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Bel Ami Online - Update

November 15, 2023

Paul & Andrei

It's been 10 years since a lean and young Andrei Karenin first appeared here on BelAmi and he is still going strong. Today we have him making an appearance with our own social media sensation (the credit for that though is all Paul's) Paul Cassidy. In their private lives, both guys are diligent, hardworking and very entrepreneurial. In their BelAmi lives they are both sensual, sexual and excellent lovers so we can expect a treat today. Today, Andrei is in the mood for dick and convinces Paul to exchange some gym time for some love time.

Southern Strokes - Update

October 16, 2023

Barely Legal Boys

There is no way you can talk about erotic sports and not mention the sport of boxing. There is something so animalistic about two men squaring off against each other and going toe to toe before grabbing each other close and dancing around until someone goes down on the floor and gets fucked, in a sense. Not very different than our sexy boys, but with more dicks in beautiful, tight asses. Roman Capellini, Taylor Mason, Luke Geer, and plenty of their friends are ready to show you who has what it takes to go the distance until loads begin to fly. From facing off to face down and their asses up, these young boxers in training bring the heat. There is no need to place your bets because with these sexy twinks everyone wins.

Gaycest - Update

October 08, 2023

The Ties That Bind Tape #2

Reunion: Dr. Legrand Wolf checked his phone again. The taxi had dropped him off right on time from the airport. He waited in the spacious Hotel NYC lobby for his brother Cain, who was arriving after a month long trip to Ukraine. Cain had urgently requested to meet with Legrand upon his return to NYC. Legrand suddenly looked up from his phone as he caught sight of his tall, burly brother approaching from the main entrance of the hotel lobby. Following closely behind the smiling, bearded bear brother was a very notably young, fresh faced fellow. The boy's name was Serge. Cain described how he and the cute Ukrainian stranger had met and become acquainted during his business trip in Kyiv.

Southern Strokes - Update

October 04, 2023

Barely Legal Boys

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, nestled among tall oak trees and well-tended lawns, a group of lifelong friends, Angel Abell, Chris Summers, Jean Gilliam, Corely Law, and other teammates, were about to embark on a journey of self discovery. The boys had just celebrated their eighteenth birthdays, marking the official entrance into adulthood. They had been inseparable since kindergarten, sharing secrets, dreams, and countless hours playing doctor during sleepovers. But as the summer sun blazed overhead, they knew that the summer of eighteen would be unlike any they had experienced before. They realized that while they had left childhood behind, they had also discovered the true essence of adulthood having amazing raw sex with your hot friends.

Southern Strokes - Update

September 11, 2023

Oh Those Boys

We know you like your boys hot and horny. That is what we brought you with this compilation from Southern Strokes. Corey, Jamie, Noah, Nicolas. Amon, Angel, Vincent, and Josh are more than willing and able to take you on a journey of young, smooth bodies, hard cocks, and wet holes. You would be wrong if you thought these boys are not ready to show you a good time as they suck, lick, and fuck each other for your pleasure. Picking up trade at the train station is a great way to start, but things pick up steam as soon as they begin kissing and groping each other. A big piece of cock is always on the menu and leaves everyone full. All that is good, but a tongue-in-the-ass pumps the engines faster as Pound Town appears on the horizon. That's when things get serious, and cum starts to fly.

Locker Room Boys - Update

August 18, 2023

Vitali & Jamie

Vitali Kutcher and Jamie Oliver are working out and getting their supple twink bodies even more tone and ripped. They are both in muscles shirts and short shorts and they each keep stealing a glance as they work out. Vitali walks over to the locker room and Jamie acts like he misses him already. He stares at him for a beat before walking into the locker room and sitting next to him on the bench. They start kissing immediately and they each have their hands on the other's cock within seconds. Vitali then stands up and Jamie knows what he wants. He pulls Vitali's gym shorts down and starts vigorously giving him an amazing blowjob. He wraps his arm around his ass and grips his right hip while he slides his mouth farther down on his dick while stroking it.

Boy Fun - Update

July 25, 2023

Hardcore Games

Alpan and Rimi are dedicated gamers, and we all know how hard it is to tear a boy away from his console for anything more than a visit to the bathroom. Max seems to know how to get their attention, however. Can a gamer ignore the offer of some stiff-dicked BoyFun? As soon as he arrives he's trying to distract them, and they both put up some stiff resistance, until his hands and mouth head south. With Alpan's big juicy cock freed from his shorts and being slurped with skill he's finally forced to hit pause on his game, and Rimi is quickly following suit. Their games are soon far hotter than they would be otherwise as they strip naked, feeding their friend their drooling dicks, rubbing their tips together in Max's mouth, teaming up to fill their friend from both ends.

Boy Fun - Update

May 16, 2023

Meating Max

Fit teen boy Amon Volkov is a sexy sight to behold, rinsing down in the shower with his big plump cock swelling up. It's entirely understandable why Max Gen would be spying from the doorway and groping his own meat, having caught sight of the boy while passing. Thankfully, when Max is caught observing, Amon is more interested in some BoyFun than chastising the creeper. He doesn't hesitate to invite his lucky friend in and Max doesn't hesitate to take his pal's plump penis between his lips for some slurps and sucks. With his shower surprise led to the couch the oral party continues and soon Max is getting his own big uncut prick worshiped by his equally horny pal.

Frat X - Update

May 02, 2023

Pound Dat Ass

Lucas let me in that warm Ukranian hole you dumb mooch. Ur cum dump looks so fine put those legs in the air and open your mouth bitch get ya'll ready. Talk about guys gone wild, you'll be blown away with this hardcore amazing Fraternity. These guys hold nothing back except taking and giving it up the ass.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 26, 2023

Jordan, Andrey & Michael

Threesome: Jordan Starr is hot on the trail of some dick. He wants to throat and ride cock, and Andrey Vic teams up with Michael Lucas to give him exactly what he wants. Andrey and Jordan take turns fucking each other, while Michael bangs them both in the butt!

Bel Ami Online - Update

April 16, 2023

Dean & Andrei

Andrei is a multi-talented guy. Not only can he give useful workout tips, he can also leave you satisfied in many other ways. Today he is approached by Dean Cooper who wants some help with training, but Andrei automatically assumes that he is there for some sex training. When Adam tried to correct the misconception Dean is quick to jump in and confess that he would like the sex lessons much more than the workout ones! Dean is a guy who does not film all that often for us, just turning up once or twice a year, but when he is around, we can always be guaranteed a great encounter. Andrei is on form today topping Dean, providing us with his usual high-energy fucking, and leaving his mate very satisfied at the end of the fuck!

Bel Ami Online - Update

March 08, 2023

Ethan & Andrei

Our 2 stars today were together in a mini orgy earlier this year and we enjoyed their performances so much that they have come back for a repeat encounter just by themselves. Straight from the shower to the bed, this is a non-stop display of horniness at it's best. Both of the guys have a bit of raw sexual animalism about them, so expect some fireworks as Ethan Opry lays claim to Andrei Karenin's ass and fucks him to the very heights of pleasure.

Boy Fun - Update

February 07, 2023

It's Warmer Inside

I dare say most of us prefer the summer months because boys are often shirtless and balls are hanging heavy in baggy shorts, but the cold of the winter months always allows plenty of opportunity for a couple of horny young twinks to seek warmth with each other, and that's exactly what we get in this sexy BoyFun encounter with John Crawford and Tim Gottfrid. Coming in from the balcony the two enjoy some smooches on the couch, but as shirts are slipped off and their bulges are exposed the temperature is quickly rising. Tim's incredible cock is a sight to behold and we're certainly jealous of John while he grasps the long and damp erection to suck and slurp on the impressive manhood. It soon becomes apparent that these boys are equally well endowed.

Boy Fun - Update

January 23, 2023

Cum In My Cabin

Nico Vegas is the kind of horny young guy who just can't say no to his cock when it thickens up in his pants. He's ready to start some solo BoyFun in the sun when the urge takes him, but he's not flying solo for long. John Crawford wakes from his snooze to find that hard dick being rubbed right beside him and of course he needs to get in on the action. With a little tender kiss and some hand job assistance he's quick to get his mouth around the delicious dong. One good slurp deserves another and Nico won't pass up the opportunity to give his rampant pal a good suck in return, but it's still just the opening act for these two horny boys. Heading out of the sun and for some privacy in the boat the two are soon getting naked and taking it all the way.

Boy Fun - Update

December 22, 2022

Wet & Wild Threeway

It's a lovely day out in the garden and Max Gen, Adam Keller and Angel Abell are making the most of it with a very playful water fight. Of course, there are other ways for a trio of hot youths like them to spend their summer afternoons, and it seems they're well aware of that when they head inside for some real BoyFun. With their water pistols almost empty they have other pistols fully loaded, soon to be revealed from their wet shorts and slipped between slurping lips. The three boys are clearly ravenous, making out on the couch and groping for the shape of hard young cock.

Boy Fun - Update

December 19, 2022

Horny Tenants

We've all done it, but we've rarely had it result in some awesome BoyFun with a hot neighbor. Hung young John Crawford has lost his keys, and as the rain comes down he's stuck on the doorstep wondering what to do. Thankfully his gorgeous neighbor Karl Stevens spies him at the right time to let him in. We're can certainly understand why the sexy young guy decided to head to Karl's apartment rather than waste time trying to get into his. The young man is so hot, and after becoming his knight in shining armor John is obviously happy to reward his new pal with something special. It's mere moments before the two are getting well acquainted on the couch, with John's incredible uncut cock standing proud from his jeans while shirtless Karl licks and sucks and slurps his delicious hooded dong.

Blake Mason - Update

December 10, 2022

Mitch & Tim

Filled With Big Ukrainian Cock: Hot new Ukrainian arrival Tim Gottfrid has a whole lot of cock to deliver, so we knew we needed to team him up with someone who could really take it. Of course blond boy Mitch Schif was the first to come to mind! The two have chemistry from the start, all their kissing leads to lots of delicious cock sucking before Tim shows off how much he loves licking out a hot hole. With Mitch wet and ready he's sliding down to enjoy a ride before getting some face-down fucking and some good missionary thrusting, all leading to some wanked out cum wads! We already know a lot of our other guys are gonna want to try that dick next!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 04, 2022

Raw Foursome

There’s no better foursome than one that features these four power-house Lucas Men models: Craig Marks, Andrey Vic, Pol Prince, and Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. And even though Tomas Brand comes off as a powerful alpha-male top, he has a submissive side and likes to get his ass fucked every once and awhile. And he gives it up to the tall, blue-eyed beauty that is Craig Marks, who penetrates Tomas and goes balls-deep in the macho daddy. All the while, Andrey Vic and Pol Prince are taking turns fucking each other up the ass. And to think, all of the incredible action started out as some foreplay in the pool! Don’t miss the incredible dick-sucking and ass-fucking action starring the Lucas Men Craig Marks, Tomas Brand, Andrey Vic, and Pol Prince!

Boy Fun - Update

November 27, 2022

Danny's Dirty Massage

When a boy needs to relax it's always beneficial to have a friend ready to help out with a little rub down. Of course, sexy young Danny Junior gets more than just that from gorgeous pal John Crawford in this Boy Fun exchange. The pretext is abandoned so quickly it becomes apparent that they were both more than eager to simply get right to the cock play. In moments Danny's big round twink ass is exposed and John wastes no time diving between those cheeks to lick out the boy's pucker. The massage is completely forgotten moments later, as John's incredible uncut dick is produced from his briefs for blond boy Danny to greedily gobble. The boy can try to take it deep with a little gentle face fucking but John's cock is far too big to his throat, his lips and tongue can work the tip and shaft well enough, though.

Hung Young Brit - Update

October 12, 2022

19YR Sleaze Ukrainian

PART 2/2 of the 19yr STUNNING Ukrainian lad. This handsome lad is a proper - syndicate of sleaze - He Turns into a real breeder PIG and is desperately trying to Spunk it up my arse - which sends me insane!! And keeps pushing his Bareback dick in me right after stopping - must have been at least 20 times he fucks me. He goes absolutely crazy. Shagging me doggie from behind, he slowly leaks cum in me. Then the Ukraine lad then pushes me down on the bed and carry on - all ya can hear is me screaming lol.

Boy Fun - Update

October 08, 2022

Boys In The Storm

Shaggy-haired twink boy Elio Pjatteryd and his equally sexy friend Tony Keit are enjoying a little game of badminton on a cloudy day, but the arrival of a threatening storm soon encourages the two to head for shelter and the opportunity for some BoyFun. They don't get very far before a smooch on a hillside along the way leads to young Tony dropping to his knees to suck on the oversize uncut cock of his blond pal. But while some tasty outdoor oral pleasure might be a whole lot of fun these two lovers need somewhere warm and dry to continue their romp. We join them at home, quickly stripping out of their damp clothes and soon feasting on the delicious dicks poking up from between their legs.

Boy Fun - Update

September 25, 2022

Pitch A Tent

Camping isn't for everyone, but there's no doubt that when a couple of horny young guys get together under canvas in the woods there's a high chance some hot BoyFun is gonna take place. Rimi Morty is enjoying a little alone time in the tent with his hard long cock in his hand and his precum flowing while he's indulging in some horny thoughts, but he's not alone for long. Max Gen arrives to startle him, but the shameless cock stroker isn't shocked in the slightest, he's certainly not surprised when his friend offers to help him out with his cock by slipping his wet mouth down on those delicious inches. It goes without saying Rimi is more than ready to return the favor once his friends equally lovely penis is produced, hard and damp, ready to be licked and sucked.

Boy Fun - Update

September 19, 2022

Swim & Rim

Gorgeous young Finn Harper always looks incredible, but the sight of the smooth and super fit young stud enjoying the pool on a boiling hot day is enough to have every dick nearby hardening up and seeking some Boy Fun with him. That's certainly the case for gay twink bottom boy John Crawford. Thankfully he doesn't have to try too hard to entice his gorgeous pal out of the water and toward the couch. With barely a smooch between them Finn's long uncut cock is freed from his swimming trunks and lucky John is quickly on it, sucking the thick and throbbing mass to a rampant erection. His delicious dick isn't the only one in need of some slurps and with John's incredible hooded cock out Finn can't wait to suck and lick the warm shaft and damp tip. Their oral pleasures aren't over.

Boy Fun - Update

September 15, 2022

Picnic Pleasures

Floppy-haired sweet twink Elio Pjatteryd and his sexy boyfriend Tom Heart are enjoying a little picnic in the sun, but it probably isn't going to be a surprise to anyone that their minds are soon wandering and their need for some hot Boy Fun becomes more important than the fruit and snacks they prepared for their trip. It's a romantic afternoon, no doubt about it, but when the boys head home to the comfort of the couch their passions are soon taking over. We don't know how many aphrodisiacs they consumed on their picnic but the boys are soon consuming each other's tasty precum and that's enough to enflame the passions of any horny boy. With their hard cocks pumping between eager lips the two work each other up to the max, but it's the licking of Tom's tight little hole that signals the best is yet to come.

Hung Young Brit - Update

September 13, 2022

10" Enormous 19 Year Old

'Finding The Worlds Most Perfect Dick’. He insisted on a Condomless-Fuck as well AAAARRRRRR LOVE THIS BOY. His dick is absolutely Gigantic - extremely sizeable over 10 inch when full hard Super extended version - he was fucking me all day it was that crazy - our vid is so long its in 2 bits with never a dull moment. He was fucking me 4 so long I wanted to show ya all how I could take it (or not take it HAHA). By far one of the cheekiest little smiles on his face, SO SO CUTE.

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