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Island Studs - Update

November 11, 2023

Jerkin' Best Bros in Football Nude

Real Life Best Bros & Proud Bisexuals, Dorian and Javier are Back, showing off their thick 8"+ boners in totally hardcore pounding Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs' Naked Football team in Football Nude #16: posing, flexing, jogging and hugging each other in their sexy jockstraps and then fully nude out in public beside a Mountain River, sweating as they pound each other with the Pigskin in a full body contact football match and stroking session, jump and play together before wrapping their arms about their naked bodies and taking a FULL 2 minute Duo Power Piss forming a large pond of urine in the sand beside their bare feet, sitting side by side jerking their cocks together and in the Aloha Spirit of Island Studs, don Hawaiian Leis and hug again with full erections.

Island Studs - Update

October 29, 2023

Proud Bisexual Bearded Ginger

Proud Bisexual, All American, 8" Furry Butt Greyson returns for his 2nd video on, with his new bleached blond hair and a red hot beard, he treats us to a Gapin' Hole Festival as he repeatedly grabs his furry ass cheeks and spreads them wide open, five times, revealing his gaping hungry pink man hole, kisses with biceps while flexing, takes 4 powerful pisses, 3 outdoors: 2 in buckets and another soaking wet in the shower, works naked on his knees painting the deck with his big heavy hairy cock & balls dangling between his furry legs as he works in the sun, poses and flexes his ripped abs and bulging biceps while working out with gym weights, jerks his fatty 8" cock wearing a Hawaiian Lei in the Spirit of Aloha, moans loudly as he blasts cum all over his hands & feet.

Treasure Island Media - Update

October 13, 2023

Drew Dixon & Yan

One of our favorite Euro cumdumps Drew Dixon is back to take cock and cum from Yan. We love how Drew bounces up and down on Yan's uncut meat with his own dick rock hard like a lightning rod looking for sperm. Trust Drew gets what he came for as if there was ever any doubt!

Young Bastards - Update

October 03, 2023

Hung Muscle Piss & Cum

He's a kinky guy who knows how to enjoy his big dick and smooth hole solo. With a mask to obscure his identity he shows off his impressive body, strong and smooth, his thick and long uncut penis swelling while he enjoys some hardcore action on his phone. Watch as the big guy plays with his engorged fuck meat, sliding his foreskin over his bulging tip, laying back on the bed to play with his shaved manhole and tease you with the potential pleasure of filling him up. He's lost in his own kinky pleasure as he unleashes his flood of hot piss all over his powerful body, his big dick gushing the warmth over him to flow in rivers to the sheets below. It's so intense he's soon following it up with an explosive cum shot, pumping warm cream over his soaking wet stomach before playing with the slick mess.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 09, 2023

Michael & Austin

Underwear Fetish Action: Austin Ponce is a young and hot twink who has an underwear fetish. He worships Michael Lucas and his huge 10 inches of uncut Russian cock in Michael Lucas' briefs before the pair gets raunchy with some water-sports action. After they saturate their underwear in piss, they move on to some rough anal fucking!

Treasure Island Media - Update

August 29, 2023

Mika, Pinky & Sadam

Pinky is as happy as a slut with two dicks and two loads. The boys get high and then MIKA & SADAM take turns fucking him. Mika fucks Sadam while Sadam is fucking the Pinky, but the hungry bottom gets both loads and then swallows it all down with some piss.

Jock Breeders - Update

August 02, 2023

Logan & Drew

Drew Dixon and Logan Carter are the embodiment of pure masculine energy. Drew's tight jockstrap rounds out his beautiful ass, its perfect shape almost taunting Logan. Beefy, bearded Logan watches from above while pouty-lipped Drew works on Logan's stiff cock. These ripped bros are in love, and they won't stop until they've flip-flop fucked the hell out of each other!

Island Studs - Update

July 06, 2023

Uncut Bodybuilder Damien

Uncut Horny Ebony Bodybuilder Damien is Back on, sporting his big bald head, big friendly smile as he enjoys showing off his Apollo Shield of 8 pack Abs, huge bulging biceps as he flexes and poses in super tight Versace underwear which can barely contain his Big Bubble Butt, jerks his mouth watering boner, plays with his fantastic foreskin, takes a powerful bucket piss beside the forest, instructs us through a sweaty nudist workout routine working out using heavy weights with his naturally smooth body glistening in the early summer sun, playfully bends over to fuck a exercise ball, placing his rock hard uncut cock against the hot latex ball, opens his furry ass cheeks with his hairy manhole is in full view, flips over to stroke his HOT throbber into another FULL erection.

Island Studs - Update

June 12, 2023

Big Dick Dorian

Big Dick Dorian, a super friendly, talkative, perfectly hairy, horny All American Special Operations Military Vet, is back in Island Studs, sporting his fat, amazingly rock hard belly slapper surrounded by a full bush of man dick hair, yummy furry white butt with the perfect amount of man hair between is pecs and belly hair leading to his big boner, who shows us his Tutting Dance moves, playfully combs his thick crotch hair with a red comb, takes 2 powerful pisses, both outdoors: one in a bucket and another with his red HOT throbber at FULL erection, works naked on his knees painting the deck with his big heavy hairy cock & balls dangling between his furry legs as he works in the sun, playfully grabs his furry ass cheeks and spreads them wide open, twice, revealing his super hairy, pink man hole.

Axel Abysse - Update

June 07, 2023

Polymer 2

Dripping in sweat, Rikki unzips the hole and offers it to Axel for inspection. After the vacuum bed, they jump on an inflatable boat to let go of all fluids. Axel lifts his butt up and spreads his gape, eager to get some punching too.

Island Studs - Update

May 21, 2023

Hairy Hung Hawaiian Kamani

Hairy Hawaiian Musician Kamani is back for his second video on Island Studs, proudly showing off his big beefy brown Island tan body, thick Hawaiian fur covering his entire body: chest, belly, ripped abs, super hairy butt, manhole and his handsome bearded face. Finally! Another naturally Hairy Hawaiian Hunk on! Feast your eyes on this young horny Native Hawaiian as he plays the ?Ohe hano ihu, a traditional Hawaiian flute nose flute, strips down to his sexy black Calvin's, poses and flexes his giant biceps, stripes fully nude with his untrimmed hairy crotch and balls in full view, accidentally ejaculates a thick load as he strokes his perfect cock beside a tree, walks around naked in the Garden steering a wheelbarrow and garden tools with his big cock slapping against his hairy thighs.

Raw Road Nation - Update

May 15, 2023

Human Shower!

Prepare yourselves! This vid is pretty hardcore kink! Right from the start, this macho man loves getting himself punched square in the balls. (Rather him than us, but glad he's enjoying it.) some role-reversal here! The manly buff man is actually the bottom. shorter lad slobbers all over him including his ass. Look at his saliva drip down it. they can't help themselves, fucking everywhere in the flat, hallway, living room, kitchen even against the cooker!! It's still a pigsty from the party but who gives a shit! Some things are more important.

Treasure Island Media - Update

May 14, 2023

Max, Mango & Dionsyo

Magno Moreno & Dionisyo are smoking a blunt and walking through the woods when they discover jock-strapped Max Carioka in a clearing praying for cock. Magno and Max have fun with their new plaything, having him work on their cocks and stuffing him with a toy before pissing in his mouth and on his ass. Glaycon shows up and stops by long enough to dump his load in Dionisyo's ass and then takes off, leaving the bottom wet for the other tops to breed.

Island Studs - Update

May 01, 2023

Shy 9" Uncut Toby's Return

Tiny Toby is back in his 2nd Hot Video jerking off for! A very soft spoken, sweet, shy, young Filthy Farm Boy from Bakersfield, California with a cute face, perky little boy pecs on a totally smooth, naturally hairless upper torso, yet a thick manly bush of dark black untrimmed hair surrounding his entire crotch, ass, balls, very hairy legs and super hairy boy butt hole he opens wide while wearing a Easter Sunday Hawaiian Green Hula Grass Skirt, pulls and stretches is ample foreskin which can barely cover the large mushroom head atop his 9" uncut Anaconda Cock, confesses that daily, got a spontaneous boner in his High School locker room shower - in full view of his team mates, strokes his 9" Uncut cock from so many different angles, takes a powerful piss in the garden.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

April 10, 2023

It's A Penis Rubbing Party!

Blinx, Drac, Lex Lane, Nolan, Devin Reynolds, Jonas Taylor, Drift, Dean Inja, Apollo Delion, Chad Turner, Mickey Waters, Asher Hayden, Danali Youkon & Billy Base: I was having a chat with someone a few days ago and he asked what it's like at the SNT house. I told him to check out this new compilation I was working on. The truth is it's exciting, horny, fun and messy, with so many guys stopping by needing to get their cum splashing out. Enjoy this hot mix, with plenty of our best straight bators, in solo, duo and group jerking sessions!

Jalif Studios - Update

April 08, 2023

Greg, Magnum & Clem

Stocky hunk Magnum XXL takes a walk through the twisting corridors of a sweaty Parisian sex club. He finds handsome bottom boy Clem Boy in a lock-up, chained to a sling, legs wide open, his hole on display for any horny passer-by. Clem's body is an offer Magnum can't refuse. Within seconds the hairy daddy has his huge dick half-way down Clem's throat. His new slave is soon gagging obediently! Magnum aggressively fingers the boy, preparing him for a hard, rough ride. He slams his dick into Clem with little regard for the screaming bottom's comfort. With his hands brutally wrapped around the sub's throat, he skewers him with animalistic force. Later in the evening, French porn God Greg Century stumbles upon Clem, still tied up in his sling, hole gaping from a night of extreme abuse.

Island Studs - Update

April 02, 2023

Jerkin' Lumberjacks

Tall, Beefy, Thick 8" Dick All- American Lumberjack Derek is Back for his second Man on Man Action Duo with his Best Bro and "ground guy", Brooklyn raised, Italian Joey in the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular Jerkin' Bromance Series! Watch as these two athletic jocks enjoy showing off their contrasting ripped bodies as they flex and pose in their sexy tight jockstraps and nude with full throbbing erections as their big balls dangle between their tan hairy tights as they stroke cocks together, sword flight with power streams of pee in a Piss Duel, hug each other naked and rock hard for the very first time ever, compare their killer contrasting cocks as they stroke, joke and play around together naked, grab each others bubble butts, spark up their chainsaws for tree trimming together in their white Jocks, shower off, then fall asleep on rafts in the swimming pool.

Axel Abysse - Update

March 22, 2023

Noise In The Attic 2

Grunting and splattering, there's some intense fuckery happening upstairs! Axel and Rocky ride both Lucio's arms while making out before sharing his golden shower. They can't be stopped until completely wrecked. If you love prolapsing, open stretched ass and deep ass fisting fun. Then this is the right place for you.

Island Studs - Update

March 21, 2023

8" Italian Muscle God

Bearded Big Dick Barrett is Back! He's back for his second nudist beach day filmed in Hawaii! Watch this very popular Beefy, Hairy, Big Butt, Italian Surfer from South Philadelphia, with a super thick 8" cock parade around the beach fully nude with his favorite bodyboard, surfs naked in public, sleeps in the warm sun, as the camera glides around his hairy legs & bubble butt, takes 2 powerful pisses, 1 in a "glowing" 1-gallon milk jug as his hold it in the sun + another in the shower, double fists his fat 8" Italian American Salami as he presents one of the longest Edging Sessions recorded for, poses and flexes his big biceps and he shows off his towering 8" throbber, manhandles his heavy balls, moans as he busts a creamy load of man juice all over his furry belly, before taking a sexy shower with his hard cock slapping.

Axel Abysse - Update

March 07, 2023


Behind bars, Axel can't escape. Deep throat, golden shower, heavy punches and fucking, BigHandsFF is taking full advantage. Talk about hard time, these two guys so more than just the regular population. Looks like geting busted hase more than one meaning.

Island Studs - Update

February 18, 2023

Cute Uncut Tyreke

In Celebration of Black History Month 2023, introduces Tyreke, a proud, very talented, athletic, Afro-American Comedian College Jock from Long Island, New York, in his very first jerk off video! Happy, Friendly and very funny babyface Tyreke, is a super cute, uncut, talkative, humorous and horny young Skater & College Lacrosse Player from Long Island, with a smooth tight & lean upper body, hairy brown Bubble Boy Butt, with a defined 8 pack of abs muscles who enjoys showing off his biceps and fat hard uncut belly slapper with thick black bushy crotch hair surrounding his shaft and balls while playing with his fantastic foreskin, freely tells us so many personal stories, his passion for skateboarding and Lacrosse, juggles tennis balls and jumps rope fully nude outdoors, shows off his pre-cum as he holds the tennis balls.

Island Studs - Update

February 04, 2023

Big Dick Dakota is Back!

Showing off his Fat 8" Monster Cock and baby maker for his 6th Exclusive Video on Island Studs. This rugged, young Horny Father of 4 kids is one of Island Studs' most popular Blue Collar Dads with his cocky attitude, smooth, tight lean Carpenter body, famous super thick 8" boner and big donkey balls, he strokes & manhandles, stands fully clothed with his red hot throbber hangin' out of his unzipped open red shorts, flexes and poses in sexy tight blue underwear and fully nude with full throbbing erection and big balls dangling between his tan thighs, gives us a "Swingin' Cock & Balls Fest", gets down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist Garden work session, bends over repeatedly showing off his creamy white ass and perfectly pink daddy hole with "balls a swingin".

Island Studs - Update

December 25, 2022

Uncut Xmas Twink Lucky

Proud Bisexual Lucky is a Horny 20 year old, Uncut Twink, who boasts, with a smile, about his many sexual experiences with over 50+ sex partners & multiple return performances, shows off his rock hard belly slapper and white bubble butt as he performs 'jumping jacks" fully hard and naked, walks around the balcony beside an Oregon Forrest on a cold windy winter day, flexes and poses his awesome smooth boy body, works out with weights with a boner, takes a powerful piss into a bucket while flexing his big boy biceps, spreads his smooth ass cheeks WIDE OPEN exposing his pink gapping hole, pulls and tugs on his ample fantastic foreskin repeatedly, in the Holiday XXXmas Spirit, dons his gay apparel - a Santa Hat and places a "jingle bells" cock ring around his boner, kneels on a bench doggie style stroking.

English Lads - Update

December 21, 2022

Straight Hairy Hunk

Milo Fitzroy, brother of Rufus Fitzroy, returns this week to show off his amazingly fit, hairy, muscular body! Milo loves being naked and it doesn't take him long until he whips off his kit and is flexing his big biceps and showing off his strong, hairy legs! Even with big muscles, Milo is surprisingly flexible and shows us by spreading his legs far apart! As he continues his journey, Milo has agreed to show off his hairy hole this week! He pulls his legs back and we get a close-up of his tight hole as he pushes his legs through his legs and wanks! Milo enjoys a wee mid shoot on camera and soon returns with a rock-hard erection and is ready to go after saving up his cum for two days! Comfy on the sofa, he lies back and fires a nice load onto his abs! I then film Milo in the shower as he rinses off!

Island Studs - Update

December 10, 2022

Native Hawaii Akamai & Jeffrey

Jerkin' Best Bros: Super Cute Twink Surfer Jeffrey, with his yummy Fat Beer Can Cock and his big low hanging balls is BACK for his 8th Video with his real Middle School Best Friend, newcomer rugged Hapa Hawaiian, Local Boy, Fat Dick Bearded Akamai, in Hot Jerk Off Duo Action in the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular "Jerkin' Bros Series": flexing, posing, pissing and hugging each other, both in their tight sexy matching underwear which can barely contain their hard thick cocks, before they both strip fully nude, get huge boners, embrace again, as horny Akamai released and 'accidental" cum shot - his first of 2, then offer us their Aloha Spirit wearing only Hawaiian Leis and Grass Skirts with their erections in full view, get down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist Garden work session.

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