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Japan Boyz - Update

November 02, 2023

Summer Night Crawling 2

And we have another dark moody bathhouse hookup starring our horny Japanboyz. We've seen new guy Kurosuke make his debut as a rough and ready top, but what's his position when he meets up with edgy tattooed sex god Yusaku? As they enter the big bathhouse room, they kneel on the bed and Yusaku starts twiddling Kurosuke's nips as tongues explore each other's juicy mouths. Kurosuke makes a quick dive to the mattress to gobble down Yusaku's thick uncut tool. Once his dick is serviced and rock hard, Yusaku returns the favor, flicking his split tongue over the slick head of Kurosuke's tool. In a flash Kuro is on his back, his hairy crotch and ass up and open for a bareback plowing. Yusaku slides in raw, his smooth ass bobbing as he drills his woody in balls deep.

BareBack That Hole - Update

September 26, 2023

Marc & Bare Ranger

When we first met Bare, his application stated that he would love to work with the sexy muscle bear, Marc Angelo. After working with him once, we knew we needed to make this scene happen. Luckily, Marc was in town and was more than interested in Bare once he saw his picture. But a picture does not beat having a bear's warm hole wrapped around your dick. The veteran quickly showed the newbie the ropes as they kissed on the bed and undressed. The two hairy beasts continued exploring each other's bodies until their dicks were out and solid as a rock. It did not take long for Bare's thick cock to find its way into Marc's mouth and ass. But these bears give and take, and take they did as they flip fucked before giving their loads.

Private Playground XXX - Update

July 11, 2023

Gear 2022 Part 1

We've all got that favorite harness, favorite jockstrap, mask, leash, toy and Don your finest gay apparel because GEAR has officially begun!

Cutler's Den - Update

May 01, 2023


Sex pig John Thomas is here for your pleasure. He loves to be USED, he wants to be CONSUMED. Cutler X and Lucca Mazzi cant wait to have some, the are hungry and need some. 2 holes, no waiting is a big beautiful EZ OPEN package. DIG IN

Cutler's Den - Update

April 23, 2023


Don't you wish you were Drew Sebastian? All that ass... 10 inches will get you everywhere and Jack Vidra drops in to take it ALL. You know it feels good to get that big fat dick down your throat and then even better to take it up your big muscle ass. Like it feels SO GOOD. Like you just want all that cum to oooze out of you GOOD GOOD. FUCK.

Frock The World - Update

March 01, 2023

East Coast Orgy 2

When eight of New York's favorite porn performers get together, the fun happens pretty fast Most of these guys have either filmed, fucked or chatted with each other before they all met up for this group scene. Shot in a private playroom, this orgy is a sweaty non-stop suck and fuck fest from beginning to end.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 31, 2023

Devi 772

GRRRWOOF! Cambodian, Italian, and Irish Devi first contacted me in the Spring of 2022. I scheduled a shoot with him, and he turned out to be one of the many "ghosts" of 2022. So, I was surprised when he texted me shortly after the new year, and I decided to give Devi another opportunity. And I'm so glad that I did. And I'm kind of glad that almost a year has passed since we originally scheduled because Devi is even more buff now than he was last April. As you'll hear us discuss in the post-massage interview, Devi sent me a pic, last year, that led me to wonder if he might be into anal. And as you'll soon hear Devi tell, he and his girlfriend are into pegging and digital stimulation. Since I was unaware during filming, I decided to tread lightly into the proverbial anal waters -- until it was time to bring Devi to orgasm and ejaculation.

Frock The World - Update

January 25, 2023

The Back Room

It's after 2am on a Saturday night. Gunnar Gates and Morgxn Thicke are sneaking off to the back room for some much needed privacy. The music is pumping in the background while these muscle boys kiss, suck and fuck the life out each other. The chemistry immediate between them and the sex is undeniably hot.

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

January 08, 2023

Face Melter

With Erebo chilling in his easy chair, Yoshi's on his knees on the floor, wondering how best to please the hot bearded stud. He rocks forward to give Erebo a sweet kiss, but we know this is not where this story ends. Yoshi nuzzles his buddy's swelling crotch, pulls the big uncut dick out of his shorts and begins sucking. Erebo obliges and yanks off his clothes. His down-curved cock fits so perfectly in Yoshi's hungry throat he takes it down too fast and deep, gagging up thick strings of spit when Erebo face fucks him. Yoshi's face is soon shiny, soaked with saliva dripping down his chin. When the horny top instructs him to strip off his clothes, Yoshi gladly obeys. With his back against the wall, Yoshi opens wide and lets Erebo skull fuck him, using his head like his private flesh light, no more than a human fuck toy.

Japan Boyz - Update

December 31, 2022

Breaking In Ramu

Ramu's a shaggy-haired 24-year old Asian beauty. He started out with his fans site and twitter, but is excited and ready to work his way through the big cocks of Japanboyz. Did we mention he's a hungry bottom that likes 'em thick! Paired up with heavy hung Yusaku, we're sure he's gonna get all he's thirsty for. Edgy tatted Yusaku starts out sweet and mild, with a close embrace and deep kiss, but a minute later they're pawing each other and chewing on nipples. They trade cock-swallowing, then Yusaku gets a musky mouthful of Ramu's hungry hole. Wet with spit and lube, Ramu's butt is open and ready when Yusaku gives him every thick inch. Ramu moans greedily with every deep thrust as Yusaku treats him to the full tour of hot Japanboyz fuck positions.

Axel Abysse - Update

December 13, 2022

Fill Me Up: Part One

His balls are fuller than ever but the hole is desperately empty! Axel meets Georgi at Time Off, the fisting club in Gran Canaria, for a deep session in the sling. These two just can't get enough fisting and love that prolapse. If you like deep hard fisting, then this is the right place for you!

Nasty Daddy - Update

December 11, 2022

Yes Sir 1

Teddy Tores and Zach Ackland show us how it's done and you'll love every prick draining second of it. You always say Yes Sir and then we getting fucked raw. There's nothing better than a hot deep raw fucking and we're always looking for it and enjoy getting it. Nice, deep, hard and raw! Oh yeah, and with an nice big, YES SIR! There nothing like a real Nasty Daddy.

Fisting Inferno - Update

November 23, 2022

Fisting Fetish

Andrew Connor and Archer Croft are into a lot of hot nasty kinky gay sex but the thing that really gets their blood boiling and cock's as hard as a rock is deep hard FISTING! From eating that ass to opening that hole and finally stretching it open as wide as they can get it. You'll love how much they can take and give. Grab your cum rags and get ready for a very wet scene both on and off screen. Leather, huge toys and hardcore BDSM sex is all part of what you'll get.

Axel Abysse - Update

October 25, 2022

Dancing Hands Part 2

Drenched and still gaping, Dee is happy to return the favor, diving into the cursed hole for the first time. They just can't get enough of deep hard ass pounding fisting and you'll love every second of watching them pump their arms deep in hot open and willing ass. If you are into hardcore kink, then this is the site for you.

Frock The World - Update

October 16, 2022

East Coast Orgy

Julian Torres invited 21 of NYC's hottest performers to participate in a rooftop orgy. The sun set, cameras rolled, and everyone fucked. Models: Julian Torres, Jason Def That Jason, Dijonay Jones, Ben Blazin , Eli Martinez, Not Another Taco, DrtyNYCman, Teddy Forrest, Alessio Vega, Rio Grande, Gunnar Gates, Viking Dude, Elijah Wood, Ryan Powers, ParkerLogan, Bulging Angel, Aiden Dean, Mick Weston, Caged Jock, Jp, Lex Locke.

Fisting Inferno - Update

July 31, 2022

The Interview

Businessman Dominic Pacifico wants to make sure whoever he hires can satisfy his every need and that's why he's having Archer Croft go through a very hands-on and hands-in interview process. Naked on his own desk, Dominic has Archer rim his juicy ass and swallow his girthy, hairy cock before crawling up to present his hungry hole. The commanding executive barks at Archer to lube up and use his hands to fill his ass. Impressed by the young professional's performance, Dominic huffs and grunts his approval while Archer continues to squeeze himself into his ass and stuff his insides. The handsy interviewee only stops fisting his potential new employer for Dominic to stand up and feed him a strong dose of his creamy cum.

Wu Boyz - Update

July 30, 2022

Pura Vida

I spent June in Costa Rica to catch up with this boy & take some time off to relax. You may remember him from our first video, A Twink in NYC. I had never visited the country before and it was wonderful to experience such a unique place & culture with this kind soul. We had a great time by the beach, exploring the nature that the country has to offer, as well as exploring each other � He loves having his ass eaten & apparently my cum tastes great... I can't wait to go back to Costa Rica, pura vida!

Cutler's Den - Update

July 20, 2022

2 Tusk Fuck

Can you even handle all the big fat dick that is on your screen? Sir Peter and Cutler X! Both of them are hung like horses, Long, thick, hungry cocks craving ass to fuck. Both of these sexy guys love to fuck big loose hole so who better than John Thomas to accommodate a sword fight? Double fucked, Spit-roasted, and Double Cream-pied - John Thomas has a slack cunt and loves how these 2 slabs of beef feel in his hole! He is all smiles in the end comes in to clean up those big dicks like a good bottom should. He just cant get enough!

Axel Abysse - Update

June 04, 2022


After a night of depravity, sore but not sorry, Axel asks John to help him soothe his cursed cunt with his large hands. Once relieved, Axel is very eager to transform his friend's hole into a massive crater, pushing double fists, elbows and extra long dildos up his guts. These two studs go back and forth fisting each other's asshole and even a hot double fisting too.

Japan Boyz - Update

May 08, 2022

Slow Burn & Hot Fuck

Not every hookup has to be "Wham bam, thank you man!" When social media star stud Zen gets together with edgy Japanboyz favorite Yusaku, they want to get every bit of long, sweet connection out of their hookup. So they take it slow, passionate and easy, with a gradual buildup that has both beautiful Asian guys vibrating with deep pleasure and satisfaction. Zen kisses Yusaku deeply, teasing his lips and tongue for minute after minute, only taking it to the next step when they can't hold back further. Then he travels down to explore Yusaku's hot lean-muscled body. Finally he doffs his briefs and the two get down to hot skin-to-skin erotic romance. Yusaku's in a bottoming mood with sensuous Zen, his smooth booty slowly opening up to Zen's expert thrusting.

The BigCMen - Update

March 07, 2022

Epic Dom Session

Big C Smacks, Fucks. Fists & Breeds Kinky Victor - Check out this RAUNCHY 32 minute video. I had done a tryout with this kinky sub the night before... When I saw he was a true sub, I invited him back the next day for a long session. So much hotness in every minute of this video-- One of my favorite dom/sub vids I've ever done!! After taking huge dildos, he rides the cum out of me in epic fashion!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

March 01, 2022

The Shower

As Delan Benobe showers off the grit and grim of the day he finds himself aroused and in need of some sexual pleasure, luckily Santi Noguera arrives at the perfect moment. Santi walks in the room already feeling lustful as his Prince Albert already peering out from his jockstrap. Intrigued and horny, Santi walks over to the shower door and drops to his knees. The shower door is opened and Santi begins drying Delan off then takes his growing cock into his famished mouth. Santi uses his expert cock sucking skills to bring Delan’s long cock to full staff as it fills his mouth and throat. The silver haired Colombian god is lead to the bedroom, bent over the bed and Delan rams his huge, raw cock wholly into that hungry ass.

House Of Angell - Update

February 03, 2022

Daddy Boy Quality Time

XXX marks the spot. It marks where the treasure is hidden. Gunner Gates brings all that sweet boy hole treasure for Daddy Will to eat up. The chemistry between this duo is off the charts. It’s like they read each other’s mind, but isn’t that the way with all Fathers and sons? This is one hot scene and it has it all from cock sucking ass eating to cum facials and eating. You'll love this site, we know we do.

Japan Boyz - Update

December 25, 2021

Tale of Two Yus

Here's a passionate story of two sex-driven Asian studs, both named Yu. Yusaku is an edgy stud known for pushing things to the limit. Yu Yuki is a new guy around Japanboyz who loves dick and prefers a tight connection with his partner. Tonight Yusaku tones his wild boy edge and gives his buddy a passionate hookup, but one that Yu won't soon forget. After the kissing, crotch rubbing and nipple licks, Yu gets so turned on by Yusaku's take-charge attitude that he becomes more and more vocal, groaning and yowling with deep satisfaction. Bowing to Yu's preference, after lubing and stretching Yu's beautiful ass Yusaku rolls on a rubber as he eases his big cock inside. Yu pulls him closer and lets out a growl of approval. This is just the cock he's been thirsty for.

Cutler's Den - Update

October 30, 2021

Roxas + Jack

Throw It Back Jack - The perfect match-up. Jack is a rough and tumble guy and Roxas wants to make you feel it. End result? An epic power breeding creampie like only Cutler's Den can deliver. If it feels great and looks even better than its GOOD FOR YOU (and good for these guys!) If you like a hot muscle Ginger Stud getting his ass opened up real wide and loving both every second of it as well as every deep penetrating inch. You'll love this scene, site and place.

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