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May 30, 2024

A Mouthful Of Sunshine

by Sean Cody

Malik Delgaty decides to get an all-over tan and strips off his shorts before lying back by the pool to sunbathe nude. But his horny neighbor, Jesse Stone, blocks his sun when he sneaks into his yard and starts jacking off. Malik tells Jesse to suck him and then fucks him doggystyle on the chaise. Jesse rides the top, and Malik gets in the pool to fuck the bottom on his back till he pulls out and shoots some lotion on him!

By Sean Cody

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May 30, 2024

Springtime Suckfest: David Ace

by Peter Fever

It's springtime and every young man's fancy turns to thoughts of slurping down big, juicy, musky cocks! At least the men that we know. When it cums to master sucker David Ace, the boy can't help it! Here's a horned-up crop of studs lining up to get that famous oral attention from cocksucker king David Ace. Handsome stud Jace is already hard when Ace begins his magic, slurping down the big tan tool with a slippery hand adding to the fun. A few minutes in both studs remember that haven't even had a moment to take their pants off yet. "God, this is nice!" David groans as he looks up to Jace with a mischievous grin. Jace takes his cock into his fist for a few pumps and sprays David's face just as Ace squirts out a big creamy wad in response.

By Peter Fever

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May 30, 2024

Dolf & Jake

by Hairy and Raw

When the chemistry is right, you know it. You can feel it through the camera. And never has that chemistry been so intoxicating as with Dolf Dietrich and Jake Morgan. The two hunky sex freaks were on each other like white on rice. Eager cock sucker Jake tries to take Dolf's girthy meat but it's just too thick. So trash talking, tattooed Dolf eggs Jake on with plenty of dirty talk. But when Jake chokes, Dolf knows what he has to do. He doesn't just rim Jake. He slobbers on the tender bud, lapping at it as if he were savoring a succulent piece of medium rare filet. And yes, you CAN hear Dolf savoring what he will soon take! But first, a good 69 with a bit of face fucking. Then it's time to get stretched out. On all fours, Jake takes every single inch of Dolf's throbbing shaft.

By Hairy and Raw

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May 30, 2024

Vincent & Liam

by Bring Me A Boy

Liam Rose was on a mission as he walked in while his stepdad's friend, Vincent Stone, was in the living room waiting for Liam's stepdad to get off his call. Liam has been crushing on the manly Vincent for a long time and decided it was now or never. As soon as he walked in, showing off his new clothes, Vincent couldn't help noticing how hard the fabric made Liam's cock. All a part of Liam's plan. Vincent grabbed and stroked the boy's cock so much that he had to have it in his mouth. Liam sat back and gave Vincent what he wanted, but knew a big daddy dick in his young tight pink hole was the ultimate prize. Liam soon returned the favor and swallowed Vincent's meat until it was hard and ready to plow his hole. A cock up his ass and Vincent's cum on his dick equals mission complete.

By Bring Me A Boy

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May 30, 2024

Asian Twinks In Lust

by Japan Boyz

Another week, another pair of Japanese studs with names that begin with "K". Last time it was Kurosuke and Koki, this time it's handsome Kouya (with a fresh dark dye job over his usual golden locks) and lean, shy Kaito. Interesting when hot young twinks get together, you can feel the palpable enthusiasm and sexual heat. They almost feel like they invented sex and are happy to try it out for size. Kaito and Kouya immediately wrap themselves around each other for a hot passionate smooch session. Tongues dart into each other's mouths and their curious hands travel along the smooth bare skin of each other. No mistaking that they are turned on. Kouya flicks a nimble tongue across Kaito's nips while his hand reaches down to warm up Kaito's tool for the action to come.

By Japan Boyz

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May 30, 2024

No String Attached 2


College student Gage (Grant Ducati) is staying with new step-brother Cade (Kam Stone) over Winter Break. Things get complicated when Cade's 'friend with benefits' Jackson (Jayden Marcos) plans a hot date... with Cade's new step-brother Gage! Can Cade handle sharing both his home AND his friend with his new step-brother? Will Gage pull Jackson away from Cade?


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May 30, 2024

Underwear Fetish: Morenong Chinito

by DamianXDragon

I thought my boy Morenong was helping me out with my chores. But I walked in on him nose deep in my sweat soaked gym briefs. I couldn't help myself from sneaking in a taking his ass by surprise. I bent him over the washer and slide my hard uncut cock deep in his tight boy hole until he was begging for my load. I throw him on to the bed and loosen up his hole even more with my tongue. I pound him hard and deep until he can't take it anymore before I hose him down with my thick load of cum.

By DamianXDragon

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May 30, 2024

My Asian Stepsister 1: Bee

by Sex Japan TV

Her friend from the USA arrives to visit hot Asian Bee. And she couldn't wait for him to come to have sex. She began to caress her tits. And as soon as he appeared, she instantly threw herself at his huge penis and began to suck. After that, putting on the bed, he began to fuck her in her tight pussy.

By Sex Japan TV

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May 29, 2024

Gaycation Brazil: Three Sauna Studs

by Raw Hole

Travis writes to his buddy Alex that the saunas in Brazil are so teeming with studs that he just had the hottest orgy of his life, and the guys he met have all he ever wanted in big cocks. He happens upon Sexy lil' Latin twink Davi Paixao and ebony bearded top stud Miguel Baiano making out in the steam-room and joins in the fun as they take their three-way to a private room. Travis gets a hefty mouthful of Davi then a throatful of hung Afro-Brazilian Miguel. Davi and Travis double team on Miguel's crotch as Davis sucks his nut-sack and Travis gobble down his massive tool. Davi and Miguel take turns plowing Travis cock-hungry hole, then beat their cocks to a thick creamy splatter in his face. Wiping up the puddle of sperm they feed their tasty spooge to the hot tourist. Travis shoots his sticky load onto his tight defined abs.

By Raw Hole

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May 29, 2024

Wardrobe BJ Buddies

by Aussies Do It

Hot Colombian Andie and expat Brit Beckett prove how resourceful gay men in heat can be. We don't need a bedroom to have a hot hookup, a secluded wardrobe will do just fine for some juicy cocksucking action. Andie is quick to drop to his knees and start worshipping Beckett's smooth hard body, and Beckett's close behind in burying his face into Andie's hungry butthole. Soon they find their footing and Beckett is grabbing a closet shelf behind him with both hands to steady himself while Andie eagerly goes to work swallowing his thick woody. Once his eyes are rolling back into his head we know that Andie's a cocksucking pro and Beckett can't hold back much longer. He holds Andie by the scruff of his neck and drills his spurting dick down his buddy's throat.

By Aussies Do It

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May 29, 2024

Mounted 2

by Axel Abysse

The GoPros are still running and humongous silicone dicks from Hankey's Toys are added to the mix. Dylain is punching Axel relentlessly, making him squirt and push his guts out, begging for more.

By Axel Abysse

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May 29, 2024

Super Ticklish Jason Jones

by Tickled Hard

21-year-old Jason is very excited to be tied up and tickled, smiling, watching everything happen and even popping a boner. He jacks his dick (and Franco's!) while he's being bound, but then the tickling begins. Jason laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his inner thighs, and when he reveals that his balls are especially ticklish, Franco uses his beard and a feathery little paintbrush to tickle them. Franco tickles thighs, ribs and bellybutton while Jason swears and cackles. He's so incredibly ticklish everywhere! Franco slips his fingers under the ropes and tickles Jason's sweaty torso while he laughs loudly and struggles for breath. The torso tickling is so intense that Jason will say anything to get Franco out of there, begging him to tickle his feet instead.

By Tickled Hard

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