Serg Shepard, Devan Meji: One of the most requested set of videos. The Threesome 3-Pack Compilation. Watch Kemono and I destroy Caged Jock, Serg Shepard and Devan Meji. Three scenes complied into an all out fuck fest of throat gagging, dildo fucking, double penetrations and hard core balls deep fucking.

By DamianXDragon

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Jun 18, 2024

Micah Feeds Eli

by Corbin Fisher

When we first paired Eli and Micah up with one another, Micah brought out an all-new side of Eli that was hot as heck to see! Eli got dominant and aggressive, but in a wonderfully passionate and at times even intimate way that clearly rocked Micah's world and set all our screens on fire. With the chemistry these two had, we immediately set about trying to get them back together with one another. We wanted to see if that chemistry carried through, and just what these two would make not only of the opportunity to get a piece of one another again, but of the opportunity to flip the script this second time around and have Micah doing the topping honors! Well, just as hooked as Eli was on Micah's hole their first go around, he's totally hooked on Micah's cock in this one.

By Corbin Fisher

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Jun 18, 2024

Victor's Hardcore Double Tickling

by Tickled Hard

Franco doesn't pull any punches with this hardcore tickling session, bringing in Blake to double the fun! Victor begs and begs for it to stop, screaming in English and Spanish, as they tickle his muscular legs, smooth feet and furry upper body. Victor howls loudly throughout the tickling mayhem, struggling to breathe and pleading for mercy. This sweaty stud is so exhausted that when Blake starts tickling him after he's untied, he can't even fight back. Franco joins in for a final freestyle tickle, driving him insane. If you like muscular Latinos swearing in Spanish when they're tickled, this video is for you!

By Tickled Hard

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Jun 18, 2024

Simon & Leandro

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

Mature and hairy Leandro is in the kitchen making coffee, when young Simon returns from classes. A welcome kiss quickly gets things heated up and soon daddy has the boy's cock out and in his mouth. By the time both are naked, Leandro is bent over the kitchen counter taking the boy's big uncut cock up his ass. Simon bareback fucks the mature Latino, until he's ready to release his seed. Daddy gets on his knees and patiently waits for his twink top to pump a warm cum load onto his bearded face. Then Leandro sucks the boy's cock dry, while getting a taste of his own ass juice.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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Jun 18, 2024

Getting Sexy Mate Tom Robinson Off

by Bentley Race

My sexy British mate Tom Robinson is back this week stripping naked for me. Tom is one of my favorite models. He always looks great in the shoots and we always end up having fun making new videos. I was getting Tom to do a slow strip tease in this shoot, showing off his bottom bent over a low chair while I took some amazing photos. His big cock was growing as I was getting him to show it off in his underwear. When you see his photos you will see why our other mates want to get in on the shoots with him. With the photos out of the way we got to work making a new video. Tom was going at it solo initially, wanking his fat cock. Then I joined him on the bed, licking his hole and sucking on that cock. I love feeling when Tom's big dick is about to blow. After seeing the video again today I can't wait to get him over again.

By Bentley Race

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