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May 28, 2024

Grayson Fucks Finn

by Corbin Fisher

Let's hope Finn woke up this morning ready and eager to get railed, because that's what Grayson had in store for him! The looks on Finn's face how he stares into Grayson's eyes, almost mesmerized by Grayson and how his dick is making him feel as it pumps his hole make me think whether or not he woke up ready for Grayson's cock, he went to bed that night set to dream about it over and over. This episode is packed full of loads and loads of hot fucking it's a lengthy one, and most of it involves Finn with his hole getting pounded while his eyes are rolling back and he's gasping and moaning in pure pleasure. Grayson's dick is most definitely doing the trick for Finn, just as Finn's hole is doing the trick for Grayson's dick! Grayson doesn't ever seem to want to stop fucking Finn and Finn's completely ok with that!

By Corbin Fisher

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May 28, 2024

Straight Young Hunks 1st Man Suck

by English Lads

This week we have our two muscular hunks, Jenson James and Dustin Healy, back together as the hot duo continue to push their straight-boy boundaries! Jenson is sucking his first cock today and what an impressive and huge uncut cock to start with! Dustin is nearly 8 inches long and very thick but Jenson is feeling greedy today and manages to suck a lot of it! The young lads do a fantastic job of showing off their huge muscles as they compare muscles, with Jenson weighing more but Dustin standing taller. Both looking in amazing condition from many gym sessions and training. After wanking each other's throbbing hard erections, and plenty of sucking, the boys power wank themselves to a big messy climax!

By English Lads

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May 28, 2024

Out Of the Blue

by Kristen Bjorn

On a brick spring day Magnus Loki is out jogging in the park when he stops to stretch and rest, out of the blue he spots a former fuck friend of his, Lucio Saints. Lucio clearly demonstrates that he is horny and his cock is in need of Magnus’ sexual talents. Lucio puts his magnificent cock on display and Magnus cannot refuse. The guys head back to Lucio’s flat and quickly get reacquainted with one another as the clothes are stripped away and the kissing reaches passionate levels. Magnus takes Lucio’s growing cock into his mouth as memories of the deliciousness of Lucio’s cock fills his mouth and throat. The guys swap positions and Magnus spreads his legs wide open and Lucio begins deep throating his rock-hard cock. Magnus backs himself up against Lucio and Lucio thrusts his monster deep inside of Magnus’s sweet, pink hole.

By Kristen Bjorn

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May 28, 2024

Collin & Hunter

by Cocky Boys

Collin Merp and Hunter are truly well-matched, and not just because Collin is well-hung top and Hunter is cock-hungry bottom. It's because they who don't take themselves seriously and have fun even as the sex gets intense. It gets hot right away as Hunter shows he really is a "big dick whisperer" who can suck Collin take him deep into his hole. Actually, Hunter doesn't whisper as Collin plows him and takes him into all manner of acrobatic positions that might be a challenge for anyone else. The way Collin fucks, he could be the "hole whisperer" because he effortlessly fucks a load out of Hunter and cums seconds later. You need only listen to them in the afterglow to know they indeed had fun.

By Cocky Boys

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May 28, 2024

Olivia Breaks In Art

by Hot College Fucks

It doesn’t take much to convince Art to hook up with Olivia. An invitation to her room was basically all it took and within minutes they’re on the bed 69ing! The horny blonde starts of by riding Art’s hard dick. Then he wants to fuck her missionary, which turns her on even more because she gets to look up at that ripped and attractive body of his! She really likes getting fucked by him and he takes advantage of that to try out as many positions as he can on her slutty hole. When Art flips her over to doggy style he unleashes his stud skills and power-thrusts into her, squeezing and pulling her ass into him. He cums in her mouth and she hungrily takes the full load!

By Hot College Fucks

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May 27, 2024

Barron Dicks Rocky & Nikki

by Bi College Fucks

Barron and Nikki are having way too much fun at the outset of the action here as they make Rocky sit back and stroke his cock while the two of them get to play with one another. You can see in the look on Rocky's face just how desperate and eager he is to join in, despite how much he's also enjoying his front row seat to view the action in front of him. He's being treated to one heck of a show! Eventually, Nikki and Barron know they have Rocky worked up to the point he's earned the chance to taste Barron's big dick as well. But the privilege of getting to taste Barron's cock comes with a catch you have to let Barron fill your tight ass with that dick as well! Rocky is ok with all of this, as the blazing hot fuck session that follows will prove!

By Bi College Fucks

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May 27, 2024

Private Collection: André & Justin

by Naked Sword

André Bedford and Justin Swift are heading into a private room and ready to suck and fuck on camera for their own Private Collection of bareback vids. After swallowing down Justin’s big dick, André gets into position to be fucked and rammed with some raw cock until he’s unloading all over his buddy’s hairy chest.

By Naked Sword

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May 27, 2024

Yannis & Niko Pt. 2

by Bel Ami Online

Following up on last week's treat where we got to see Niko Vangelis fucking Yannis Paluan, we are back today where the roles are reversed and Yannis gets his chance at showing how he can fuck. We all know that Yannis can put that cute bubble butt to good use, and can be a wild bottom, but as a top he is gentler, more loving, and romantic. The guys start off giving us a great view of both their bodies in the shower before heading to the bedroom where it is Yannis who takes the lead by devouring Niko's raging hard cock. Things are soon reciprocated and pretty soon Yannis is easing his fat dick into his buddy's tight hole.

By Bel Ami Online

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May 27, 2024

I Wanna Fuck Max

by Boy Fun

Raw and smooth BoyFun twinks Max Gen and Scott Smith are just a couple of curious and horny young boys, with dicks always taking control of their thoughts. We all remember being their age and letting our boners take over. Max has been looking at some hot porn on his phone and his pal Scott arrives at just the right time. Neither of these boys is in the least bit ashamed of their curiosity, far from it. It takes mere moments for the sexy duo to be trying out some positions, clothed at first, but with their dicks inspired and their youthful cum loads always in need of release it's no surprise the buddies are soon escalating their curiosity. Groping cocks through their jeans the two make out and slip their t-shirts off, and we're not in the least bit surprised to see them quickly progressing to ball licking and cock sucking.

By Boy Fun

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May 27, 2024

Henrique, Brendo & Felipe

by Treasure Island Media

In Berlin or San Francisco, a man licking another man’s leather boot would be a dark and serious moment. But in Brazil? The bootlicker is grinning happily as he chows down on the black leather. Bottom-boy supreme Henrique Becker is the shining star of this three-man encounter with lucky tops Brendo Vilhena and Felipe Villar.

By Treasure Island Media

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May 27, 2024

Eluan with Kirk & Bart

by Freshmen

Bart Cuban and Kirk Gauguin are in the bathroom post-sex. Eluan Jeunet invites them back to the bedroom and offers his oral services to both boys. As soon as Eluan’s pants fall to the ground, Kirk and Bart begin servicing his cock and ass. Eluan offers to fuck Bart’s ass first, who now has a dick up his ass and another in his mouth. This sexy three-way moves along nicely as Eluan offers his ass to Bart in return, while sucking Kirk’s cock again. Kirk is enjoying the blowjob but is also keen to fuck his blond friend’s ass. Bart and Kirk swap places and Kirk fucks Eluan’s ass before reaching orgasm. Bart shoots a thick creamy load over Eluan’s face before Kirk cums on his ass. The session is only over when Eluan rewards his friends' faces with a splashy cumshot.

By Freshmen

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May 27, 2024

Brock's First FlipFuck


JC Hunt knows how to show a guy a great time, and Brock Reynolds has a blast finding out. These two studs suck and rim each other before diving in to a high action flip fuck you don't want to miss! Along with some hot deep ass rimming.


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