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Bound Twinks - Update

November 06, 2023

Tyler & Zayne Encounter 3

Tyler Tanner woke from his nap with a raging hardon. Typical. Now he just needed a sex slave to put that bobbing boner inside of and find some release. He went to visit his dungeon and select a submissive twink to pump a load into. And as the cobwebs of sleep started to clear, Tyler remembered that his favorite cumdump, Zayne Bright, was already hoisted in chains and shackles up into a sling/swing contraption down in the dungeon. Perfect. Upon entering the dungeon, Zayne snapped awake and Tyler could have sworn the fuckboy shrieked beneath his heavy gag. Noises in general aren't particularly welcome in the dungeon unless a dominator commanded it. Zayne certainly wasn't a newbie sub-bottom, so he would not be getting a pass for that careless whinny.

Private Playground XXX - Update

October 27, 2023

Gear 2022: Cam 2 Part 1

There was so much action going on during our GEAR event that we brought in a second camera to make sure you didn't miss anything. New angles, new perspectives... a brand new experience!

Raw Road Nation - Update

September 14, 2023

Tales From Darklands

We spotted these two men getting off with each other before opening at Darklands. These lads were erecting the scaffolding for the event but couldn't help themselves but check out the darkrooms before opening to the public. We asked them if they were gonna fuck, could we film it? And they said YES! And late HungYoungBrit rendezvouses with an American Muscle Stud for some steamy dark room action, and afterwards, a burglar fetish comes to fruition when two roughhousing twinks hit the shower to finish off the night's long event.

Fisting Inferno - Update

September 14, 2023

High Gear 4

Fuck-ready strangers Luca del Rey and Alpha Wolfe are deep in an abandoned warehouse as they watch a blindfolded and ball-gagged Devin Franco hang in a Diamond X6 Pro Sling while getting drilled by a Diamond X3 fuck machine from Fort Troff. With Devin's dick hard as a rock and fully exposed, Luca can't help but go in for a taste before both he and Alpha decide to take Devin's raw hole for a test drive. Next, Luca is throwing on his Blind Skullfuck Hood and taking a turn in the sling. Devin quickly begins filling Luca's ass with his thick bareback cock and causing the versatile bottom to grip onto the sling as Devin relentlessly pounds him out. A few more hardcore thrusts from the big-dick fucker has Devin breeding Luca's insides and pulling out to watch a streaming river of nut escape from his used up hole.

Private Playground XXX - Update

September 06, 2023

The Photo Shoot Part 1

As an adult industry newbie, Kanyon needed his pictures taken to start promoting himself. That was the easy part. Accidentally double-booking an orgy taping on the same night though, that took some strong-arming. It doesn't take too long before the shoot becomes one big fuckfest.

Private Playground XXX - Update

September 02, 2023

Gear 2022 - Part 3

You can practically smell the leather, the sweat, and the lube just from pressing play on this video. Welcome to our fetish fashion event of the year! Part 3 heats up with fistfuls of fun as the final part of GEAR2022 quickly approaches.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

August 13, 2023


Sometimes a man's scent worms its way inside your brain and it's better than poppers! Will Angell could pick Rusty Taylor out of a crowded dark room by his aroma alone. Those warm musky fumes full of pheromones' put Will into a hypnotic state where all he can.

Bound Twinks - Update

August 04, 2023

Tyler & Andrew Encounter 3

Submissive twink Tyler Tanner waits in a sling, clad in all the requisite leather gear a boy like him should wear: nothing but a collar and black jockstrap. His hands are bound by taut leather cuffs at one end while his ankles are locked in stirrups at the other. His mouth is duct-taped shut and his cock bounces with excitement as he waits for his dominant twink top, Andrew Bolt. He needs Andrew. He needs him in this dimly lit dungeon. He needs to be used and abused. Andrew makes his way in wearing a sinister red-lined leather harness. He taunts, teases, and titillates Tyler by stroking the sub's rigid dick. The bound boy can only respond by whining and whining in pleasured moans muffled and lost by the duct tape sealing his mouth.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 19, 2023

Kevin & Tim

A sex club hides in the corners of a French city. Thumping techno bounces off red walls lined with the sweat of a thousand anonymous orgasms. Kevin Sportswear strides confidently through the corridors, muscles rippling under a tight T-shirt. He knows he's gonna get some. There's not a man in that club who isn't gonna want him. Like a hungry cheetah, Kevin hones in on his prey. Tim Cosla is cute, young and streetwise, but he's nervous, probably a little inexperienced. He's exactly what Kevin's looking for. They're making out in the blink of an eye. Tim is instantly enthralled by Kevin's dominance and good looks. He drops to his knees to service the God-like being in front of him. He sucks hard and deep, sending shivers of sexual anticipation through Kevin's buffed body.

Private Playground XXX - Update

July 18, 2023

Peep Show Part 8

The voyeuristic event of the ages is coming to an end! Check out the explosive finale of the series, Peep Show. Ten men, Two cameras, and countless pairs of watchful eyes. Enter the climax!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

July 17, 2023

Meat Sack

It's been a while since our furry muscle bull Steve Strongarm has come back for his milking and wait until you see what he's been doing to himself. Our beefy piece of livestock has grown a sizable utter for himself. If Daddy Will didn't think his cock and balls were only for show before he sure does now. Will displays his excitement with huge ropes of bull semen, So who's milking who?

Private Playground XXX - Update

July 04, 2023

Daddy's Pool Party Part 2

Daddy's Pool Party gets WETTER and BETTER in Part 2. After a dip in the refreshing waters, our club of daddy-lovers comense some steamy poolside fuckery. Until next month's meeting!

Trans Angels - Update

July 04, 2023

Fucking Her ASSana

Flame haired hottie Mini Stallion is getting ready for her first yoga class when she is seduced by sexy blonde instructor Tori Easton in the locker room. Since it’s the petite stunner’s first-time doing yoga, Tori pays Mini special attention and helps her get into the doggy position. Aroused by Mini’s tight, firm ass, the busty trans babe sneakily pulls down her student’s leggings and slides her thick she cock into her eager hole! Afterwards, Tori feeds her shenis to Mini in a raunchy blowjob, and then Mini sticks out her tattooed butt to take another drilling from behind. Now it’s time to do some 69ing, with Tori eating out the petite redhead’s juicy pussy and stimulating her clit as she simultaneously fucks her pretty face.

Treasure Island Media - Update

June 27, 2023

Cory & Johnny

There is some kind of fuck buddy history between Cory Jacobs' uncut dick and Johnny Castro's community slut hole. This is one of those encounters when you know the pussy is good and can take it and you know the cock is gonna be rock hard and get you wet with cum.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 22, 2023

Kameron & Kevin

Blond, mega hung porn god Kameron Frost regularly finds himself patrolling the sweat lined corridors of Parisian sex clubs. He knows there's always a treat waiting for him somewhere in the darkened network of passageways and cabins. This time, his treat comes in the form of Kevin Sportwear, a super sexy lad with a muscle body to die for. This beefy bottom is trussed up in a sling and ready for sleaze. Kameron, of course, doesn't need to ask permission. He knows Kevin wants it, and neither of them are there to waste time. Kameron's got a riding crop and he uses it quite brutally on Kevin slapping, poking and sliding it seductively up and down the beefy boy's body. After he's had his fill of lashing and abusing strung-up Kevin, Kameron goes nuts deep inside the bottom. He bangs him viciously with his nine inch power tool.

Bondage Bros - Update

May 07, 2023

Stretching Devin's Hole

Dom daddy Ryan Sebastian gets his hooded sub Devin Franco into the dungeon. Starting small but quickly grabbing larger and larger toys and tools to stretch out his willing hole. Finally Devin can't wait any longer and Ryan slides his own dick and an over size dildo into his hole for a special double penetrating climax before breeding his hole and leaving him dripping cum down his rubber wrapped ass.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

April 24, 2023

Aiden & Lucio

Aiden Tyler is out shopping for a special piece of art for his home and meets with Lucio Saints the dealer of the antique shop. Lucio shows Aiden several worthy pieces, but it is Lucio’s massive cock that really gets Aiden’s attention. Aiden drops to his knees and begins sampling the offering. As Lucio’s cock enters his mouth, Aiden can feel the fleshy shaft filling his mouth as it reaches for the back of his throat. Aiden is more than impressed and takes every centimeter Lucio has to offer. Lucio closes the shop for the afternoon and he and Aiden head back to his flat. The guys quickly strip down and Aiden resumes his cock sucking, but this time Lucio’s cock has risen to it’s full hardiness, length, fatness and strength.

Jalif Studios - Update

April 08, 2023

Greg, Magnum & Clem

Stocky hunk Magnum XXL takes a walk through the twisting corridors of a sweaty Parisian sex club. He finds handsome bottom boy Clem Boy in a lock-up, chained to a sling, legs wide open, his hole on display for any horny passer-by. Clem's body is an offer Magnum can't refuse. Within seconds the hairy daddy has his huge dick half-way down Clem's throat. His new slave is soon gagging obediently! Magnum aggressively fingers the boy, preparing him for a hard, rough ride. He slams his dick into Clem with little regard for the screaming bottom's comfort. With his hands brutally wrapped around the sub's throat, he skewers him with animalistic force. Later in the evening, French porn God Greg Century stumbles upon Clem, still tied up in his sling, hole gaping from a night of extreme abuse.

Scout Boys - Update

April 08, 2023

Scout Serg Ch 1

Pitching A Tent: I took Serg out into the woods and we pitched a tent. He's quite a small boy a good foot shorter than me and I really hadn't thought about him in a sexual way before. But, the more he grew in confidence, the more I realized quite how well put together he was. And, the more I looked at him, the more my dick started to respond. I moved in for a kiss and he reciprocated, clumsily at first. I asked if he'd ever kissed a man before and wasn't at all surprised when he told me that he hadn't. I unzipped his shirt and kissed him all over his smooth, pale, surprisingly well-defined torso, then got my shirt off and threw my hairy body down onto him. He started moaning uncontrollably. There was an unspoken moment when we both realized the time had come. He got on all fours and arched his back.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

February 26, 2023

Jordan & Andrew Ch 1

Tall and dominant Jordan Starr expects great head from new fuckbuddy cumdumpster Andrew Delta—and boy, does he get it! After a long, sloppy blowjob, Jordan takes charge and instructs Andrew to get on the sex swing. Andrew does so immediately and exposes his hungry, tight little pink hole for Jordan to pummel and pound to his pulsating, steel-hard cock's content!

Fisting Inferno - Update

February 04, 2023

Highway 2.3

Blow Out: In a vacant shipping container in the middle of the night, a mysterious figure watches over Andrew Delta as he slowly approaches his bound and blindfolded fuck of the night, Ryan Sebastian. With Ryan's legs already spread wide open, Andrew drops down to slowly insert a series of orb-like anal beads into his hairy hole before patiently using metal anal forceps to stretch open his ass. Andrew rips off Ryan's blindfold and proceeds to use his bareback cock to further dominate the tattooed bottom's ass. Their loud moans echo off the cold walls of the cargo container until Andrew is ready to breed Ryan, cover his insides with his fresh load, and watch his cum leak of out of his wrecked hole.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

January 17, 2023

Jordan & Ethan Ch 1

The screen sizzles from the second Ethan Tate and Jordan Starr appear.. Ethan's quick to get down on his knees and swallow cock. Jordan's happy to feed him—and happier, still, to get Ethan into a sling and dump a load into him.

Peter Fever - Update

January 05, 2023

Ride Me 2

Bathhouse Discovery: Jon Darra's rideshare passenger, ginger-haired stud Jeremiah Cruz heats up the ride, telling the horny driver about the "gay club where a lot more than talk is going on". Kuma bathhouse. He teases that Jon might want to check it out sometime. Once the sexy rider gets out and strides to the entrance, Jon's "sometime" comes quicker than he expected. Rubbing his crotch, he groans "Awww, fuck it!" and follows Jeremiah inside. In the darkened playroom, Jeremiah rubs the bulge in his jeans and steps behind a glory hole partition. Jon grabs his new bud's bare cock jutting through and drops to his knees to suck. "Ohh, FUCK yeah!" Jeremiah encourages the horny driver, and next thing they're both naked on a nearby banquette. Jeremiah leads him to a sling and crouches with his ass upturned in Jon's face.

Bound Twinks - Update

December 26, 2022

Tyler & Myott Encounter 3

Insatiably horny twink Tyler Tanner has a raging hardon that won't go away, no matter how many times he fucks submissive bottom boy Myott Hunter. Hanging by his wrists and ankles in a swing, Myott's moist, pulsating boy hole quivers at the mere thought of Tyler's gigantic, bobbing fuck rod. Myott's eyes widen as Tyler's dick has somehow impossibly gotten even thicker and harder! Even though Myott, the little twink slave, has currently already been fucked and fucked hard several times by twink master Tyler, neither sex craving horndog even thinks about stopping. And as far as Tyler is concerned, a moment's rest is a moment too long. Seeing his own personal twink fuck toy hanging in the swing, unable to get away or escape, turns Tyler on like nothing else.

Fisting Inferno - Update

December 17, 2022

Fisting Fetish

With his pierced cock already exposed and his hands exploring Andrew Connor's body, Dom daddy Archer Croft is ready to be fully used by his whore of the night. Andrew begins serving Archer by sucking his cock until he's left with a raging hardon and rimming his hole until he's ready to be fisted. It doesn't take long until Andrew's entire hand is deep in Archer's tattooed ass, and he's repeatedly punching his dom's insides with Archer throwing his head back in intense satisfaction. Now sitting on Andrew's fist, Archer starts stroking his own cock until he's unloading himself all over Andrew's exposed body and covering the submissive slut in his wet seed.

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