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May 24, 2024

Oliver Carter, Johnny Ford Bottoms: Encounter 3

by Twink Loads

Tall, gorgeous, skinny twink Oliver Carter has a huge, mammoth cock that DILF fuckbuddy Johnny Ford simply cannot get enough of. The hot muscle daddy moans uncontrollably and grips the bed sheets as Oliver gets Johnny howling with each hard thrust.

By Twink Loads

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May 24, 2024

Gaycation Brazil: The Naked Haircut

by Raw Hole

Hanry sends a card to LA that he found a hot naked barber. Pierced and bearded Rafael Zorzella shows up at Hanry's hotel room and seats him in a desk chair. He strips down, just to be comfortable. He suggests Hanry should try it as well. Hanry eyes Rafael with a thirsty stare, and Rafael grinds his crotch into Hanry as he works his way around trimming. Hanry rubs his crotch and finally pulls Rafael's dick out of his jock to suck it. Rafael gets a hold of Hanry's oversized tool and starts jerking. Kneeling in front of the "barber chair" he slurps down every inch of the Asian mix stud's smooth shaved cock. The lean-muscled barber lies back on the bed for Hanry to suck his cock-ringed dick, then his tight-muscled ass. Hanry slides his cock in to the hilt, raw and rough.

By Raw Hole

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May 24, 2024

Jeremy & Kale

by Jock Breeders

With his scruffy beard, ear plugs, and large tats, Jeremy Adams looks like a punky twink top and he proves it when he takes on boy-next-door Kale Rivers. Kale Rivers could hardly look more sweet and innocent but the way he swallows Jeremy's cock to the balls without a struggle proves he's done that before. It doesn't take Jeremy much work to be balls deep in Kale's ass, either.

By Jock Breeders

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May 24, 2024

Oral April: Gavin Winters

by Peter Fever

Do April showers bring cum showers? Check out this hot cum-pilation starring Asian twink cocksucker Gavin Winters! Sometimes a guy needs a warm wet, velvety mouth to dump a load in. Hot 20-year old Asian Gavin Winters may be new to sucking cock, but you can't deny raw, natural talent. He has a throat so thirsty for thick, creamy loads that he's down on his knees to take all we can dish out. Watch this cum-pilation where Gavin services all cummers, from Latin Desiderio Diaz to lean pale Bryson Belair to hung and hard bearded hipster daddy Brian Bonds to super-hung black face-fucker August Alexander. Gavin wants cum, and he wants it directly from the musky male faucet. This one you'll wanna WATCH!

By Peter Fever

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May 24, 2024

Jess & Sofiane

by Jalif Studios

Euro porn Legend Jess Royan wanders into a ruined farmhouse on the outskirts of Bordeaux. This bald-headed hunk is feeling horny and he knows there's a treat waiting for him inside. Trees partially cover the building's entrance. The floors are strewed with rubbish, the walls lined with graffiti. It's the perfect place for the sort of sleazy sex Royan enjoys. As luck would have it, tanned hunk Sofiane Latino is lurking in a darkened corner of the house. He's feeling super aroused and soon has his lips wrapped around Royan's 8-inch meat. And boy does this kinky bastard know how to suck! Royan groans ecstatically, giving the cameraman a sly thumbs up. The two men kiss passionately. Royan jerks his dick, which feels like it's about to explode with lustful excitement.

By Jalif Studios

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May 24, 2024

Kosuke Cums with Kenchi

by Japan Boyz

Stolid, rock-solid Kosuke and adventurous, kinky Kenchi would seem to be almost opposites, but put them alone in a room together and sure enough, they find the one thing that binds guys together despite all their differences hot, uninhibited sex, with a close connection. They start out kissing passionately, then Kosuke slips down to nibble on Kenchi's sensitive nips. Then he slides Kenchi's sport briefs off to get at the handsome twink's smooth tan cock. Kenchi follows suit, giving Kosuke's nipples little love bites then getting HIMSELF a musky mouthful of Kosuke's stiffening dick. They share a mutual suck-fest in a passionate 69. But it's not all even-steven. Kenchi wants his ass rammed full to the brim, and Kosuke's itching to feel Kenchi's hot juicy hole twitching around his hard shaft.

By Japan Boyz

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May 24, 2024

Apprentice Waters Ch 1

by Masonic Boys

The Interview: He picked up a small black fabric bag and carefully eased its contents out. There was clear glass or plastic object inside which, rather suspiciously, was shaped like a penis. I instinctively knew that he wanted to push it into me and the thought was terrifying. It was three times the diameter of his finger and really not far off the size of my own penis. He sprayed the glass and my dick with a huge amount of oil before starting to push his finger into me again. My entire body erupted into the shakes. As predicted, he was soon pressing the penis-like object against my butt, slowly and patiently applying pressure until I felt my hole relaxing and beginning to open up. And then I felt it creeping into me. It hurt. It really hurt, but I felt my muscles gripping around it like a clamp and pulling it inside me.

By Masonic Boys

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May 24, 2024

Real Asian Milfs Pt2: Sakura

by Sex Japan TV

Sakura is a horny Japanese MILF who needs a little encouragement from her vibrator before she's really in the mood. Buzzing her pussy through her pants, Sakura eventually gets wet and wild, stripping off her striped to and dropping to her knees to suck some dick. Sakura mounts up for most of her penetration, showing off her naturally hairy clam, until she gets it glazed in cum!

By Sex Japan TV

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May 23, 2024

Hayden & Jackson

by Sean Cody

Hairy top Hayden sits up from the weight bench to check out curly-haired Jackson's ass as he squats, coming up behind him for a closer look. As Jackson does pullups, Hayden surprises him by pulling down his shorts and burying his face between those cheeks! Jackson sucks the top, then rides his dick, and muscular Hayden hoists him up for a stand-and-carry. Jackson puts a leg up on a bench as Hayden pounds him from behind, then orgasms as he gets fucked on his back, and Hayden pulls out and cums.

By Sean Cody

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May 23, 2024

Pledge Be Tight

by Frat X

The more you study the less time we have to open up dat ass. Screw your grades, we got horny bros around here with holes to fill. We know exams are stressful, but who cares, there's nothin better than a hard slippery frat cock to loosen you up pledge.

By Frat X

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May 23, 2024

Milo Miles Ch 9

by Twink Top

New Muscles: Coach James told me to do some squats and gave me directions on my form. Then he started showing me how to do them correctly. My knees went so weak that I almost fell off of the couch. The Coach's ass is incredible! It might be the sexiest one I've ever seen. It's like he has two rock-hard melons in his gym shorts. He stood back up and said, "Maybe you'll have an ass like this one day." All I could think was, "I want yours now!" Forget being versatile, I wanted to fuck this hot DILF's perfect ass into next week. I just stood there, not knowing what to say. Cole said that Coach James likes cute young athletes. Was he flirting with me? If he was, what did he want? I was up for pretty much anything. He just stood there with a half smile on his face.

By Twink Top

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May 23, 2024

Shameful Abyss

by Face Down Ass Up

I knew he was a bottom but I wanted to see how far I'd go. Let's see if he will take them all.

By Face Down Ass Up

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