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May 15, 2024

Czech Hunter 740

by Czech Hunter

Petr was such a lucky find. He was 18 and in his first year of college. The guy studied photography, which was perfect. I had an excuse to lure him into my apartment. All I needed was to promise him cash for a little photo shoot. There was no photo shoot of course. I let him take his clothes off and show me that innocent cock. The dude was really hot. And kinda slutty. I just had to give him money and he was all over my dick. Sure, he was intimidated by the size but eventually stretched his mouth enough. Stretching his ass was a bit more difficult. I couldn't believe my luck while pounding that tight butt. His moaning was so fucking adorable.

By Czech Hunter

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May 15, 2024

Twink Pig Worships Daddy

by Alternadudes

Lyle Bright is a horny twink pig who loves gettin' with daddies. He doesn't waste a second getting into Matt's dingy jockstrap and he's happy to see the big curved hairy cock that Matt is hiding underneath. Lyle lets the horny daddy fuck his face and teabag his mouth before he flips over and offers up his ass. Matt is ready and able and slams his rigid hard-on deep into the blonde twink's tight shaved hole. Matt pumps away hard and after a lot of sweaty dirty talk and a bit armpit cleaning, Matt blasts his creamy load all over the twink's long thirsty tongue.

By Alternadudes

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May 15, 2024

Tokyo Foursome

by DamianXDragon

Damian & Kemono Dragon x TonTon x Ryoma: Kemono Dragon and I brought our USA Hard Fuck Style to Japan. We met up for a foursome with TonTon and Ryoma. Ton Ton gets fucked the fuck of his life by Kemono and Ryoma dives deep into my hole. They have no idea what they were getting themselves into. Don't miss this epic foursome fuck with intense deep throating and deep fucking.

By DamianXDragon

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May 15, 2024

Sexy Simon Reams Mateo

by Aussies Do It

Sexy, swarthy Simon (See-Moan) is a hot-blooded, bearded South American versatile top, and there's no doubt he loves to fuck! He describes his hair and eye color as "black, and black." Intrigued by porn, this is his first outing and he's fulfilling that interest. He gets off watching how much his bottom is enjoying getting rammed. Recent ADI discovery Mateo is also Latino, a spicy Colombian who prefers bottoming, though he admits when he's really turned on he can be VERY versatile. Simon likes Colombians, especially their naughty side. Well-matched, they get started with a kiss and a suck, and waste no time getting to the old in-and-out. Mateo LOVES to suck, and it's pretty obvious by the dreamy but focused look on his face when he's swallowing Simon's big booty-splitter.

By Aussies Do It

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May 15, 2024

Drew & Evan

by Sean Cody

Shaven-headed Evan is in the gym today to teach you the leg exercises that will get you the shape you're craving. He's super sore after demonstrating the workout, and dark-haired Drew offers him a massage, watching the bottom as he gets changed. Evan enjoys the leg and ass rubdown, and loves it when Drew massages his hole, first with a finger and then sliding his cock inside! Drew drills the bottom on the massage table, flipping him over to fuck him missionary till Evan cums. The top finishes with a creampie that Evan's talented muscle ass pushes out.

By Sean Cody

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May 15, 2024

CAUSA 809 Leeroy

by Club Amateur USA

Bringing back another fan favorite: Leeroy Jones! While scheduling, Leeroy let me know that he’s not practicing his anal play. So, I knew going into the shoot that I wouldn’t be bringing the big toys out to play. No worries, Leeroy left a puddle of precum on the table, and I had a spider’s web of precum between my fingers & his big, throbbing cock.

By Club Amateur USA

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May 15, 2024

Brad Tickled Hard

by Tickled Hard

Once 20-year-old straight guy Brad is comfortably seated, Franco ties his legs together with rope and cuffs his ankles and wrists. Brad hisses and giggles as Franco tickles him in the armpits, and he tries unsuccessfully to hold back his raspy laughter when Franco tickles his inner thighs. All Brad's muscles flex as his upper body tickle continues. Franco pauses to test Brad's bare foot before heading back upstairs, tickling the inside of his pecs and his obliques. When Franco tickles the underside of Brad's thighs, the tickling is so intense it makes Brad cry with laughter. And just when Brad thinks it's over, Franco comes in from behind and gives him an intense tickle massage.

By Tickled Hard

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May 15, 2024

Cute New Mate Luke Oakley

by Bentley Race

We've been meeting some really cute new guys so far this year. Some of them who have only recently arrived in Australia, like our new mate Luke Oakley. The 23 year old moved here from UK and got to experience the end of our summer. He contacted me and asked if him and his mate could come by and model with us. Well I'm glad he did because they are both super cute. I did Luke's solo shoot first. He's a tall lanky boy with a smooth body, a nice uncut cock and a cheeky smile. We had a lot of fun taking these photos while his mate filmed some BTS footage of us. I am pretty sure we'll be seeing a lot of Luke on the site this year.

By Bentley Race

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May 14, 2024

Spence & 4 Other Guys

by Straight Fraternity

Nikko, Garrett, Dax, Robbie and Spence love to play sex games and get off together. This time it's Spence's turn to have the other guys make him cum. Each guy draws a task from the jar to do to Spence. Dax draws 'kissing,' Robbie draws 'nipples,' Nikko draws 'cock,' and Garrett draws 'ass.' They all get busy at their posts. Spence is loving the attention as the guys all work toward making him cum. He stands up and shoots his load while the other guys have their hands all over him!

By Straight Fraternity

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May 14, 2024

Blowing Laird

by Spunk Worthy

Since doing the happy ending massage video, Laird seems to be broadening his sexual horizons. Not quite 19 y/o yet, that might not sound like much since almost everything is a "first" for him, but his curiosity is growing. His girlfriend still doesn't know he's doing some porn on the side, or his gay buddy for that matter, but he confided in me that he'd watched some tranny porn recently which seems to be a fascination with a lot of curious str8 guys. Strange as it might sound, it was because of his girlfriend that he got back in touch about doing a BJ scene he wanted to get her a nice birthday present. At least that was the reason he told me; seemed that he might be wanting to treat himself while he was at it, though.

By Spunk Worthy

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May 14, 2024

Down Under With Sam Holister

by Cade Maddox

I went deep down under on Aussie hottie Sam Holister. After eating his ass, he sits and rides my cock before I take control and fuck him until he shoots his load while I'm deep inside him. Crikey, blimey.

By Cade Maddox

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May 14, 2024

Glenn & Joris

by Bareback Me, Daddy!

Glenn strips out of his clothes and daddy quickly goes down on him. The mature man follows with a good ass licking, before bending over so the boy can bareback fuck his ass. A position change has Joris legs in the air, for a final round of raw anal. By the time they are done, Joris is wearing both of their cum loads.

By Bareback Me, Daddy!

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