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Jun 17, 2024

Spy Boy, Editor's Cut

by Men At Play

Rogan Richards catches the young Marco Rubi hacking into his company's network. But, instead of calling the authorities, Rogan decides to take matters into his own hands and teach Marco a hard lesson. He orders the nervous lad to remove his clothes, giving Rogan a better view of the smooth, muscular physique beneath the suit. Rogan sits back and instructs Marco to stroke his dick and finger his smooth hole. Watching the spy tease his hole is too much for Rogan to resist. He goes straight in, burying his face in his muscular ass and licking his sweet hole. Marco's nerves vanish, and he's begging for the hung, muscle top to give him an ass pounding over the boardroom table.

By Men At Play

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Jun 17, 2024

Daniel Welcomes Oliver!

by Cocky Boys

Oliver Carter is VERY happy because he's making his CockyBoys debut bottoming for Daniel Evans who makes Oliver's sub dreams come true. Daniel doesn't waste any time either by eating out Oliver's sweet ass, then fucking him and bringing him to breathless ecstasy. As a result, Oliver eagerly pleases Daniel by sucking him and he can't get enough of his cock. Daniel gives back too by eating out Daniel again and blowing him, but Oliver just gets more excited to ride his cock every which way and suck him with incomparable bottom energy. Eventually Daniel wrests back some control and pounds Oliver, and after he shoots Daniel fucks a load out of him, leaving him one super-satisfied sub

By Cocky Boys

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Jun 17, 2024

Young Straight & Lean Lad

by English Lads

Young, lean, and very laid-back boxer, Seb Butler, returns this week as he continues to push his boundaries as a straight young lad. Today he agrees to his first-ever manhandling! Seb has toned abs, a muscular bum, and hairy long legs and his muscles ache from his boxing today so luckily, I have my oil and a pair of warm hands at the ready! Seb shows off his muscles on the bed before he flips over and I rub him all over, releasing any tension. I tease Seb’s uncut cock to a massive hard erection and wank his stiff cock as Seb gets into doggy position and shows off his tight, virgin hole! Seb squats on the drawers and wanks his big cock as I get a close up of his hole in this position! Comfy on the bed, Seb power wanks himself to a massive cum shot before I film him in the shower washing off his big mess!

By English Lads

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Jun 17, 2024

One To Grow On

by Straight Fraternity

Greyson and Tex strip to their underwear while Franco brings out the Bowl of Tricks. Greyson draws first and only has to lick Tex's ear, but when Tex draws, he gets to slap Greyson in the mouth with his dick. Greyson takes Tex's cock to his face and even tries to help get him hard. When it's Greyson's turn, he draws paddling and happily delivers some serious whacks to Tex. The tables turn again when he has to eat ass for the first time. I tell Tex to keep sucking Greyson's cock, and it's not long before he's ready to shoot. After Greyson finishes, I have him suck Tex's nipples while he beats off, and Tex shoots a big load from his uncut cock.

By Straight Fraternity

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Jun 17, 2024

Sven & Christian

by Bel Ami Online

There is something about our guys that attracts them to playing with balls all the time, but today the 'cool gang' seems more interested in playing pool and not enough interested in Christian Lundgren. At least Sven Basquiat is there to put them all in their place and to take care of Christian's wounded pride. Their encounter today is both sweet and tender, and intense and sensual with Christian flawlessly swapping from his usual role as bottom, to being top to satisfy Sven's needs. Both guys seem to have a taste for rimming, so that is how the sex both starts and finishes. Christian being Christian, can't seem to cum without something up his love hole, so Sven gallantly offers to help him out in the only way he can think of.

By Bel Ami Online

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Jun 17, 2024

Reese Rideout & Jack Emhoff

by Randy Blue

Reese Rideout has done some amazing scenes at RandyBlue over the years but thanks to Jack Emhoff, he may have a new favorite scene! That's because lively top- pleaser Jack shows Reese there's much more than just a spark between them. Right away Jack worships Reese's body and cock and takes a deep-throated face fucking and that's just for starters. Jack rides Reese's cock with wild bottom energy and loves every second of it, but Reese wants his turn too. He worships Jack's ripped bod and incredible ass, then fucks him with the dominant energy Jack loves. In time he gets Jack on his back and pounds a load out of Jack and then shoots his own on Jack's abs. Reese is still in awe of Jack afterward no wonder he's a new fave!.

By Randy Blue

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Jun 17, 2024


by Naked Sword

Ripped porn star Zario Travezz is already balls deep inside daddy Bruce Jones when hung hunk Sean Xavier stops by the shower for a hot bareback threesome. After Sean sucks down some cock and has his ass eaten out, Zario gets back to pounding Bruce with his big dick until he's ready to cum all over his crack.

By Naked Sword

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Jun 17, 2024

Well Hung Army Lads Orgy Fuck

by Orgy Studs

Lukas and Vaclav are the lowest ranked grunts in this bunch of horny army boys and when they started going at one another they are soon joined by their peers. These guys have some big, big cocks on them and they're rock hard and ready to fuck ass. And there's a ton of that action in this scene. Along with deep throating and a circle jerk that leaves each stud coated in cum!

By Orgy Studs

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Jun 16, 2024

Finn Earns It

by Corbin Fisher

This episode truly showcases two total young studs at their very best, and we certainly meant it when we titled this one, "Finn Earns It"! Finn works harder for the big, uncut dick that fills him up here than we've ever seen Finn work for a cock before he worships Rocky's feet, deepthroats Rocky's cock, throws his legs in the air while Rocky fingers and plays with his hole, then sits on Rocky's cock and bounces up and down with gymnast like enthusiasm, athleticism, and flexibility! We all know Rocky's a stud through and through and can deliver a pounding like few others can, but you can see in the expressions on his face even he's blown away but just how much of a champ Finn's being at taking his cock here! Eventually Rocky decides Finn's earned himself the pounding of his young life.

By Corbin Fisher

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Jun 16, 2024

Cocks & Robbers: Van

by Like 'em Straight

We like Van from the minute he cracks a smile. It's a hundred watter! He's got the sweet disposition of a guy you wouldn't be afraid to take home to meet your Mother. But don't leave her alone in the room with him; she might jump his bones. He's that kind of cute. Shy too. He can't say no when Brendon takes his dick in hand and jacks him off. This scene has a beautiful ending.

By Like 'em Straight

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Jun 16, 2024

Tyler Plays with Colt & Jamie

by Bi College Fucks

Why not spend some of your time this holiday weekend with Colt and Tyler in a bi three-way? Heck, Colt and Tyler couldn’t think of a better way to spend the long weekend than getting in to some fun with one another and a girl and fucking one another deep while at it! In a three-way like this, it’s just naked flesh all over the place, and every hole is primed to get plugged! Colt, in particular, gets his holes used plenty not only does Tyler fuck him hard and fast, but even while Colt returning the favor he finds a big, thick dildo sliding in to his ass. The deeper that dildo works its way in to Colt’s hole, the deeper he fucks his own cock in to Tyler’s hole. We’ve seen Colt have fun and clearly overwhelmed by pleasure before, but even he could not believe how intense it feels to have your cock sliding in and out of another guy’s ass.

By Bi College Fucks

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Jun 16, 2024

Chayse: Helping Hand

by Straight Off Base

USMC Sgt. Chayse, returns to the the Major's quarters after a long week training in the field to bust a load for the camera. Sgt. Chayse brings along his Kevlar, boots and silkies the "daisy-dukes" of the Marine Corps! The Major wastes no time in ordering Sgt. Chayse to get down to business and pull out his thick 8 inches of Marine weaponry. Chayse spends a good while stroking his cock until the Major jumps in to lend a helping hand and gets him to blast his cum-munition downrange past his knee.

By Straight Off Base

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