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Scout Boys - Update

November 06, 2023

Scout Serg Ch 3

Sneaking Off: The other night we made a giant fire on the edge of the forest. Within a few hours of lighting it, most of the other Scouts had gotten bored and headed back to their tents, leaving just me and Scoutmaster Snow. I kept daring to look at him, and was astonished to find he was staring back at me every time. There was something really intense about his gaze. We kissed very suddenly; I ran my hand over the bulge in his tight shorts and instantly realized the Scoutmaster was packing something very special between his muscular thighs. He stood up and pushed his shorts down, inviting me to place his swollen member in my mouth. I started to work on it and he grabbed the back of my head and started to thrust his dick deeper and deeper into my throat. Then he smiled at me, kissed me again and led me back to his tent.

Twink Top - Update

October 01, 2023

Ethan Tate Ch 3

Stepping Up: Having noticed my own athletic ability very early on in life, I wasn't all that surprised when Coach Patrick scouted me a while back. As distracted as I was by him, the other sexy coaches, and all my fellow athletes, I didn't falter in showing my skills on the field and the precision with which I'm able to wield them. Coach Patrick notices this. He quickly snatches me up and begins offering one-on-one coaching sessions almost immediately. Once the session starts, it comes as only a mild surprise that Coach Patrick is willing to strip down along with me to both compare and appreciate all the gains I was making in my physique through practice. It's a great way to cool down after heating up, for sure. And then, he squats. He was trying to show me proper form for the exercise.

Scout Boys - Update

September 23, 2023

Scout Serg Ch 2

The Campsite: It had been a little difficult to get Serg on his own but, the other day, the perfect opportunity presented itself to me when everyone else was out on a hike. I climbed into the boy's tent and sat next to him on the groundsheet. There was something about the way he looked at me… it compelled me. I casually ran a finger over his thigh. Within seconds, my greedy hands were caressing every inch of his beautiful body, savoring the sensual softness of his smooth, trembling flesh. He pressed his gentle lips against mine, grasping my dick and toying with it through my pants. I held him in my arms and thrust my hand down the back of his shorts. Before long, he was carefully unbuckling my belt and pulling my huge manhood from the cruel prison of my underwear.

Scout Boys - Update

September 04, 2023

Scout Damien Ch 1

The Pledge: Last Thursday, I invited Damien into my office to take the Elite Scout pledge. He was a bag of nerves and looked so innocent in his neat little uniform. I stood him up to attach the official pin onto the pocket of his shirt, then pushed his chin up to ensure he was standing up straight. And then, well, it all happened so quickly. One moment, we were staring into each other's eyes and the next, I was kissing him. It was so sensual, so gentle, so profoundly erotic. I undid my shorts and he instinctively dropped to his knees, wrapping his tiny mouth around my giant dick. I got him on all fours on the office table and ate him out until he was panting and whimpering, his hole opening up like a flower. I'm not sure I knew I was going to take his virginity until I'd stood up and started to rub the tip of my dick against his hole.

Masonic Boys - Update

August 02, 2023

Apprentice Land Ch 2

The Calling: It felt a little humiliating to be undressing in front of Master Snow in his office, but I became very aroused when he started to run his hands over my body. He told me to climb onto the desk and slowly pulled my garments down. Seconds later, I felt his face pressing against my butt and I was engulfed by a rush of intense sexual energy. I was ordered to lean over the desk with my feet on the floor. I could hear him removing his clothes, then I felt the tip of his penis running over my crack. I knew that he was going to penetrate me. I felt the head of his dick pressing hard against my hole, and then, slowly, it started to creep into me. The sensation made my eyes water. As he started to thrust in and out of me, I felt my body relaxing a little, and the waves of rapture started to roll through my body.

Island Studs - Update

August 02, 2023

8" Math Teacher Mike

Hung Horny, Ginger Beard Math Teacher Mike is back in his 2nd Exclusive Video on! This a happy, handsome High School Math Teacher from Eugene, Oregon with a natural smooth ripped body, cute bubble butt - sporting a unique tattoo of him "getting poked" in the ass by a monkey, a thick 8" cock and big balls surrounded by a full man bush of strawberry blond crotch hair, who flops his cock out of his super tight sexy red underwear, flexes, poses fully nude and rock hard - both standing up and also while stretching on a red exercise ball, manhandles his heavy cum filled balls repeatedly, takes 2 powerful pisses on the wooded deck, then sprays his yellow urine with a garden hose, opens his nearly hairless manhole 4 times, spreads his muscle butt wide open with both hands revealing his gaping hole.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 20, 2023

Apprentice White Ch 4

The Covenant: Apprentice White was suitably submissive as he crawled into the room, his white ceremonial gown clinging perilously to his body. I instructed him to wash my feet; an erotic ritual which the boy took gratifyingly seriously. I instructed him to stand, and slowly ran my hands over the flesh which the flimsy fabric left exposed before untying the ribbons allowing the white robe to billow to the floor, leaving the boy entirely naked. I could feel my dick throbbing so I instructed Apprentice White to drop to his knees, unbuttoning my shirt and looking into his ice-blue eyes as I seductively pulled my pants down. I had forgotten quite how good that boy's mouth feels as it explored my forbidden fruit. He is a remarkably adept deep throater.

Twink Top - Update

July 20, 2023

Nick Woods Ch 1

Getting Back In: Coach Patrick was no stranger to having one-on-one training sessions with new recruits. Nick Woods was one such rookie on the team Coach Patrick had noticed this absolutely gorgeous boy and his breathtaking build during tryouts. All his athletic talent aside, though, Coach was hoping to have the boy demonstrate his prowess in other areas. Nick had been benched for bad behavior. He'd also heard rumors from other players and was well aware of the Coach's wandering eye and hungry hole. So, naturally, Nick used his private time with Coach Patrick to get back in the game by any means necessary. Coach Patrick couldn't help but size up the handsome young man the DILF sitting there trying to feign confidence, essentially begging by bargaining.

Scout Boys - Update

July 10, 2023

Scout Landon Ch 4

Setting Up Shelter: Scoutmaster McKeon and I walked for miles into the forest. I probably should have paid attention to where we were heading, but I was too busy thinking about what was in store for me once we'd arrived! We got the tent up quickly, then sat inside listening to the wind rustling in the trees above us. After a while, I asked if he wanted to make out. He undid my belt and pulled down my pants before thrusting his hand aggressively inside my underpants. I immediately started sucking him off. He soon had me on all fours with his tongue thrusting deep inside my hole. Then, suddenly, his huge dick was inside me. He penetrated me from behind to begin with, wrapping his enormous arms around my body and going at it like some sort of animal.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 05, 2023

Apprentice Tate Ch 2

The Interview: Apprentice Tate frustrated me within seconds of walking into his interview. The boy is stunningly attractive but there was something about his demeanor and arrogance which immediately got my back up. I cut to the chase, demanding he remove his clothes. But, the moment he stood up and started suggestively tinkering with his belt, I realized he was trying to play me. I feigned disinterest but removed my jacket so that he could get a sense of the shape of my body underneath my well tailored shirt. He'd plainly gotten used to being wanted by every man who saw him, so it was time for him to experience the sensation of wanting someone else. I informed him that I was going to restrain him before sitting him down and securing his hands behind his back. I could sense that his penis was beginning to swell.

Twink Top - Update

July 05, 2023

Peter Pounder Ch 1

New Recruit: When we met, Coach Barrett announced we'd be sharing a room with a single bed due to last minute scheduling conflicts. I was nervous, but also very excited. I remember thinking that I get to room with one of the coolest coaches ever and not only that, I get to sleep in the same bed as him! I knew that nothing would happen, of course, but just to be that close was nice. At one point Coach Barrett jumped up from the bed and said he was going to take a shower. He peeled off his shirt, revealing his hairy chest and toned body and I knew there was no way I could take my eyes off him now. His musk filled the air, and once I caught a glimpse of his cock and ass, my own dick almost ripped out of my jockstrap. As he showered, I had the courage to grab his jock and stuff my nose full of his scent.

Scout Boys - Update

June 29, 2023

Scout Ethan Ch 5

Learning the Ropes: Young Ethan is gifted in many ways, but knot-tying is not his natural skill! The other day, after failing to learn yet another very basic knot, he became frustrated and very tense. I found myself absent mindedly massaging his shoulders in response and, well one thing led to another, and before long we were making out. Man, I love kissing that boy and will never get tired of doing so. My dick instantly sprang to action. I found myself standing behind him, unbuckling his shorts and casually allowing them to fall to the forest floor, exposing his peachy ass. I dropped to my knees and started to eat him out, spreading his cheeks with my fingers and getting my tongue deep into his hole. I would have banged him there and then if the boy hadn't swung around and sucked me like a pro.

Scout Boys - Update

June 17, 2023

Scout Colton Ch 5

Sneaking Away: Scoutmaster McKeon has always intrigued me, but over the last few months I've developed intense sexual feelings for him. Last week, we ended up alone in the forest. He suddenly threw me against a tree and before I knew it, his hands were all over me. Moments later, I was on my knees, sucking him like my life depended on it! His dick was beautiful. It was rock-hard, veiny, upward curving and spewing precum. He pulled me to my feet and removed my clothes until we were both entirely naked except for our uniform neckerchiefs. Then he turned me around and pushed me against the tree trunk before kneeling down and playing with my butt, first with his hands and then with his surprisingly talented tongue! He stood up again and almost casually shoved his dick inside me bareback.

Next Door Studios - Update

June 16, 2023

Caught By Coach

Jayden Marcos and Elliot Finn are two teammates who fuck around when their coach Brock Brodie catches them in the locker room! But Coach Brodie doesn't like his players fucking in his locker room; not unless they include him in the fun that is! If you like collage style gay sex then you'll love this awesome threesome with two jocks and the coach. It's time to play ball!

Masonic Boys - Update

June 10, 2023

Apprentice White Ch 3

Anointment: Apprentice White had generated quite a lot of excitement within the upper echelons of The Brotherhood. We've been watching him closely and we were unanimous in the belief that the boy showed real promise. He nevertheless seemed nervous as he entered the chamber. The anointing ceremony is intensely sensual, and profoundly erotic. It can be overwhelming for some. Apprentice Noah seemed particularly immersed in the procedure and I was impressed by his focus. His penis began to grow and throb as I knelt down to anoint his loins, and before long I found myself slowly and seductively running my lips up and down his shaft. I deep-throated him. I got every last inch of his beautiful dick deep into my mouth. He responded almost violently, such was the profundity of the pleasure he was experiencing.

Private Playground XXX - Update

June 08, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 4

Swing your partner round and round! All Mares are blindfolded as Stallions make their rounds through the pig pen. Grab your favorite snack because things are in full swing in Part 4.

Men At Play - Update

June 02, 2023

Young Hustler 2

One of the reasons you hire an escort is to help bring your greatest sexual desires and fantasies to reality. Bruno Max is traveling for business and can't wait to enjoy a night of debauchery with a young hustler he's rented for the night. When the hustler, Allen King, arrives, Bruno asks him to undress, wear some business clothes and get into the shower. The mischievous Bruno loves seeing the water drop on Allen's body as he teases him with his eyes. In a matter of seconds, his boner gets so hard that he takes it out and cannot resist giving it to Allen to suck. The young hustler Allen King loves servicing his clients and the kinky side of Bruno comes to life. He ties up his boy to fuck - first with a big dildo and then with his hard dick until he douses Allen with his huge load of cum.

Scout Boys - Update

June 02, 2023

Scout Maxwell Ch. 3

The Hike: I was surprised and pleased to discover that he was wearing a jockstrap which framed his cute little butt like a priceless work of art. I pushed it down at the front and his rock hard dick jumped out into the open. We were naked in no time. I removed a blanket from my backpack and draped it onto the tree branch next to me which was growing at an angle which allowed Max to lie on it while presenting his ass to me. I could have spent a lifetime tonguing inside his hole, gently lubing him up, but a quick spit on my dick was all Max got before I edged my big, thick, daddy rod into him. I'd forgotten quite how tight his hole was and the sensation of banging him was awesome. I repositioned myself slightly so that I could bang him as hard as I wanted and he took it like a trooper!

Gaycest - Update

May 19, 2023

The Professor Tape 3

Close Study: Work has kept dad busy lately. His students are lucky; imagine having a professor as sexy as Professor Snow! I'm lucky too even in typical professor garb and glasses, his shaved head and sharp features give him a powerful, masculine edge. I'm sure he's given rise to any horny student's "hot professor" fantasy. One late night on my way to get a glass of water, I stumbled upon him in his study. He wasn't working at all, at least not on school work he was stroking himself. It was impressive even when it was flaccid. But watching him here tonight and seeing it in its full glory, fully engorged, was something else altogether. I was utterly mesmerized. I had to wonder what had made him so worked up. Was it just the stress from work? Who was he thinking of? Was it me? Was it a student? Suddenly though, he caught me.

Scout Boys - Update

May 06, 2023

Scout Nathan Ch 3

Pitching The Tent: There was no doubt in either of our minds that we needed to find an excuse to be alone together again. Fortunately, Scoutmaster Barrett found just that within a day of our arriving at camp, announcing to the group that he wanted a brave volunteer to go into the forest with him for a night trek. He picked me, of course. We walked for at least two hours and pitched our tent in a clearing which smelled of pine trees. It was the moment we'd both been waiting for. I sank into his embrace. We kissed passionately. I was fully naked within seconds. My dick was rock-solid and my legs were wide apart. I was 100% ready for him. He squatted down and started to suck me off, teasing and tempting me with his talented tongue.

Masonic Boys - Update

May 01, 2023

Apprentice Land Ch 1

The Interview: My first observation about Apprentice Land, as he sat down opposite me, was that he was nervous. My second observation was that he looked damned hot in a shirt and tie, with his tight, little thighs crammed into well-tailored suit pants. The boy didn't know whether he was coming or going by the time I'd finished questioning him. I asked him repeatedly if he was attracted to men and he repeatedly told me that he wasn't, but when I placed my hand on his thigh, his body gave a different answer. I told him to stand, then ordered him to pull his pants down and remove his tie. He did so, but started to shake uncontrollably when I began to undo the buttons on his shirt. I ran my fingers gently and seductively over his body and his dick swelled. Touching his soft, smooth skin felt like a genuine privilege.

Bully Him - Update

April 29, 2023

Fools in Detention

Jordan gets detention for writing an April Fools poem about his bully, Jack. Mr. Thirio is not impressed with Jordan's joke and helps Jack carry on the tradition of bullying the school twink. Jordan can't believe the tables have been turned on him, but his tight hole is happy about getting pounded.

Scout Boys - Update

April 22, 2023

Scout Landon Ch 3

The Hike: I'd longed for some alone time with Scoutmaster McKeon ever since he seduced me in his office when I took the pledge to join the Elite Scouts. When he announced that the two of us were going on a special wilderness hike alone together, I was excited beyond words. We walked for an hour and by the time we'd stopped in a clearing and hastily thrown up a couple of tents; there was a damp patch of pre-cum on the front of my pants. Guess I had pitched one more tent than I had realized. He pushed me against a tree and started to kiss me. Within seconds we were making out and I had the palm of my hand pressed hard against his bulge! He had my pants down in seconds and was soon tearing his own clothes off. I dropped to my knees and took his huge dick into my mouth, savoring the sensation of it rapidly swelling.

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 19, 2023

Football Coach Masturbating

Phoenix: 6'2": I was really lucky to meet Phoenix. He's a gorgeous ex-military man who is sexy as hell. He recently got a divorce and wants to start doing some wild things he feels he missed out on while married. Phoenix is a little shy at first, but his fat cock gets hard while I use the camera to take in every inch of that tall, hot body. I love Phoenix's feet, too. Yum! Phoenix plays with my masturbation sleeve a bit, but he feels best just stroking his fat cock with his hand. When he's ready to cum, Phoenix makes all sorts of noise and shoots everywhere!

Masonic Boys - Update

April 17, 2023

Apprentice White Ch 2

The Calling: I was shaking uncontrollably by the time I knocked on my father, Master Snow's office door. I entered and he immediately demanded that I get undressed. He then instructed me to climb up onto his desk. He pulled me around, repositioning and manipulating my body into contortions which I didn't know were possible. I have never allowed a man to take me before, but I instantly knew that I was ready to offer myself to him. He told me to bend over the desk and, seconds later, I felt the tip of his huge penis lining itself up with my hole. Then he started pushing himself into me. My body immediately went into a cold sweat. It was agonizing and yet, at the same time, it felt right. I felt like it was my duty perhaps even my purpose to pleasure Master Snow.

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