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Bentley Race - Update

June 12, 2023

Cody James

My horny mate Cody James is back this week getting naked for me in the studio. Cody was making some really hot home movies for me during the lock downs here in Australia. But no we are catching up over a hot nude photoshoot and toy fucking video scene. Cody is one of our more typical horny Aussie boys. He loves showing off naked in front of the camera. He loved those colourful undoes so much I gave them to him to take home. It's also my first time seeing his cock piercings. It looks great peaking from under his foreskin as his big cock grows harder. After seeing him again this week I really want to see him fucking some of our mates again.

Sean Cody - Update

May 03, 2023

Brad & Grayson

Grayson may be bottoming, but he starts this video off by giving you a nice close-up look at his long cock as he shakes it and slaps it against his hand. Then it's time for what he's been waiting for: kissing and undressing Brad in the studio. "I wanna ride it," he says after sucking Brad's cock, and the top responds, "Come ride me." Greyson hurries to do just that, then Brad fucks him in piledriver. Greyson takes that cock in doggystyle and missionary till he cums.

Spunk Worthy - Update

April 06, 2023

Blaze's Surprise Handjob

I usually try to save a special treat for Xmas on the site. This year, though, Santa brought an extra special package! Blaze had done a porn shoot for a buddy of mine. When Blaze said something about going to San Diego for some military stuff, he told Blaze that he knew someone (me) who might be interested in meeting him while he was out here. Probably needless to say, my reply when I heard the news was something like, "Hell, yes." Blaze is 21 y/o and hears all the time that he doesn't look his age. Being a big bear of a dude, it surprised me to hear he was as young as he is. Even on the flight out to SD a "cougar" tried picking him up, thinking he was her age! Seeing his excitement once the cameras were pointed at him, I asked him what it was about being in porn that he likes. "It's a little bit of a rush," he said with a laugh. "I like rushes."

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

February 28, 2023

Jasim & Ramiro

We look in on hairy daddy Jasim, who is enjoying the company of young Ramiro. He's also enjoying the boy's lips wrapped around his stiff uncut cock. As things progress and more clothes are removed, Jasim blows and rims his young partner. Then he slides his raw cock in from behind and starts barebacking the boy. A position change has Ramiro legs in the air for a second round of ass pounding, before daddy kicks back to take a mouth full of his bottom's cum.

BareBack That Hole - Update

March 19, 2022

Andres & Fer Froma

Having a roommate can be a drag unless they are as hot and horny as Fer Froma. He knocks on Andres's door, knowing that they both could use a break from watching guys fuck on social media, and decides to give him the real thing. It doesn't take any convincing from Fer Froma for Andres to take a break as they begin kissing on the bed. Fer Froma quickly uses his mouth on Andres's dick before they strip naked, and Andres uses his mouth on Fer Froma's tasty ass. Then it's time to slide inside that beautiful hole and start fucking, which is what they both had in mind. Andres knows just what kind of ride his boy needs and gives Fer Forma the fuck he came for before unloading all over his ass. Andres pushes it back in and then helps his roommate finish off.

Active Duty - Update

August 11, 2021

A.D. Favorites: Eat That Ass

At Active Duty our guys know they have a duty to eat that ass, and they do it with pride. Watch this rimming compilation and enjoy the ride. 00:05-Alex Breaks In New Recruit Dex 01:57-Johnny Tops Julian 04:21-Ryan & Justin Flip Fuck 07:01-Dacotah Uses James Ryan's Hole 08:32-Niko Flip-Fucks Jim 11:10-Late Recruit 14:28-Private Pounding 15:18-Red & Finn Flip Fuck 17:01-Alex Punishes Brandon Anderson 20:17-Ryan Flip-Fucks New Recruit Hugo 22:23-Scott Rails Daniel 25:13-Leeroy Jones & Princeton Price 28:38-Princeton Price & Mike Johnson 31:58-Chris Damned Rails Johnny B 33:56-Daniel Greene & Johnny B 36:18-Kevin Texas & Laith Inkley 41:34-Laith Inkley & Johnny B.

Helix Studios - Update

January 04, 2021

Hot Hookup

Alex Riley is the alpha in this delicious dick dream, with beautiful bottom Brian Gibson. The perfect pair intertwine, kissing and caressing like horny high schoolers thirsting for hot, thrusting action. Naked and aiming north, Brian lays on his sculpted belly, ass in the air, and envelopes every inch of Riley’s rock hard ragger. Hungry for cock, and ass, Alex dishes out some delectable double duty to Brian’s big uncut beast, and bangin’ back seat, sucking the sexy young stud in for all he’s worth. Once he knows the dirty blond bottom can no longer take the teasing, he pushes his prime piece in, and absolutely punishes that perfect posterior.

The BigCMen - Update

November 10, 2020

Oral 3-Way Session

Check out this Hot 21 minute Video "Oral 3 Way Session: Isaac Parker & Big C Swap Head & Blow Loadz". Isaac was staying with us for a few days, and he has a high level sex drive like Daddy. We had an absolute blast, with all sorts of on and off camera play. We filmed this early afternoon session while hanging out on the couch. Isaac started fondling me, and of course one thing led to another. And I pushed record. We both suck each other real good until we blow nice loads. Enjoy! There's another vid with Isaac to follow, Stay Tuned!

Latin Leche - Update

September 21, 2020

No. 132 Cano

This curious boy thinks I’m looking for a place to rent, but I’m really looking for a sexy agent to play around with. He fits the bill perfectly, with his pretty eyes and his toned body. He’s not making too much money showing apartments, so I offer him a fat stack of cash for only a few minutes of his time. He says no at first, but when he sees the money, his mind changes. All of a sudden, he’s sucking on my uncut cock and relishing the flavor. Then, he’s letting me bareback his tight asshole before dripping his leche on my hairy stomach. As always, money talks!

Men - Update

September 09, 2020

Remote Control: 6

Tattooed, British vers couple Mickey Taylor and Ronnie Stone are spending their time reading, enjoying tasty candy, and going for walks in the woods, as Mickey tidies their place in his own special way. Meanwhile in the not-too-distant countryside, housemates-with-benefits Clayton Fox and Harri Oakland are working out in the fields, tending to their coops, and baking together. Although these couples might not be able to meet up in the flesh just yet, they set up a hot video call. Experienced Mickey kicks things off by showing the guys Ronnie's inked ass, then tells his man to get his cock hard so he can display his dick tat! Clayton wants in on the action, sucking Harri's cock, and soon Mickey and Harri are both teasing their bottoms' holes and fucking them doggystyle.

Helix Studios - Update

February 06, 2020


Fresh faced Hayden Lee is feelin’ frisky; but, he isn’t old enough to get into the club with buddies, Ashton Summers, Aiden Garcia, and Andy Taylor. So, the naughty newbie entices his thick dicked buddies back to his hotel with a bubble filled bath, that fits four! The fuck hungry foursome get wet, and wild, slurping down a super sized smorgasbord of dick and ass in anticipation of the main event. Super stud, Ashton Summers seizes the moment. He puts his Puerto Rican pound power to work, bending the three twinks over, and punishing their perfect young puckers till they plead for more. After receiving a grade A pounding, Garcia helps the hot hunk out, hammering the young hottie’s horny holes along side his beautiful buddy.

Island Studs - Update

October 04, 2019

8+ Surfer Collin

Hung 8" Collin is a super friendly, talkative, smooth horny All American mix: Norwegian, German, Irish Surfer and Outdoor Adventure guide in Oregon, sporting a fat amazingly rock belly slapper surrounded by a nice busy of man dick hair , yummy creamy white surfer butt with the perfect amount of man hair between is pecs and belly hair leading to his big boner, who poses with his favorite surfboard while stroking his big fat dick, spins is long dong like a Helicopter, takes 4 powerful pees both outdoors and in the shower, works naked on his knees painting the deck with his big heavy balls dangling between his legs as his ass crack opens revealing a pink virgin hole as he works in the sun, poses and flexes while jerking his fatty, moans as he blasts 4 solid streams of cum all over his chest and belly.

Freshmen - Update

July 14, 2019

Pip & Nate

There is a common plotline in our two hardcore Freshmen episodes: Boy home alone. Boy Horny. Boy calls friend. Boys fuck. There are important differences as well. Sven is a blond twink with an urgent desire for a well-muscled man to satisfy his needs. Pip is a brunette twink who only has need of one "muscle" which his buddy Nate Donaghy has an abundance of. The first scene featured two versatile performers; this scene features two performers with clear specialties. Pip is an especially remarkable bottom who just loves getting fucked. Pip doesn't want a long-term affair or romance. From the outset it's clear that he wants a big dick and a great fuck. Nate is happy to agree to those terms and delivers what Pip needs.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

June 25, 2019

Andy & Lex

Towering over so many of us, Lex Anders and Andy Onassis remind us that we all would like the opportunity to climb those huge mountains of muscle. Andy and Lex have hooked up and we get to not only see their mountainous muscles in action but those huge and hefty cocks in action as well. Andy is the first to take a knee and service Lex’s hairy cock with an ease and expertness that we have all come to expect. Lex interrupts Andy, as he has been eyeing up that monstrous cock and is eager to see how much of it, he can fit into his mouth. Lex starts out by stretching his mouth wide to accommodate the massive mushroom head of Andy’s cock. As Lex feels the enormous cock fill his mouth, he takes a deep breath and goes deeper.

Str8Chaser - Update

June 04, 2019

Str8 Chaser: Argos

I spotted brown-eyed hottie Argos hitchhiking after his girlfriend kicked him out. He needed some money to get a bus home, and I told him if he came back to my hotel room I'd help him out. I poured a bath and told Argos that if he got in with me he could have all the money he needed. I was rock hard watching the sexy bearded dude strip down and lather up, and soon I had him sucking my cock right there in the tub. I couldn't get enough of this doe-eyed cutie, and after a little convincing I got him to let me fuck his tight virgin hole until I shot my load all over his pretty face!

Czech Hunter - Update

April 06, 2019

Czech Hunter 406

Vasek was on his way from school when I approached him. He very much liked the idea of doing a little interview in exchange for a few Crowns. The boy was a student of architecture and had big ambitions, he wanted to go to a college and become an engineer. We had a chat about his hobbies and he had quite a few. Interestingly, he was a fan of jiu-jitsu. I almost asked him to show me some moves but eventually I offered him money for showing me something else. You can imagine how excited I got after seeing his tight ass. I was a bit worried because it was a cold day and I didn't know the area very well. To my relief, the boy didn't live far. Now I had to figure out how to make him invite me over.

Naked Sword - Update

March 25, 2019

Flood My Hole 2

Jay and Michael meet in an abandoned warehouse and decide to take this opportunity to get up close and personal. Leo is a hot little twink eager to please daddy Manuel's hard dick! 2 muscle studs, Hans and Dylan, discover each other on the men's room and work each other's hard cocks until the cum flies! Trenton is the master of ass pleasure as he eats and pounds Danny's tight, little hole!

Southern Strokes - Update

February 24, 2019

Nailing Timber

Aiden Ward wants a piece of ass and there's only one way to get it... Invite Timber Harvest to join him at the Stroker's Athletics Club. Timber is eager to get with Aiden and desperately wants what the trainer has to offer. After making out, he sucks Aiden, getting him nice and hard. Aiden returns the favor but quickly moves to eat ass, giving Timber one hell of a rim job! After lubing up Timber's hole, Aiden finger fucks him to stretch out those tasty ass lips a bit more. Then Aiden slides his big cock inside Timber. Slow. Gentle. At first. Once he's firmly entrenched inside the hungry bottom, Aiden starts to pound. He goes to town, bareback fucking Timber and nailing his sweet ass, for as long as he can take it.

Andy's Aussie Boys - Update

February 11, 2019

Peter & Seb

Peter and Seb have gone away for the weekend, luxuriating in their big vacation home. Given their free time and their comfortable space, they don't waste any time getting into some hot, steamy fun! Peter leaps into Seb's arms, kissing him up and down as he peels off his clothes. He takes Seb's massive cock into his mouth, getting it hard as it swells in his throat. Seb returns the favor as they make their way toward the hot tub, eating his smooth ass and getting it wet and warm. With Peter completely submitting to his hung partner, he begs for Seb to fill his hole, bending over the edge of the tub as he feels each thick inch make its way inside.

Bentley Race - Update

February 08, 2019

Damien & Layton

Two of our most handsome mates are together for the first time in this hot tub shoot. Both Damien Dyson (in the glasses) and Layton Charles (with the hairy chest) have appeared in a bunch of shoots over the past couple of years, but this is the first they have met to knock out a scene together. And I gotta say that Damien was pretty smitten with his choice of partner. These guys were already making out in the hot tub before I could grab the camera. The shoot in the hot tub was a lot of fun. But it's the hot raw fucking video with Layton bouncing on Damien's big cock that you have to look out for. Even when the filming stopped the boys started going for it again in the shower.

Naked Sword - Update

January 21, 2019

Porn Prison

Based on an actual model complaint regarding rules on Tyler’s set! Jackson Reed brings a guest, Tristan Mathews over to the porn house and gets caught by the Warden, Tyler Reed. Tyler ties up Jackson then punishes Tristan in another room. The next day, Silver Steele and Daxton Ryker try to get in some off camera sex when the Warden catches them both right when they shoot their loads! Lionel Reed & Alejandro Fusco also learn what happens when they break the rules in Tyler Reed's Prison Porn!

Sean Cody - Update

January 12, 2019

Robbie & Kaleb

Cute, athletic Kaleb and boyish, fit Robbie are fresh out of the hot tub from an overly heated session, and they are ready to see who performs better as a top or bottom. “Well, we’re both excited to see if this guy is a power bottom,” says brown-haired Robbie. “He claims he might be a power top!” says Kaleb. “I definitely want that dick!” says Robbie. “Oh, so he’s a bottom too! When I first started, I was a top. I love topping and making bottoms look….like what?” asks blue-eyed Kaleb. “I’m happy to say that this exclusive top is now one of Robbie’s little bottoms,” retorts a smirking Robbie. “Yeah we’ll see who is more of the bottom bitch between us too cause we might flip, right?” remarks Kaleb.

Naked Sword - Update

December 18, 2018

Love Is In The Air

With just one week before San Francisco’s legendary Nob Hill Theatre closes it’s doors forever, sexy owners/boyfriends Leo Forte and Adam Killian are going out with a BANG, featuring a lineup of shows that kicks off with aerialist Woody Fox and Falcon Exclusive Alam Wernik. During rehearsal Woody can’t keep his eyes of smooth, muscular hunk Alam, who is working out nearby. When the pair think they’re alone it doesn’t take long before Alam jumps off the weights and onto Woody’s face to get his world-class ass eaten out. They move into a fierce 69 where Woody fucks Alam’s face hard while he sucks on his buddy’s Brazilian beef.

Debt Dandy - Update

December 05, 2018

Debt Dandy 267

This boy wanted to live a rich man’s life. He moved to the outskirts of Prague into a pretty nice neighborhood. And his house was even bigger than mine! The boy was lucky that he had rich parents. He used to work as a shop assistant in his home town but his father wasn’t happy about it. He called a few people and got his underachieving son a much better job in Prague. On top of that, he decided to pay his rent for one year. Well, that’s why the boy could afford such a nice place. But the easy times were coming to an end. His daddy was strict. As the year passed, no more money was send. The boy was on his own, burdened by the debts he made.

C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

November 28, 2018

Loaded Holes 1

A host of beautiful guys come together. Libor Bores, Danek Gyor, Vladimir Kruty, Peter Van Don and Milan Beran. This first part we find Libor as he waits, by the river, for his friends. Danek, Vladimir and Peter join Libor and he invites them back with him, as he has something to show them. When the get back they find Milan, blindfolded and shacked and they quickly get him naked, with his big, hard cock on show. Peter is quickly sucking on one of Milan's nipples as Libor works on that stiff cock. Vladimir and Danek start to get to grips with each other at the same time. Vladimir sucks on Danek's massive cock as Peter takes a turn on Milan's.

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