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Freshmen - Update

November 24, 2023

Bart & Ayden

The beautiful city of Budapest serves as the backdrop for today’s encounter. Ayden Mallory seems a little lost in the city until he meets local beauty Bart Cuban. As Bart has proved so many times, language doesn't have to be a barrier to getting what you want. After a short stroll around the city, the two boys end up kissing in Bart’s apartment. The electrifying energy between the two needs no translation and after undressing, they suck each other's hard cocks. The action continues as Ayden rims his new friend before Bart offers up his hole for penetration. Both Ayden and Bart are generous lovers and they enjoy some hardcore fucking in multiple positions before Ayden cums over Bart's hole and Bart cums on Ayden’s face.

Bel Ami Online - Update

October 09, 2023

Ethan & Olaf

Ethan is paired up with fellow blond, Olaf for our feature update this week. What starts off as a massage quickly escalates into something more as Olaf tries his luck by first sticking a finger in Ethan's warm, pink hole, and when he doesn't object, the finger is quickly replaced by a tongue. This led us to believe that uber-bottom Olaf may be trying to get Ethan to bottom for him, but the real intent, of simply making Ethan horny, is quickly revealed when Olaf plants his own butt firmly down on Ethan's face demanding for his hole to be prepared for fucking. Olaf starts off as our quintessential 'bossy bottom' riding Ethan's cock for all he's worth, before Ethan takes control and pounding a nice, creamy load out of his buddy. Ethan's cum-shot has to wait until round 2, which the guys dutifully oblige us with in the shower.

Bel Ami Online - Update

August 15, 2023

Bart & Viggo Part 1

We start our Bart Bonanza today with this incredibly hot scene with Viggo Sorensen. Communication with Bart can sometimes be a little difficult as he really only speaks Hungarian, but after a little effort, Viggo manages to establish the fact that Bart would like to get fucked today, and from then on, language plays no part in the interactions between the 2. Right from the start Viggo takes gentle control of Bart here, setting the pace and giving his slightly submissive buddy all the attention he deserves. We rarely see this side of Bart, but the passive demeanor suits him well, as his body reacts instinctively to Viggo's caress and touch. Bart rarely even touches himself here, relying totally on Viggo for all of his pleasure, right up to the inevitable, creamy climax.

Bel Ami Online - Update

May 09, 2023

Jason, Joel & Arne

It's 3way time again and instead of the father, son, and holy ghost, we have the heavenly trio of Jason, Arne and Joel (although we may refer to him here as the holy dick). There is always extra special chemistry when our Hungarian team hook up with each other, and today is no exception, luckily for our translator all guys are speaking in English for this episode. It's hard not to be envious as bespectacled beauty Jason Lucky Pierre for the day as he gets to sample the mammoth cocks of both his buddies, starting with the biggest first.

Bel Ami Online - Update

February 07, 2023

Jens, Ethan, Andrei & Jim

We rejoin our merry team today as they are cleaning up from their earlier fuck fest when Jim Durden arrives, and, feeling a little left out, convinces them that round 2 is in order. We kind of expected this to be a gangbang where everyone fucks Jim, but we are treated to something a bit more special when Ethan joins Team Bottom for the day and gets fucked first by Andrei and then Jens. There is so much fucking going on here it is hard to describe, so it will definitely be best for you to take a look yourselves. We have been trying to pick a standout performance from amongst the guys, but they all seem to be delivering their best today, and everyone here has chosen a different model as the 'best'. Let us know if you think one guy has the edge over the others in this 4way fuck fest.

Freshmen - Update

January 03, 2023

Serge & Riff

Power bottom Serge Cavalli is introduced to Riff Dornan and it is clearly a good match. Serge loves giant cocks and Riff has exactly what he needs. After an intense blowjob, Serge offers his ass for Riff to penetrate. Riff's massive dick cannot be taken by just anyone, but when he sees Serge enjoying every inch of it, he loses all inhibition and fucks him balls-deep in several different positions, eventually rewarding his ass with a nice creamy load.

Bel Ami Online - Update

December 19, 2022

Raphael & Manuel

Some guys are gifts that just keep giving. One of these has to be Manuel Rios.... probably one of our longest-filming models, and today he is at it again with Raphael Nyon. While we were tempted to call this video 'Yes Daddy' we thought it is not quite the BelAmi thing, so we will leave it up to you all to come up with a title!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

November 13, 2022

Photo Of My Boy

I'm not that up on new technology, but I try to stay in touch as to what's going on. After years of a flip phone, I decided to get my first smartphone so I could take pictures. My stepson, Curtis, was hanging on the couch when I came home with it, and I thought he would be a great subject to test my camera. I had him remove his shirt as I took his picture. Then his shorts. That's when I noticed his cock print. I reached over, took his undies off, and took a few more pics before putting his wood in my mouth. It had been a while since I sucked it. Then it was his turn to give daddy some head before fucking his hole until we both shot our loads. Too bad I didn't get that on camera.

Southern Strokes - Update

November 07, 2022

Feels So Good

Who doesn't like to relax after a long day of fun with a sweet hole wrapped around their dick or a hard cock piercing their hole with pleasure? We have a few twinks who love both of those things, especially these sporty ones. All that soccer, wrestling, and boxing must have gotten these boy's hormones raging. We know you will enjoy watching them release all that energy. From their first grope, Angel and Eugene and ready to go. Beno and Oliver don't waste time as cocks are pulled out and sucked. Corey takes his time with Roman, but that only last until they are fucking hard on the couch. Evan and Roman are much better lovers than fighters, and it shows when Roman's bouncing up and down on a cock. Karl loves fucking his roommate Filip, and neither is willing to give in until the last stroke and release.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

October 29, 2022

You Like It

Sometimes you have to pay attention to what your boy needs. After work, I came home and went straight into the shower. I noticed my boy watching me as he sat on the couch and started stroking my cock as the water flowed. I could see his lips quiver in hunger. I stepped out, dried off, walked over to him, and put his hand on my big cock. He knew what to do with it. Right into his mouth, it went, and that got my juices flowing. I joined him on the couch as he continued working on my tool. Then it was my turn to get a taste of young flesh as I swallowed his dick. I couldn't ignore his pretty hole and dug my tongue in as deep as I could before putting him on his side and fucking it. We wrecked the couch as he took daddy's dick. I let him cum with me inside of him, and I finished right behind.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

October 22, 2022

Very Good Boy

A very good boy is what every dad wants. One that knows everything daddy does is for the love of his boy, even if that means you have to put them over your knees and give their butts a spanking. The other side is when you provide the love with the guidance they need. Maybe they need a helping hand to let their guard down and release some youthful stress. For this reason, we bring you Victor Wilson, Mark Troy, John Barber, Robbie Dane, Eric Lenn, Jamie Kelvin, Den Fitness, Tom Heart, Dan Digiron, Alex Blade. A hot selection of Dads and sexy good boys. Watch as these youngsters put as much daddy dick in their mouths as will fit before Dad flips them over and gives them the best fuck of their young lives.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

September 24, 2022

Lionel fucks Tonyx CC: 474

Tonyx enters the room with a glimmer of innocence in his eyes and a dastardly smile just rising to the surface as he is in high anticipation to meet with Lionel Lilac for his induction into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. This Casting Couch is a “David and Goliath” of powerful muscular men living out their gay porn fantasies. With both amazing cocks on display each is sucked to perfection, the desire of any talented cock sucker. After some fingering and tongue fucking, Lionel can sense that Tonyx’s ass is primed and ready for fucking. Lionel fucks Tonyx in multiple muscle stretching positions before he showers Tonyx’s muscular ass with his thick load of creamy cum.

Bel Ami Online - Update

August 31, 2022

Joel, Raphael & Danny

It's always a treat when some of our twinks reveal themselves to be dick-hungry size queens, but today we were left wondering if that had not bitten off more than they can chew when they set their sites on Joel Birkin. In the end it turns out that it is just Raphael who is hunting the biggest dick he can find, and ends up getting fucked by not just 1, but 2 of the biggest!

Bel Ami Online - Update

August 17, 2022

Antony & Kris

For collectors of our DVDs, this scene will already be familiar to you, but for the rest of us, it is hopefully a welcome addition to our programming and the first scene in almost 2 years for Kris. Please don't ask if this means he is coming back to film again, as the answer to that is sadly no, but to see him here together with the equally delicious Antony Lorca is a bit of a change from our current models and adds a bit of variety that we hope you all appreciate. Some extra good news is that for our 30th anniversary we will be remastering some of Kris's (and Antony's) earlier scenes and bringing them back online again.

Bel Ami Online - Update

August 10, 2022

Joel, Nate & Jeff

While we know that our Gonzo scenes are not to everyone's taste, we hope that you will all be able to find something in this one to make you change your minds. It should have enough appeal for all of us size queens, outdoor sex fans, Joel lovers or fans of Nate and Jeff, and also those of us who just love to see a bottom enjoying himself as much as Jeff does.

Freshmen - Update

July 26, 2022

Bart & Jason

It was always going to be a hard job to follow on from our 1st scene this week, so we have decided to go with a bit more of a casual affair with Jason Bacall Fucking Bart Cuban. We start off with a casual gathering with a few of the models before our horny pair peel off for some more private fun. Whatever Jason is doing here he must be doing it right, as Bart is rock hard the whole time before shooting a massive load that reaches all the way to his chin!

Bel Ami Online - Update

June 11, 2022

Joel, Peter & Jack

Justin is in heaven today as we collected all the biggest dicks together for him to enjoy all at once. Joel Birkin, Peter Annaud and Jack Harrer all get to take their turn on sweet Justin's ass in what was a dream come true for him. Whether or not he was able to walk the next day, we're not certain, but I am sure we will hear all about it in one of the upcoming documentaries.

Freshmen - Update

May 30, 2022

Riff & Jens

Jens Christensen has a great appetite for sex. He's a fully versatile model and loves big dicks, the bigger the better! Today Jens grabs his fellow Hungarian Riff Dornan and his objective is clear to both without even having to speak. Jens desperately wants Riff's cock inside his pink hole. Before achieving that, he has to prove his sucking skills to his lover, including in a 69. Once Riff's cock slides into Jens' hole, they keep changing positions until Riff cums on Jen's ass and Jens shoots a thick creamy load onto his stomach.

Island Studs - Update

May 10, 2022

Daniel is Back!

Ripped Bearded Daniel is Back, proudly showing off his hairy, All-American, towering belly slapper in his super tight blue undies, fully nude, remains rock hard - walking in the tropical garden and while removing is underwear and work boots, trims Heliconia Flowers fully naked, playfully threatens to cut off his perfect cock with garden shears, spreads his ass cheeks wide open while stroking his beautiful rock hard dick between his legs with his face and hairy man hole in full view, leaks pre-cum before sitting down for a long jerk off session, moans loudly as he sprays a fountain of cum all over his thick bush of crotch hair, drops cum as he poses for more photos, before taking a sexy outdoor shower, showing us his hairy hole again in this Exclusive New Video from Island Studs!

Freshmen - Update

April 06, 2022

Riff & Elio

Kevin Warhol has "kidnapped" Elio Chalamet and Riff Dornan in order to continue his experiment making home videos. The gorgeous couple are super happy to finally get the chance to enjoy each other's naked bodies and simply don’t care who's filming them. Once they take off their clothes, the action picks up quickly and after kissing, rimming and a mutual blowjob, Elio is all smiles as Riff slides his thick cock inside him. When the boys leave to take a shower together, we stay a little while with Kevin who discusses his approach to film making. For those who are interested in knowing what happened to Kevin’s leg, watch upcoming Saturday's Quickies on our BelAmiOnline website. Please don’t watch it if you hate the sight of blood.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

March 31, 2022

Daddy Loves His Bold Boy

Never lie to daddy. I had a feeling that my stepson, Ronan, was up to something, so I went and checked his room. Maybe I was hoping to find drugs, but all I found was lube at the bottom of his underwear draw. When he came in, I questioned him about it. He told me he didn't know how it got there, which was clearly a lie. I had to bend him over and discipline him. But how could I spank his perfect ass and not have my dick squirm around in my pants? I pulled his pants down and felt his hole before I undid my pants, pulled my dick out, and made him suck it. He knows how to handle my meat, so I let him. I then got him naked and sucked his cock. It felt amazing in my mouth, but I needed my dick in his ass. And that's where I put it. We fucked on his bed until Ronan was dripping in both our loads.

Freshmen - Update

March 21, 2022

Robin & Serge

There is no doubt that Robin Rief is a spectacular model, handsome, sexy and almost the perfect package. The only trouble we ever have is that we always need to have a translator on hand as the only language he speaks is Hungarian. This does not present any problems though for Serge Cavalli as he is not normally a very talkative guy anyhow and likes to make his feelings known in other ways. Although Robin is mainly a bottom, Serge blew his load before we were finished filming here so we turned things up a bit and asked the guys if they would not mind filming a flipflop scene and you can watch it all here and tell us how you think it turned out.

Men - Update

February 26, 2022

Clash Of The Hunks

Blond hunk Felix Fox is enjoying a nice sensual shower, the water streaming over his muscular chest, tight ass, and hard cock, when he's joined by his brunette friend Bart Cuban. The guys rub their hard dicks together as they kiss under the water, then they move to the bedroom where they suck each other's cocks and Bart rims Felix's hole. Felix takes the top's cock doggystyle, then rides him on an ottoman, and Bart rims the bottom some more before fucking him missionary till he orgasms. The hunky top covers Felix's face with cum, and the eager bottom sucks out every last drop!

Freshmen - Update

February 19, 2022

Bart & Jon

Our location today seems as if it were made just to enhance the beauty of our 2 guys, Bart Cuban and Jon Kael, as they start off having thier pictures taken against the spectacular Greek background before heading inside to take their budding romance to the next level. We liked this combination of guys so much that we used their photoset as the opening of the whole series earlier in the year, so it is really good to see that they backed up the photo session with this sizzling scene as well.

Sean Cody - Update

January 26, 2022

BelAmi X Sean Cody 7

Cumming while getting your dick sucked or your ass licked is great, but the Sean Cody and BelAmi guys are gearing up for round two... That's when Ethan and Justin get home. "I wonder where the other guys are," says Justin, and Ethan replies, "I haven't got the faintest idea." They're amazed to find Asher, Deacon, Manny, Ashton, Bart, Jim, Tom, and Yannis naked in the dining room. The horny hunks welcome Justin and Ethan, stripping them and inviting them to join the orgy. Everyone stops to watch as Asher gets DP'd by Jim and Bart, and the Sean Cody guys show their gracious hosts just how much they've enjoyed their trip, and their cocks!

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