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Men At Play - Update

Tuesday November 28, 2023

Yes Sir!, Editor's Cut

It is Mick Stallone's first workday and he gets nervous when asked to do the simplest of tasks. Is it first-day nerves or just the fact that his boss is sexy Spaniard Dani Robles? Dani is a confident executive who is always perfectly attired with high work standards. He tries to chastise his fumbling assistant but instead takes the chance to exploit the unsuspecting newbie and makes his move! As with many in a position of power, Dani likes to be dominated when it comes to carnal pleasures. He drops his pinstripe pants and guides Mick's thick cock into his hungry hole. The young assistant fucks the bearded boss on his desk. Our suited businessmen turn a 9 to 5 work day into a horny office play session!

Men At Play - Update

November 17, 2023

Worship Harder

Drew Dixon is ready to worship and obey, again. After their last encounter, Drew continues showing his reverence and adoration for his Master Rocky Vallarta's shoes, feet and cock. With full control over Drew, Rocky rips the tuxed-up sub's trousers to reveal the power bottoms ass to play with and do whatever he wants to. Dirty whore sub, Drew Dixon, is intensely raw fucked and then cums while getting finger fucked.

Men At Play - Update

November 15, 2023

Cocksure, Editor's Cut

Moving etiquette states “Just let them do their job”. But when Mike de Marko finds the blue-collared mover Enzo Rimenez taking a break in the middle of the move, he loses his temper. The hot French stud has stayed calm despite the constant micro-managing from the cocksure client but he’s had enough! Enzo shuts him up by placing a hand over his mouth and ramming his thick cock up his ass. The once slick-suited arrogant Mike rides Enzo's huge shaft and is left disheveled, naked, and cock-pumped. Mr. De Marko, we loved moving you!

Raging Stallion - Update

September 21, 2023

Strong Suit 6

Pinstripe Realty Worldwide standout Allen King has been tasked with figuring out if potential hire Drew Valentino would be a good fit for the company, but it seems that he'd rather decide if Drew and his impressive assets are a good fit for his hole. With his big dick disappearing deep down Allen's throat, Drew and his adventurous hands begin toying with the real estate agent's hungry ass. Allen then bends over the side of a couch as a suited-up Drew buries his face between Allen's cheeks and uses his hairy cock to fuck his hole. Allen moans, shuts his eyes and clenches Drew's tie between his teeth as Drew takes him from behind and stretches him out in multiple positions across the realtor's property.

Men At Play - Update

September 07, 2023

Strong Suit Ep 4

Tag Along: If interviewee Beau Butler wants to solidify his position at Pinstripe Realty Worldwide, he’s going to have to put in the work and really impress company hot-shot Allen King. Alone with Allen at an empty listing property, Beau eagerly shows how much of a team player he can be as he allows the horny realtor to rip open the back of his pants to gain easy access to his hairy hole. Liking what he’s tasting, Allen follows up the spontaneous rimming by worshipping Beau’s feet and swallowing his uncut cock. Beau then fucks and buries himself deep inside Allen’s ass and even fucks him mid air with Allen’s weight being supported only by a nearby bookshelf and Beau’s broad shoulders. Now, back on the ground, Allen blows his load all over the floor with Beau then pulling out to unload directly into Allen’s accommodatingly open young mouth.

Raging Stallion - Update

August 08, 2023

Strong Suit 2

California realtor Beau Butler is all dressed up and ready to interview at a big firm in Southern Spain, but, after running into Sir Peter in the hotel hallway, he finds himself preoccupied with a different type of 'big firm'. Now inside Sir Peter's private room, a cocksucking Beau expresses shock over the enormous size of the suited stranger's big dick and is soon undoing his own belt, pulling down his pants and exposing his tan-lined ass for Sir Peter to bareback. Changing positions, Beau then gets a taste of his own hole as Sir's meat goes from his thick cheeks to his open mouth. Now on his back with his shirt unbuttoned and his hairy stomach exposed, Beau blasts himself with nut while Sir Peter pulls out to release his own load all over the thankful bottom.

Men At Play - Update

August 06, 2023

Brazen, Editor's Cut

Logan Moore is walking past Bulrog’s office when he overhears a phone sex conversation and notices Bulrog playing with his hard cock. Logan gets excited and with a brazen assurance wastes no time getting into Bulrog’s pants. The office colleagues kiss each other passionately, and Logan gives Bulrog’s hard rod a good and wet suck. Bulrog rims Logan’s hole, wetting and preparing to shove his turgid cock into Logan’s warm hole! Time to get down to business!

Men At Play - Update

July 25, 2023

An Executive Bargain

Bastian Karim plays a young businessman in training and Justin Jett is the target. But in fact, this is Bastian's cover. He is a secret agent for the intelligence service who has been tasked with extracting a folder with highly confidential information from Mr. Jett. In the world of espionage, everything goes and Bastian's clandestine operation comes at a "cost". In order to draw Justin in, Bastian had him review a business plan, help set up investor meetings, and even sex. Today, Justin is expecting and receives "payment" for his help. But while the mischievous young stud appears to enjoy every moment of the suited sex play session, he has managed to infiltrate Mr. Jetts's home under an alias and taken the folder he has been tasked with retrieving. Before leaving, Mr. Jett thanks the young stud who responds, "Oh, I got more than I needed".

Japan Boyz - Update

July 24, 2023

Cruising the Office

One of the sure-fire boner thrillers for the Asian crowd is about the secret underground hijinks of bored Japanese office workers. Our Tokyo producers crank out scene after scene of buttoned-down business boyz getting busy, and that's NOT with spreadsheets and expense reports. No surprise that you dedicated followers of Japanboyz are popping big woodies for every new update. Rikiya and Ryuji are the office drones whose dicks are busier than their brains in this office hookup and it only takes a few sidelong glances to make the spark and connection. Sitting so close as they work on their laptops that they must feel the heat from each other's muscular thighs, almost touching under the desktop. Ryuji turns down the lights so no one can see the action inside their glassed in cubicle.

Men At Play - Update

July 23, 2023

The Stalker, Editor's Cut

When you are a successful, sexy but mysterious businessman, oftentimes celebrity news websites that feature celebrity gossip, video footage, photos, and more, keep their eye on you. In Enzo Rimenez's case, he unknowingly gained the unwanted attention of someone who is watching him very closely. On this occasion, Enzo receives an unexpected young, suited visitor, and the mystery "stalker" sneaks in for a closer view and hits [Record]. French hunk Enzo Rimenez and Spanish stud Klein Kerr are captured in a no-limits fuck play session. Enzo strips Klein from the waist down and gives his ass a good and hard pounding; holding his legs apart and grabbing him by the tie to help ram his thick cock as deep into Klein as possible.

Men At Play - Update

July 19, 2023

The Hustler 4

Charlie Cherry is a self made billionaire who has been listed among the top most successful men of the year! Young and handsome, with a big cock and money, Charlie is ready to celebrate with a discreet encounter with a top escort. When the Spanish hustler, Diego Reyes arrives at Charlie’s penthouse, he leans on the door frame and bites his lower lip. But Charlie isn’t easily seduced he has paid many men for entertainment before, and the encounter will be on his terms. Charlie offers the hustler something to drink, but Diego refuses the offer as he prefers to remain in control. When Charlie insists, the escort asks to be paid double his fee. It’s a game of power and the businessman offers him triple his fee. Money is power!

Men At Play - Update

July 03, 2023


Having a criminal record can have serious negative effects in your life after prison, especially in opening and running a nightclub. Danny Starr who has a criminal conviction in his past, managed to open a nightclub and is being blackmailed by a corrupt officer. Every month, Officer Bruno Max stops by the club and demands a kickback from Danny. In addition to money, Bruno often also elicits “other” forms of payment. On collection day, Bruno receives an envelope filled with cash and puts it away without counting it. It’s been a stressful day and Bruno is much more interested in receiving something else of much greater value! Watch the tatted, suited bad boy Danny suck cock, bend over and get fucked in a Menatplay lesson in power games!

Men At Play - Update

June 26, 2023

The Call: Editor's Cut

Ken Rodeo's cheeky and talkative boss, Klein Kerr, beckons him into his office to suck him off through his pant suit fly while he takes a long business call. As the young Ken sucks away on his boss' cock, Klein continues with his dealings on the phone seemingly unflustered but obviously turned on. Klein's aloof attitude, standing in his business suit, hard cock out of his pant fly, a willing servant on his knees before him, all make him feel empowered! When the chance comes to hang up from his business conversation, he throws Ken down on the boardroom desk and fucks him hard before giving him a good deep fingering until he cums. That's one way to enjoy a hard day at the office.

Men - Update

June 13, 2023

Nut On The Doughnut

After all their hard work, Papi Kocic and Pol Prince are ready for a break, but Pol forgot the coffees. Papi takes the opportunity to make a hole in the doughnut box and slide his thick cock through one of the delicious pastries, then talks Pol into touching it! Pol's been waiting for a chance to play with Papi's big éclair, and he hungrily sucks it, then Papi devours Pol's hole. The tattooed top fucks Pol doggystyle, then rams him in the back of the work van before the bottom rides him. Pol cums, and Papi adds a little extra glaze to a doughnut for him.

Men At Play - Update

June 09, 2023

Doctor's Orders 2

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Johnny Donovan, MD is showing his old college buddy Zack Mackay around his new practice. Zack, a future partner at an accounting firm, is in town on business with his colleague Rocky Vallarta. The three men have dinner reservations to discuss the doc's financial portfolio right after the tour. When Rocky gets a phone call and steps away, Dr. Donovan admits to Zack that Rocky is hot. Not to worry, Rocky will be open to playing tonight Zack tells him. While they wait, Zack admits to Johnny that he recently hurt himself and the doctor orders him to jump on the medical bed. The doctor massages Zack's inner groin and soon with scissors, discretely cuts and rips his suit pants revealing the big beautiful ass he's played with before.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

June 05, 2023

Ferdinan & Francis

Young Francis is in his boss's office, making it crystal clear he'll do anything for a promotion. That's all daddy Ferdinan needs to hear and soon he's out from behind the desk, with his big uncut cock in the boy's mouth. Rock hard and ready to fuck, he bends the boy over his desk and pushes his raw Latin meat in. Some more oral is followed by young Francis rimming his daddy's fat ass, before barebacking the man, while bent over his desk. After the slim and smooth employee gives his boss a good pounding, he gets on his knees and takes the old man's load in the face. Finally, with cum dripping off his chin, Francis sucks his daddy's cock dry.

Men At Play - Update

June 02, 2023

Young Hustler 2

One of the reasons you hire an escort is to help bring your greatest sexual desires and fantasies to reality. Bruno Max is traveling for business and can't wait to enjoy a night of debauchery with a young hustler he's rented for the night. When the hustler, Allen King, arrives, Bruno asks him to undress, wear some business clothes and get into the shower. The mischievous Bruno loves seeing the water drop on Allen's body as he teases him with his eyes. In a matter of seconds, his boner gets so hard that he takes it out and cannot resist giving it to Allen to suck. The young hustler Allen King loves servicing his clients and the kinky side of Bruno comes to life. He ties up his boy to fuck - first with a big dildo and then with his hard dick until he douses Allen with his huge load of cum.

Men At Play - Update

May 30, 2023

Daddy Want: Editor's Cut

What does a horny young boy do when his best friend’s dad offers to service his hard cock? Unzip and stuff Daddy’s holes, of course! Ricky Blue stops by Dirk’s house to visit his school buddy, and Daddy Dirk invites him to wait in his son’s bedroom. There, Ricky finds a girly magazine under his friend’s pillow and, horned up, starts jacking his thick cock. When Dirk finds his son’s friend jacking off, the horned-up daddy steps in. Suave, silver tongued, and classically attired in braces and trousers that hug his plump ass, Dirk persuades Ricky to slick up his snug hole and pound him hard. Ricky does not disappoint: watch him smack and thrust Dirk’s taut daddy ass like the young boss he is. What daddy wants, daddy, gets!

Men At Play - Update

May 19, 2023

Bad Liar

Detective Donato Reyes is visiting Pol Prince’s home where a valuable art piece has been reported stolen. But in fact, there has been no theft and Pol simply wants to collect money from his insurance. While taking detailed notes at the “larceny” crime scene, Mr. Reyes notices that Pol is agitated and behaving strangely. He decides to be straightforward with Mr. Prince there is no evidence of a burglary. In fact, the detective suggests that Pol may be lying Feeling defeated, Pol realizes that he is a bad liar and can’t continue with the charade. Lucky for him, Detective Donato may choose not to file any criminal charges against Pol for filing a false police report IF he satisfies his sexual pleasures! It is Time to Play.

Men At Play - Update

April 29, 2023

Dad's Colleague

The young Allen King arrives home and decides to finish his homework in the living room until his dad arrives. Shortly after, the doorbell rings and he opens the door. Allen finds a work colleague of his dad's, Donato Reyes, who has come to deliver some paperwork. Allen invites Donato into the house while they wait for his dad to arrive. The mischievous Allen doesn't waste time and starts flirting with his dad's colleague. He puts a hand on Donato's thigh, who gets nervous instantly. Donato likes the young, slender horny stud but tries to resist the temptation! Donato doesn't usually chase or play with young studs like Allen (or family of workmates for that matter) but daddy isn't giving up the chance to fuck his co-worker's son.

Peter Fever - Update

April 26, 2023

Asian Office Studs 2

The second spicy little treat from our Japan crew at Peter Fever East is possibly twice as much fun as the hot shirt and tie scene with Rio and Hiroya, since this week features FOUR of the hottest models in Tokyo clad as bored office workers taking an unscheduled fuck break in the middle of their workplace. Gal, Rio and Rikiya are sharing some gossip about new co-worker Reach getting gangbanged at a popular local bar, wondering if he'd be up for a similar scene with his office buddies. When he walks into the office and sits at his desk, they put their dirty plan into the hottest action you've seen. Rio pulls Reach closer and sucks face with the hot muscle stud. Supervisor Riki strolls over and joins the fun, and soon it's an uninhibited no-holes-barred four-way, with Rikiya, Gal and Rio taking turns plugging Reach's mouth and cock hungry ass.

Men At Play - Update

April 23, 2023

Blackmail 2

Kit Cohen’s work laptop has been hacked. The hacker knows what he did last weekend (fucked the boss’s son) and has video proof. With the blackmail threat of exposing his debauchery and losing his job, the hacker wants something in exchange for his silence. Enter Leo Bacchus, the office network administrator, and hacker! Leo makes it clear that there is only one way for Kit to save his job - and that's to get down to real “business” right there and now. With no choice but to accept the terms, Leo gets on his knees and begins to suck Kit’s big cock and then is bent over the desk for a deep dicking. Leo confesses that he has been waiting for this moment for a long time… he just needed the right leverage! But Leo wants more.. switching with Kit, sucking, and then fucking his tight hole.

Men At Play - Update

April 17, 2023

5-Star Plumbing 2

Many of us have had a fantasy about fucking (or getting fucked by) the plumber and Charlie Cherry gets to live it out with blue-collar building attendant, Dani Robles. A leaky faucet in a luxury apartment requires immediate attention, so when the plumber arrives, he gets straight to work. Charlie watches the plumber work his tools under the leaky sink and imagines him in the same position making the same sounds but doing something else. Suddenly, Dani loosens a pipe too much and water starts leaking everywhere, getting him drenched. While Dani dries himself, Charlie comments on his nice body and recommends they work out together. Time to pound the plumber! Dani came to fix a leaky pipe but he is about to enjoy a hardcore, raw deep dicking that leaves him shooting his load all over Charlie.

Japan Boyz - Update

April 13, 2023

Rio's Tie-Up

For fans of hot sexy businessmen clad in shirts and ties, but giving in to their raging hard ons to have sex without even stripping out of work clothes, have we got a scene for you! And guys who get off on a bit of bondage and captive edging, we haven't forgotten you either. Handsome Asian muscleman Hiroya has sexy muscle boy Rio just where he wants him, bound in leather cuffs and blindfold yet dressed in proper white shirt and tie. He teases Rio erotically, taking him to the very edge of orgasm will the stud can't hold back and squirts his sperm before their sex is even halfway done. But Rio's appetite just gets stronger, and he sucks Hiroya's big cock till it's hard as steel. Hiroya takes his big stiff hardon and puts it to perfect use inside Rio's cock hungry asshole, fucking him bareback and mercilessly.

Trans Angels - Update

April 12, 2023

Skilled & Cock Hungry

Ready for her job interview, blonde trans babe Angellica Good is dressed to impress in a skimpy white blouse and short skirt that show off all her ass-ets! Retrieving a dildo from her purse, the ever-horny t-girl grabs the attention of hunky interviewer Nate Rose with her hands-on approach and deepthroating skills before bending over and cushioning his thick dick between her huge fake boobs! Following a sensational tit job, handsome stud Nate stretches Angellica's tight butthole from behind in standing doggystyle, and then the tattooed hottie hops on top to ride her interviewer's big cock cowgirl-style. Big-boobed Angellica takes another hard anal pounding in doggy and missionary positions until Nate officially welcomes his new employee to the company with a sticky facial!

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