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Bentley Race - Update

November 22, 2023

Sexy Middle Eastern David

My gorgeous new mate David Khalid is back this week modelling for me on Bentley Race. When we met in Berlin earlier this year I was really taken by how beautiful this 21 year old is. He was a little nervous in the first shoot so I decided to invite him around for a second session. These photos and video are the results from our second meet up. David comes across as a little shy to begin with. By the time he was naked there was no problem getting hard and putting on a hot fleshlight jacking show. I've had a lot of nice comments from our mates about David's first shoot. I'm looking forward to getting him over for some outdoor photos next summer.

Bentley Race - Update

October 17, 2023

New Mate James Rhyder

I'm really excited to introduce my newest mate today. 26 year old James Rhyder visited us a couple of weeks ago from Queensland. The cute Aussie boy was hooking up with one of my mates when he heard about the shoots I am doing. He sent me a message and some photos. Well when I saw those pics I was really keen to meet him. We organised for him to come round to the studio the next day. And you can see from these shots we had a lot of fun taking photos and making a hot video for the site. James definitely loves showing off on camera. He's just a short boy with a big thick cock and the most perfect perky bottom. I couldn't resist getting my face between those cheeks when we made his first video. I think James is going find himself in demand when my other mates see this shoot on the site today.

Bentley Race - Update

September 28, 2023

Handsome Mate Rory Hayes

My handsome mate Rory Hayes is back this month for a new shoot on Bentley Race. Since I was travelling a lot over summer I didn't get to see him much. So before the winter break started I invited Rory over for a catch up and a new photo and video shoot. Rory's videos with Byron and Dylan last year were really popular. But for this shoot I had Rory all to myself. After getting him stripped naked in the photoshoot, I grabbed the video camera to catch Rory jerking off. I even jumped in on the scene too wanking him with a fleshlight. Toward the end of the video Rory actually blows his load while sucking on my dick. I hadn't planned on being in this video, but I glad I did because Rory gives the best head.

Bentley Race - Update

September 12, 2023

Aussie Guy Liam Taylor

Earlier this year I met our cute mate Liam Taylor. The 19 year old from Melbourne was really keen to try out nude modelling and get into making porn with us. His first shoot went really well and Liam wanted to come back to do more. So I invited him back just before the winter break for this strip show shoot in the studio. I'm really happy with the shots we took and the new jack off video. I think Liam is going to be popular with our mates. I'll be getting him back for some scenes with our mates this summer.

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 09, 2023

Kiba: Hunky Hawaiian Jacks It

I was lucky to get together with Kiba. He was leaving town for a while the next day, and I rushed to get him and his sexy body on video. I can tell that Kiba is nervous about jacking in front of a guy, but he said he needed the money really bad for his trip. He fucks my sex toy for a bit, but he's clearly uncomfortable when I try to jack him. Still, once Kiba gets himself going, there's no stopping him! He busts a huge cum load all over his chest.

Spunk Worthy - Update

August 28, 2023

AJ'S Massage

To say that I was surprised when AJ got in touch about coming back for a massage would be an understatement. After his solo shoot, the idea was brought up and quickly turned down. But you can imagine how quickly I had the cameras ready to roll when he changed his mind. He'd never done anything with a guy before and to say he was nervous about might be another understatement! AJ, for his part, made light of his earlier decision, explaining with a laugh, "I guess things have changed." He'd gotten a happy ending once before. And not one he recalled with much enthusiasm; from a woman he wouldn't have chosen, but that his buddy had paid for. With that in mind, I set out to one-up his only other experience.

Wu Boyz - Update

July 31, 2023

Asian Boy Swallows Cum

He swallowed my cum, would you? This was a fun livestream, edging with a toy & fucking myself with a clone of my dick. Sam eventually got out of bed and joined in a lazy boy. If you like to play with cum (I do hehe), you'll love this lube too, definitely a new favorite! The lube and toy was a lot of fun, thanks to BestVibe for helping us out today.

Bentley Race - Update

May 29, 2023

Matthew Ricci

I was meeting some really cute guys while I was staying in Berlin over winter. I was lucky enough to spot Matthew Ricci posting some flexing photos online. He was staying close to me and was keen to give modelling a go when I suggested it. The 23 year old from Italy is super cute and has an amazing body. He picked out some little shorts and a jockstrap for the shoot. Even though it was a dull day in Berlin, the photos of Matthew were turning out brilliant! After taking way more photos than I needed, I grabbed the video camera to record our cute new mate jacking off. He ended up dumping a big load of cum on me as I lay filming him from the floor. Matthew is super cute and a really sweet boy. I can't wait till our paths cross again.

Twink Top - Update

March 19, 2023

Cole Blue Ch 9

Getting Pumped: My cock was so hard just from seeing the Coach that it could barely fit into the pump. As the device lowered on my dick, I could feel the blood rushing from my body to the base and finally to the cockhead where a sparkle of precum formed. I've never felt so hard before, my cock was throbbing so much I thought the cock pump would explode if he pumped any more air into it. The blood rushed from my brain down to my cock and now my only instinct was to get inside my coach's hole. After he removed the pump, I felt like I had the biggest cock on the team. And it ached Coach Marko was going to take the hardest pounding of his life. As the big, beefy Coach got up and stripped into his jock, all I could do was stare and lust for that hole of his. He was tight. I filled every inch of his rear.

Bentley Race - Update

March 05, 2023

New Mate David Khalid

I just got back from a visit to our studio in Berlin. I was surprised by how many beautiful guys I got to meet during when of the bleakest periods in Germany. One of the first boys I met was 21 year old David Khalid. Recently arrived from the Middle East David is enjoying settling in and exploring the city. I was really taken by David's gorgeous looks. Plus he was so much fun to shoot with. I was experimenting with the limited light as David slowly stripped out of his shorts and t-shirt. He has a fit slim body with the most perfect covering of hair. He gives me a lot of cheeky smiles as he gets his gear off. Afterwards I grabbed the video camera to catch him jerking off with a fleshlight too. I'm really happy to have David join our group of sexy mates stripping and getting off at Bentley Race.

Bentley Race - Update

February 21, 2023

Aussie Boy Carter

At the start of the summer holidays in Australia I met the very sexy Carter Andrews. I heard about this cute boy through some of my mates who had hooked up with him. When I saw a couple of videos he had made bouncing on my mates cocks I wanted to get him over for a shoot. Well I'm glad he was as keen as I was. Carter has gotten a beautiful muscly body, a very nice bum and a very cheeky smile. We had so much fun taking loads of photos with Carter showing off his bum in a jockstrap. But then he really surprised me when he pulled out a huge uncut dick! I ended up taking way more photos than I needed. I didn't want to miss getting a good angle of our sexy new mate. I'm very excited about getting Carter back to shoot some scenes with our mates. He's a beautiful boy full of horny energy.

Bentley Race - Update

January 28, 2023

Aussie Boy Beau Jackson

I'm thrilled to have my mate Beau Jackson back shooting with me again. All those hints I dropped to him at the gym finally worked. You might not remember that Beau modelled for me just once many years ago. I had him playing with a soccer ball and getting naked on my rooftop. He's a gym instructor now and certainly has the body for it! I got him around a couple of weeks ago to get naked in the studio again. And I love the bright pink jockstrap he pulled out for this shoot. Though I think my beefy mate would look good in anything. Beau is a really sweet and funny boy. We had a lot of fun making these photos and a new video for the site. I'm looking forward to pairing him up with our mates this summer.

Bentley Race - Update

January 18, 2023

Andy Conboi

A few weeks ago I spotted this cute red headed guy at my gum wearing tight shorts. I recognized him from photos I'd seen him posting on social media. A couple of days later we got chatting and I told him about my website. I suggested he should come and model for me. And to my surprise he was really keen! So I organized a day for 23 year old Aussie Andy Conboi to drop around to the studio. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot. Aside from being really cute and having one of the nicest bums I've seen, Andy is really fun and full of energy. After picking out a cute outfit for his first shoot we got busy taking a lot of photos getting naked. I got to say that Andy looks great in a little jockstrap. We also made a hot video where our new mate squirts a huge load of cum across his chest and face.

Straight Off Base - Update

December 30, 2022

Billy's Helping Hand

Sgt. Billy is a salty 25-year old former Marine stud from southern Louisiana who stands at 6'1" and weighs in at 173 lbs. He's been out of the Marine Corps for about 6 months and is now attending college and enjoying civilian life in San Diego. Billy participated in varsity football, baseball and ran track back in his high school days. Sgt. Billy sports a nice 6 inch cock and he drops by the Major's quarters once again to bust his nut for the Major's ever-ready camera and pocket some extra cash. At the Major's command, Billy removes his silkies, lubes up and slowly strokes his cock until the Major steps in to provide a helping hand. Billy writhes with intense pleasure until he blasts his country gravy high onto his furry pecs.

Bentley Race - Update

December 21, 2022

Charlie Sparks

I love it when my mates bring their mates along to their shoot. Last week the beautiful Dante De Moro brought his mate Charlie Sparks to his shoot. Well Charlie was very keen to get naked too. Initially Dante did his shoot while Charlie filmed some BTS footage. This gave the sexy 30 year old a chance to see how the shoots work. When it came time for Charlie to get naked he was already rock hard in his bright jockstrap. I directed him slowly through a strip tease before getting fully naked. Our hot new mate is very fit, has a perfect full bum, and a big rock hard cock. I found it hard to keep focus as he meant over spreading his bum cheeks toward me. This was a simple solo shoot for Charlie. But I think he'll be doing a lot more with our mates very soon. Charlie is a great addition to our summer line up of mates.

Bentley Race - Update

December 12, 2022

Benny Fox

A few weeks ago I met the very cute 22 year old Benny Fox. After seeing the photos he was posting on his social media I noticed that he was living here in Melbourne. I was really happy that he was excited to come and model for me. The first photo and video shoot went really well. Benny loves to show off. He picked out a jockstrap so we could take a load of cheeky pics of his perfect bottom. After the shoot we settled into making a solo jerk off video. But after seeing that bum sticking up toward me I got down on my knees and started tongue fucking him. I love the feeling of his cheeks grinding up on my face as he gets closer to climax. I think Benny is going to make a great addition to our group of mates this summer in Australia. He has already done a shoot with our mate Eddie which I write about a couple of weeks ago.

Military Classified - Update

October 15, 2022

Maverick 4 Marines: Handjob

I started this video with the normal things. We talked about pussy, women and sex... what else? Maverick looks very hot in his cammies so I wasted no time in getting this boy butt naked sitting on my couch with his legs spread and his hands behind his head ready for me. Once I started greasing up his cock, he immediately became hard and his cock stood straight up in the air like a missile. I slowly began stroking his cock which got him worked up even more so I pulled out the fleshlight which was something new to Maverick. Once I began sliding the fleshlight up and down his cock, I could see that Maverick had found a new best friend. He loved it! It was like a kid in a candy store as Maverick began rock hard and assumed a dominating posture and began to thrust forward.

Bentley Race - Update

September 30, 2022

Cute Mate Rory

After our meeting just before the winter break I couldn't wait to get my cute new mate Rory back in for a new shoot. It's normally cold and bleak in Melbourne during winter. So I normally take a break from shooting. But when I had the chance to stay in a high rise hotel in the city, I immediately thought about who I'd like to get naked in those tall bright windows. Rory Hayes came to mind right away. I had just met the 25 year old before the break. He did a couple shoot with Byron and another with Dylan. He's such a sweet boy. I wanted to get him over for another solo shoot. After picking out a jockstrap and tight little shorts I got busy taking photos of him stripping off. I probably took way more photos than I needed. But I wanted to see him in all parts of the room.

Amateurs Do It - Update

September 13, 2022

Jamie Solo

Jamie is an adorable transplant from Canada, enjoying the down under's change of weather and fun. Still rocking the hockey-player mullet, Jamie loves staying true to his Canadian roots. When he starts stripping down, it becomes clear that he's got a fit, smooth body with a beautiful stoned stomach and playful pierced nipples. But what gets him the most attention is his big, 10 inch cock! When it emerges from his underwear, it stands tall and strong, practically blocking Jamie's face in the process. It bounces out and practically begs to be swallowed. For today, Jamie is by himself, stroking and teasing with a promise of what's to come. This handsome, friendly, bi ex-pat is all about showing off and giving a good show.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 02, 2022

Wet Hot Hiroya Summer 7

Tease and Torment Ryu : Though Hiroya has the perfect build and handsome face of a storybook prince, don't be fooled! He has his playfully wicked side as well. Here in a dark and foreboding Tokyo sex playroom, he plays dungeon master to chained Ryu. But far from inflicting discomfort, Hiroya uses the available gear and sex toys to keep horny Ryu on the very edge of exploding with pleasure. First nipping and nibbling Ryu's nipples and sucking his cock till it aches for release, he turns to a blue-liquid filled masturbator sleeve straight out of a mad scientist's lab to maintain Ryu's unbridled pleasure at its peak. Nobody would mind this exquisite torment, as long as they finally got to splatter with satisfaction in the end.

Bentley Race - Update

August 23, 2022

Marti Trifon

I caught up with my hot mate Marti Trifon while I was visiting Berlin over summer. I met Marti a few years ago when he had just turned 21. I was so impressed by this muscly straight boy that I invited him back for several shoots. It had been nearly 3 years since I last saw him. So we got together for a drink and quick photo and video shoot. Marti is a big boy. You can see he spends a lot of time working on his body. I was really impressed that he was letting his body hair grow. I grabbed some photos of our built mate stripping out of some shorts and t-shirt to flex and show off that body. Marti has got a nice thick cock too that he strokes to full erection. Afterwards he made a nice fleshlight fucking and wanking video for the site. I'm really happy to see our sexy mate again and getting his gear off for this shoot.

Maskurbate - Update

July 19, 2022

Tyson Fucks Raw

Tyson never did porn before he appeared masked on Maskurbate. He was an instant hit! This exclusive unedited version will show you why. Another raw footage for your own enjoyment as Tyson fucks in front of us all. Simply too hot to miss!

Spunk Worthy - Update

July 14, 2022

Hugh & Colt: JO Buddies

You know those days when you have things planned out and one slight change ends up affecting everything else after that? This shoot was one of those days. Colt was scheduled to come over. An hour or so before that, though, Hugh stopped by to pick up tax paperwork and, being an inexhaustibly horny guy, wanted to try out a sex toy. No complaints here (and even got a video clip of it up on Twitter). Enter Colt. Since they were both here it seemed like a no-brainer to get them to do a side-by-side JO and see what would happen. After a lot of convincing and some long, awkward silences, they both agreed. A pocket pussy toy had started things out with Hugh, so I pulled out one for Colt to try, too. The guys got to work on themselves. Colt was fired up and was rock hard as soon as his jeans came off.

Bentley Race - Update

July 14, 2022

Cuban Marcos Hernandes

I recently returned from spending the beginning of summer in Berlin. I got to meet and shoot with some pretty sexy guys there. It's been a long time since I've done any travelling out of Australia, so I was pretty excited to get out meeting some new guys in Europe again. First up I met this sexy Cuban guy, Marcos Hernandes. The 28 year old was also visiting Berlin. I found he had posted some hot photos on his dating profile. I'm so glad he agreed to model for me because we had a lot of fun taking these photos and then getting him off in his first video. Marcos has got a nice fat dick and a cheeky smile. I wish we had a longer time there so I could have shot some more videos with him.

Straight Off Base - Update

June 30, 2022


Corporal Dylan reports to the Major's quarters to rub one out and pocket some extra cash for the approaching weekend so he can party with his battle-buddies on Santa Monica beach. Cpl Dylan hails from the great state of Wisconsin, is 21 years old, stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 170 lbs. Dylan was a wrestler and participated in football, diving, golf and volleyball back in his high school days. At the Major's direction, Dylan slides out of his jeans and begins to slowly stroke his 6 inch meat-missile until he pops a creamy cum load onto his hand.

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