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Kristen Bjorn - Update

August 24, 2023

Adam & Jacob C.C. 494

Adam Tyrant is a horny fucker, walking into the room, stripping down to his underwear in preparation for his induction into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the very sexy Jacob Lord. Apparently, Adam loves showing off his various piercings along with that sexy stache of his. Jacob enters the room looking as enticing as every with his hairy, muscular toro teasing us of the pleasures to come. Lustful kissing starts off this meeting along with exploring hands. Adam reaches out and finds Jacob’s mushrooming bulge. After relieving themselves of the confines of their underwear, Jacob leans in and consumes the entirety of Adam’s rock hard cock, sucking it to his full ball sac, revealing another of Adam’s piercings, this time it is his smooth, sexy taint.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 15, 2023

Tomas & Jordan Suck & Fuck

Jordan Starr lays on his stomach and arches his back as he gets started with the enviable privilege of servicing Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, with his mouth. Jordan wraps his lips around Tomas' big, fat uncut cock and sucks deep and hard before Tomas spins him around and eats his ass. No encounter is complete unless the King of All Muscle Daddies fucks you in your hole, and Tomas Brand goes balls-deep inside Jordan Starr. But Jordan does not want it to end there, and so Tomas gets on all fours and takes dick himself. And it's no small dick, because Jordan Starr is mega-hung!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 13, 2023

Lobo & Thomas Pound Steven

If there’s one man who can take on the rock-hard manhood of Lobo Carreira and Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscles Daddies, then it’s the solid and studly Steven Angel. Both Steven and Tomas welcome Lobo Carreira to Lucas Entertainment, who originally had a career in reality television when starring on Bravo’s “Below Deck.” Everyone could tell back then how hot Lobo was on television, but now nothing it left to the imagination. Lobo Carreira is stripped down, erect, and ready for action in front of the camera. Lobo Carreira and Tomas Brand take turns fucking Steven Angel in his mouth and ass!

Men - Update

March 31, 2023

Pack My Box

Bruno Max is having trouble packing because of all the memories, but luckily, pro mover Papi Kocic is here to help. Papi gets right to work packing... and helps distract Bruno by stripping off his shirt to show his muscled, tattooed chest. It's so hot, Bruno gets naked too, and the guys kiss as Bruno worships the burly top, then sucks his cock. Papi tongues the bottom's hole and teases him with his fingers before thrusting inside, and after Bruno rides him on the stairs, they use the moving straps as a sex swing! Bruno cums as Papi fucks him doggystyle, then takes the top's hot load on his ass and sucks out every last drop.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 23, 2023

Lucas Men Extravaganza 2

Gay Porn Orgy Part 2: Watch the second part (of two) of this gay bareback orgy starring nine of the sexiest and most cock-crazed gay porn models out of all the Lucas Men! You will not want to miss out, because the Lucas Men are about to have an unforgettable fuck party, and you have an all-access invite to check out the dick-sucking and hole-slamming gay bareback action! Join Kosta Viking, Babylon Prince, Harold Lopez, Brian Bonds, Santos, Jack Bailey, Bruno Galvez, Derek Kage, and Gustavo Cruz for this amazing LUCAS MEN EXTRAVAGANZA!

Men - Update

March 18, 2023

Papi & Tyler

Tyler Berg locks eyes with Papi Kocic as he sits outside with his coffee watching the shirtless, tattooed top wield his hose. Papi wades across the pool to say good morning, and the bottom greets him with a hungry kiss. Tyler worships Papi's body and sucks his cock, then Papi tongues Tyler's hole and fucks him doggystyle on the table. Tyler loves Papi's dirty talk as he gets drilled in missionary, then rides the top's big cock. Tyler asks for it harder as Papi pounds him till he cums, and gets on his knees for a facial.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

February 09, 2023

Tomas Gives Alex Daddy Dick

Alex Cabrera is a hot and hungry little bottom who loves dick. He's a total bottom taker, and when he's in the bedroom he is never happier than when he is on all fours and arching his back. All Alex wants in that position is to get plowed in his boy pussy. So when the hunky Tomas Brand, the Kind of All Muscle Daddies, started flirting with Alex, the bottom boy immediately jumped at the chance to ride the bone of the elite gay daddy porn star. Alex Cabrera services Tomas Brand orally before opening up his ass and getting his ass pounded!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 17, 2023

Craig Rides Tomas' Daddy Dick

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, is having a bit of a late morning in this encounter. He’s hanging out in the bedroom reading the news on his phone and having some coffee when his young, gorgeous lover Craig Marks emerges from the bathroom in only a towel. As soon as Craig removes his towel and starts teasing his daddy with his incredible body… well, the morning heats up fast. Craig Marks is classically handsome and has a stellar physique. Tomas Brand, a premier gay daddy porn star, explores the body of Craig Marks to the fullest while he’s fucking him up the ass. At one point during their sex, Craig Marks is riding Tomas Brand’s daddy dick, and every muscle in Craig’s sculpted torso flexes with perfection!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 04, 2022

Raw Foursome

There’s no better foursome than one that features these four power-house Lucas Men models: Craig Marks, Andrey Vic, Pol Prince, and Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. And even though Tomas Brand comes off as a powerful alpha-male top, he has a submissive side and likes to get his ass fucked every once and awhile. And he gives it up to the tall, blue-eyed beauty that is Craig Marks, who penetrates Tomas and goes balls-deep in the macho daddy. All the while, Andrey Vic and Pol Prince are taking turns fucking each other up the ass. And to think, all of the incredible action started out as some foreplay in the pool! Don’t miss the incredible dick-sucking and ass-fucking action starring the Lucas Men Craig Marks, Tomas Brand, Andrey Vic, and Pol Prince!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

October 09, 2022

Tomas & Rarael Flip-Fuck

Rafael Carreras is a familiar face to long-time fans of Lucas Entertainment. He’s gracefully transitioned into a handsome Cuban daddy. As always, he still has an incredible body and his 10-inch uncut cock, which has always been legendary among the manhood of the Lucas Men. He and Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, have a quiet and passionate encounter together, one-on-one. And there’s something about seeing a guy still partially dressed with his dick out that’s extra hot. We see exactly that when Rafael gets Tomas’ pants off, pulls down his tight black briefs just enough, and starts sucking on the King of All Muscle Daddies’ fat uncut cock. And yes, Tomas’ t-shirt is still still on, hugging his hulking frame. Before long they are swapping positions and taking each other’s dicks up the ass!

Masqulin - Update

September 20, 2022

Taking Care of Business 2

The next morning, after Tyler Berg and Bastian had a hot moment at the villa, Tyler is awakened by Angel Rivera, Dean Young, Bastian Karim, and Manuel Reyes laughing in the kitchen. A jealous Manuel clearly heard about the encounter and was immediately eager to claim his man once the fun started. As all five studs hit the pool, the roughhousing and crotch grabbing turns hot really quick. Manuel sees his chance to take the hot Tyler Berg to the side where he could show him and his cock how Spain does it better than Columbia. Another intense rim jobbing session leads to Tyler trying his second Latin ass in two days.

Falcon Studios - Update

September 18, 2022

Taking Care Of Business 2

While on his latest work retreat in Southern Spain, Manuel Reyes enjoys some swimming pool roughhousing with his coworkers, but would rather be experiencing some alone time with businessman Tyler Berg. Once the two coworkers manage to sneak away from the others, Manuel immediately stuffs his mouth with Tyler's long cock and hops up onto an outdoor fireplace for his coworker to rim his hole. Still in the private backyard of their boss' Torremolinos villa, Tyler lifts Manuel's legs and slides himself into Manuel's hole. Tyler uses his full energy to bareback Manuel before letting the bottom take a ride on his cock, and then switches locations for some outdoor shower sex. Under the running water, Tyler continues pounding his colleague's ass until each of them are taking turns kneeling on the ground to gobble down each other's loads.

Masqulin - Update

September 16, 2022

Taking Care of Business: 1

Bastian Karim is one of this year’s top underwear salesman at the company and also the first to arrive at the retreat in Torremolinos, Spain. As he marvels at the beautiful Spanish villa, he makes himself more than comfortable before getting a night’s rest for the debauchery to come. The next morning, as he is sunbathing his sexy toned body poolside, jealous runner-up salesman Tyler Berg, shows up and chucks him in the water. Needless to say, the smashing water and hot weather quickly bring both hot-toned men from roughhousing to deep rim jobbing rather quickly. After lubing up Bastian’s sexy Colombian ass with his stiff tongue, Tyler gives the young salesman a hard cock as a prize for outperforming him in overall numbers.

Falcon Studios - Update

September 13, 2022

Taking Care Of Business

Overworked businessmen Bastian Karim and Tyler Berg are the first to arrive at their boss' Spanish villa for their company's latest work retreat. Ready to relax, the two enjoy a playful swim before deciding to fully take advantage of their private surroundings by having Tyler bury his face between Bastian's jiggly cheeks. The two coworkers then take their naked and exposed bodies inside where a moaning Tyler will grip Bastian's thick thighs as the bottom takes a ride on his bareback dick. Now on his back, Bastian shifts his head back as Tyler continuously pumps his lengthy cock in and out of his smooth hole. As Tyler speeds up his expert stroke game, both men begin to climax by covering Bastian's body in their fresh jizz.

Men - Update

July 30, 2022

Norse Fuckers Part 5

Dracock the Dragon approaches, and the brave Norsemen prepare for battle. The god of thunder Thor (Malik Delgaty) and god of chaos Loki (Felix Fox) take their places at the head of the army, and Thor defeats the evil serpent with a bolt of lightning. Time to fuck! Brave soldiers Sir Peter and Tyler Berg are eager for a taste of the gods, joining them for a celebratory orgy. Tyler takes Thor's godly cock as Loki gets fucked doggystyle by Sir Peter, then the men switch. After Loki and Tyler suck Thor and Peter, it's Loki's turn to top as Tyler rides his cock, while Sir Peter takes Thor's mighty hammer doggystyle before the others blow their loads on Tyler's face!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 22, 2022

Lucas Men All Axccess Orgy 2

Don't miss the second part of the ALL ACCESS orgy starring the elite LUCAS MEN of Lucas Entertainment! The rough and hardcore action of this group-sex extravaganza stars Allen King, Andrey Vic, Sir Peter, Kosta Viking, Rudy Gram, Brian Bonds, Ridick, Oliver Hunt, Sean Weiss, Adam Franco, Manuel Skye, Paco Rabo, Bruno Galvez, Leo Bacchus, Harold Lopez, and Jeffrey Lloyd!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 21, 2022

Lucas Men All Access Orgy 1

If you're looking for an ALL ACCESS experience with the LUCAS MEN, then look no further than this 16-man orgy! Their bodies are rock-hard, their cocks are raging and erect, and their balls are full of cum and ready draining! The action of this two-part group-sex extravaganza stars Allen King, Andrey Vic, Sir Peter, Kosta Viking, Rudy Gram, Brian Bonds, Ridick, Oliver Hunt, Sean Weiss, Adam Franco, Manuel Skye, Paco Rabo, Bruno Galvez, Leo Bacchus, Harold Lopez, and Jeffrey Lloyd!

Men - Update

July 04, 2022

Norse Fuckers Part 1

When Viking Craig Marks bends over to pick up his drinking horn in the inn, Tyler Berg surprises him by sliding his horn into that tight hole! The guys wrestle, and Tyler pins Craig to the floor, then feeds him his cock. The guys suck each other, and Tyler rims the bottom before pushing up his leather skirt and fucking Craig doggystyle. These Norsemen shuck off their furs as Tyler pounds Craig on the inn bench, and Craig sucks the top's nipples before riding his cock on the floor. Craig orgasms as he takes the Viking top's cock in missionary, then takes Tyler's load in his majestic beard.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 02, 2022

Kosta Babylon Spit-Roast Ruslan

When you land Ruslan Angelo in the sack, you know that his ass is as good as slammed. Ruslan loves taking dick in his butt, and even more so, he loves the lead up before that initial moment of insertion. Kosta Viking and Babylon Prince sit down with Ruslan Angelo for a Bareback Auditions interview, and when they’re done talking they start fondling and making out. Kosta and Babylon start playing with Ruslan’s hole; quickly after they want to see how much pressure the orifice can take. What does that mean? First Babylon Prince slips his fist inside Ruslan Angelo’s rectum, and then after he pulls out, in goes Kosta Viking with his own fist. Soon after the anal fucking starts, and everyone gets so turned on by Ruslan’s power as a bottom that Kosta and Babylon ride some dick too!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 31, 2022

Tomas Pounds Allen & Vincent

All of the young Lucas Men have a thing for Tomas Brand. And why wouldn’t they? Tomas is, after all, the King of All Muscle Daddies, and he brings his handsome looks and jacked body to all of his sexual encounters. And in this particular sexual encounter, Tomas Brand is being reunited with two guys he’s bedded before: Allen King and Vincent O’Reilly. But Tomas has never enjoyed their mouths' and asses at the same time—until now. The encounter begins with Vincent and Allen making out and fondling each other while Tomas hangs out in bed and watches. When the barebacking and fucking ramps up, it’s not just Tomas pounding ass. Vincent O’Reilly and Allen King take turns on each other’s holes too, all while Tomas Brand watches in delight.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 30, 2022

Tomas & Babylon Flip Fuck

Babylon Prince has a macho attitude about him. He’s usually on top when he is in bed with other guys, fucking their asses deep and hard with his erect hard-on. But sometimes Babylon gives in and embraces his submissive side, which is exactly what happens when he encounters Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies. Tomas invites Babylon back to his hotel room, where Babylon takes a shower while Tomas waits on the bed for him still wearing his navy blue tank and khaki shorts. When Babylon emerges from the bathroom he drops his towel to reveal his erect cock. A hot and intense fuck ensues where both Tomas Brand gives his ass to Babylon Prince for a deep fucking, and Babylon returns the gesture. On his back, Babylon spreads his legs for the King of All Muscle Daddies.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 11, 2022

Tomas & Rico Flip Fuck

When two strong and powerful men come together to have sex, sometimes a balanced exchange is required. That’s certainly what happens with Rico Marlon and Tomas Brand here in the first scene of Lucas Entertainment gay porn movie, “Pounded By Papi.” Tomas Brand and Rico Marlon are both established and popular models among the Lucas Men, and they are admired for their huge muscles and fat uncut cocks. When Rico and Tomas, the King of All Muscle Daddies, undress and and start feeling each other up, they both know they want to fuck each other as much as get their asses penetrated. Tomas, especially, has to grit his teeth as he feels the fullness and girth of Rico enter his ass!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 09, 2022

Double Team Vincent

In this fantasy scenario, Tomas Brand and his long-time lover, Rafael Carreras, decide that they want to spice up their romance with some youth. As a surprise, the Cuban top finds the young white punk Vincent O’Reilly to service both of their needs in the bedroom. As soon as Rafael reveals Vincent to Tomas, the King of All Muscle Daddies unleashes all of his passion and lust on the young and sexy guest. Both Tomas and Rafael make the most of Vincent and use his mouth and ass until he’s left tired and worn out. Not only that, but they test how much Vincent O’Reilly can take by fucking him up the ass at the same time in some hot double-penetration action!

Men At Play - Update

May 04, 2022

Cruising At Club-X II

Nicholas Bardem finds John Brachalli in all leather jerking off while cruising the dark corridors of Club-X. Just a subtle glance between the two and they can't resist playing. From a corner, Dan has been watching the action. The muscle daddy approaches Nicholas, who is wearing a leather harness and jock under his suit and takes over for John. Looking to completely satisfy their urges, Dan and Nicholas go find John. When the three studs reunite again, they participate in one of the best hookups and play sessions that Club-X has seen in a very long time!

Men At Play - Update

April 13, 2022

Dani Welcomes Dan

As Menatplay's resident ambassador, Dani Robles has prepared the set for an on-camera interview with a new model. When D.Dan arrives, Dani is stunned by the sexy Swedish muscle daddy. At first, like many new performers, D.Dan is reserved but flashes a polite smile. Luckily, Dani is a pro and knows just how to make Dan feel relaxed on set. D.Dan is almost done getting suited when Dani approaches and helps him with the cufflinks. He finds the sight of the suited daddy hard to resist - and he's ready to play! Finally, Dani asks D.Dan to unzip his pants so he can properly welcome him to Menatplay, and it all ends with a splashing suit bukkake.

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