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Masonic Boys - Update

Sunday December 10, 2023

Apprentice Serg, Ch 5

The Covenant: I was instructed to crawl into the room wearing a flimsy, ceremonial gown. The place was light and airy and lined with billowing curtains. Master Figata was sitting on a bed-like bench in the center of the room. Master Weston stood at the back of the space. I was told to stand. My gown was held together by a single bow of fabric, which Master Figata undid. The whole thing billowed to the ground, leaving me entirely naked. He commanded me to get onto the bed and I did just that, presenting my ass to him as dutifully as I could. I knew what was coming. Before long I'd feel the overwhelmingly arousing sensation of his tongue sliding between my ass cheeks and into my hole. He ordered me to turn and face him, unzipping his fly and pushing his groin towards my mouth. I eagerly set to work.

Jalif Studios - Update

Sunday December 10, 2023

Desire & Kevin

We're in a small, dingy office in a lap-dancing club. The club's MC, Kevin Sportwear, is dressed smartly in a red and black formal uniform with a sexy, white bow tie. He's interviewing Desire, a potential new stripper. First impressions are good: Desire Dange is handsome and well-turned-out. He also has the sort of glint in his eye which is very likely to get Kevin's pulse racing. Desire shows Kevin his act, slowly and seductively removing his clothes while gyrating, pulsating and writhing in time to the music. He's good. Very good. Kevin is immediately aroused and finds it impossible not to touch himself. Almost involuntarily, he finds himself pulling his world-class dick out of his uniform pants and stroking it wantonly. Desire instantly drops to his knees and starts to give Kevin's beautiful manhood the attention it's craving, sucking him eagerly.

Fun Size Boys - Update

Sunday December 10, 2023

Shay, Ch 2

Funsize Distraction: When I invited Shay over to spend the night during his first physical at my clinic, he agreed to it right away. His examination went splendidly, to say the least. And after a full night of passion, it appeared as though the twink's thirst was not quenched. He smelled like the night before. Shay pulled my undies off and slurped my daddy wood into his mouth. The boy bobbed and weaved on my meat like a lad on fire. He was such a good boy, and I told him so as he smiled up at my beaming face while coaxing pleasure out of me. Still seated in my office chair, I instructed the eager doll to rise and sit on daddy's lap. Truthfully, what really happened was Shay jumped into my lap and sat straight down on my swollen hardon. Didn't need any spit or lube, but damn the boy was tight anyway!

BadPuppy - Update

Sunday December 10, 2023

Santi & Jack

We find our uber hot Colombian studs, Santi Angel and Jack Allen, readying to meet some friends at their favorite discoteca. Jack is good to go, but Santi still needs to finish dressing when Jack mentions that he's still a little sore from his afternoon workout. So, Santi offers to give Jack a quick massage before they depart. Quickly, it becomes evident that Santi has a little more in mind than giving Jack a massage. Apparently, there's another muscle or two on Jack that Santi would like to get his hands, mouth, and tongue on, and that's where we join the guys in mid makeout session. Soon, Santi has Jack face down on the bed massaging Jack's muscular body while focusing on Jack's bubblicious ass. Unable to resist himself, Santi leans over and begins rimming Jack's scrumdillyumptious manhole to Jack's delight and involuntary moans.

TheBroNetwork - Update

Sunday December 10, 2023

Warm Apple Pie

It's finally Thanksgiving time and our good old roomies Mateo Tomas and Sam Ledger got invited to a Friendsgiving supper. Settling on a classic, they're bringing Apple Pie for dessert. Well, Sam heard that Warm Apple Pie feels incredible, and since they have a spare he wants to see if the rumors are true. Mateo takes it one step further, fucking the pie with his thick hard rod. Sam doesn't want to miss out on a good taste, and so he helps himself to Mateo's apple-flavored cock!

Falcon Studios - Update

Sunday December 10, 2023

Cum All Ye Faithful

As she does every Christmas, famous drag queen Sherry Vine is opening her home to her chosen family and horny couple Damian Night and Presley Scott are the first guests to arrive. Once alone in their room, Presley throws on a Santa hat for a naughty strip tease that immediately leads to him sucking off his boyfriend's big dick and bending over for Damian to rim his thick ass. Presley, ready to be filled with more than just Christmas cheer, then opens up his hole for Damian's bareback dick as he gets mounted and pounded across the bed until he's coated in fresh loads of Christmastime cum.

Raging Stallion - Update

Saturday December 09, 2023

Cum To Your Senses 3

Horny boyfriends Cole Connor and Alex Ink have been doing nothing but barebacking and flip-fucking each other all day long. In the middle of their living room, Alex grabs a handful of his perpetually hard cock as Cole pumps his tan-lined cheeks full of his big dick. In the mood to switch it up and fill his boyfriend's hairy hole, Alex gets up and takes Cole from behind. The tattooed fucker grips Cole's shoulders as he slams himself into his boyfriend until he's pulling out to unload directly into Cole's mouth. Now on the ground with a throat flooded with cum, Cole takes hold of the throbbing cock between his legs and lets out a loud moan as he fully releases himself.

Hot House - Update

Saturday December 09, 2023

Feels So Good 2

If roommates Hazel Hoffman, Ty Santana, and Jack Waters are hanging out at home, that can only mean their dicks are out and ready for a hot-and-heavy three-way. During today's fuck fest, the twunky trio is putting their mouths to good use as they form a cocksucking triangle and a rimming train. Next, the anal action begins as Jack slides his hard cock into Ty's ass all while Ty raw-fucks Hazel's hole. Still in the middle, Ty then gets spit-roasted by his bareback buds until he's on his back and coated in cum.

Fisting Inferno - Update

Saturday December 09, 2023

Slick Fucks

When Buck Richard's gas mask is ripped off his face, his exposed mouth is greeted with Cole Connor and Ryan Sebastian's hard cocks. After the three exchange oral favors, Cole continues to fuck Buck's mouth as Ryan fills his asshole with his treasure trove of oversized dildos. It's then Cole's turn to get spit-roasted as his harness-clad fuck buddies take turns using their big dicks to bareback and breed his hairy slit.

Masked Muscle Bros - Update

Saturday December 09, 2023

Deep Dick: 10X7 After Party

He ended up taking home a bro after the after party. Turns out he has a 10" horse cock.

Randy Blue - Update

Saturday December 09, 2023

Victor Debut Tops Lane

Victor Estrella makes his pro porn debut at RandyBlue in a hot hook up with CockyBoys Exclusive Lane Colten! After getting sex pic texts, Victor gets a mouth watering surprise when he comes over: Lane is bent over with his ass up in the air, ready to be taken. Victor dives right in to feast on Lane's hole, get a taste of his giant cock and fill his ears with dirty talk before he fills his hole with cock. Victor enjoys himself, easily dominating Lane with words and actions which is met by Lane's own sex talk and his ass backing up on his cock. Victor's pleasure isn't limited to fucking either: he goes all in sucking Lane's big dick and gets some hot sucking in return, making him openly ponder which of Lane's holes he likes more.

Private Playground XXX - Update

Saturday December 09, 2023

Glowball 2022: Part 3

Blacklights make everything sexier, and these guys were already hot to begin with. Feet are up, lights are down, and faces are aglow with pure enjoyment. These tops came geared up and ready to fuck blindly like no one's watching. It's more of Glowball!

Naked Sword - Update

Saturday December 09, 2023

Apolo & Danny

NakedSword and hung fucker Apolo Adrii are joining Danny Steele in his home country of South Africa for his first-ever studio shoot. Danny has always wanted to be a porn star, and now he's getting the chance to suck off Apolo's big dick in front of the camera. At one point, he suspends his entire body between two brick walls while his new fuck buddy rims his horny hole. Once Apolo is inside him, the excited newcomer continues to throw back his thick thighs while expertly taking the entirety of Apolo's bareback cock before opening his jaw to eat the hot top's load.

WhoreHimOut - Update

Saturday December 09, 2023

Gangbang 125-1

THE HOLE THAT JUST KEEPS GIVING! One of the hottest guy ranking up tally's ||||\ in the CUMDUMP world is Prince Flako. He's a HOT SEXY HUNG LATINO with a HUGE ASS that loves taking dick scratch that NEEDS to take DICK to fulfill the never ending need of enough LOADS. Juven starts off giving a interview to break the ice and make the cumdump feel more relaxed. Prince Flako takes it like a CHAMP!

Hung Young Brit - Update

Friday December 08, 2023

Moving Day Jamie & Josh

END of an era for Josh and Jamie first year living together. TOO MANY PARTIES. I THINK! if walls could talk, how many guys do you think they had over? 10s, 100s, 1000s? Maybe Josh but Jamie keeps his cards closer to his chest. After moving a couple of very light boxes they cant resist to film one last video in the flat. Jake is always ready to bottom and we wanted to see Ben's massive dick again.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

Friday December 08, 2023

Late Night Nuts

Just two young, hot guys who love great sex and pleasing each other. Luca had Ty's eyes literally rolling back in ecstasy with how good his head is. The way Ty eats Luca's perfectly smooth and tight hole is enough to make you nut before they even start fucking. Thankfully Luca is the insatiable bottom of every top's wet dreams, so Ty got to fuck him however and as deep and hard as he wanted. A cum covered and filled Luca is a happy and satisfied Luca. Be sure to join them for breakfast the next morning at the end.

ASGMAX - Update

Friday December 08, 2023

That's DR. Step-Bro To You

Carter Woods and his step-brother Grant Ducati have always gotten along well. Carter's been off at medical school for an entire year and Grant has missed him a ton, so he's really excited to spend some time with him while he's home on break. Unfortunately Carter's attention has been on other people, so Grant will have to do something drastic on his final night home to get Carter to notice him.

Peter Fever - Update

Thursday December 07, 2023

Circle Jerk of Life Ep. 2

Relax, It's Just Sex!: While Kai and Dane are getting busy inside, Jessie Lee strips to his yoga tights to join Sunny D on the pool deck for some morning stretches. But a nice long look at Sunny's firm round butt has Jessie planning to stretch something else. He backs Sunny against the hot tub and makes his move. Peeling out of their tight black exercise pants, Jessie and Sunny take a quick mouthful of each other's swelling cocks and get primed for the main bareback event. These two Asian raw fuckers are horned up and don't want to wait. Jessie open's Sunny's hole with a probing tongue then plows in deep. Grabbing his ample dick, Sunny starts stroking as his booty gets rammed and crammed full. When they move to a sunny lounge chair, Sunny straddles Jessie and grinds his butt into each thrust.

Freshmen - Update

Thursday December 07, 2023

Mark & Tommy

Mark Laysson is dedicated to his daily exercise routine and has an amazing body to prove it. His perfect abs and biceps draw everyone's attention, even Tommy Clapton's. Mark gives a few tips to Tommy after his afternoon workout and then they head home for some more physical activity. As soon as they walk into the apartment, Mark is all over Tommy and they start kissing and touching each other. Mark makes his way down Tommy's body, pulls down his partner’s pants to find a nice uncut cock just waiting to be sucked. Mark rims Tommy's ass hole and fills his mouth. Then it's just about Mark’s needs as he fucks Tommy from every conceivable angle. Tommy’s massive cumshot is followed by Mark’s sticky load.

Men - Update

Thursday December 07, 2023

Twink Fucker 4

Jake Preston is the last of his friends to visit the Twink Fucker (Zane), and all his buddies are still outside when he arrives. They decide to sneak back in and watch how he handles that pounding. Jake is confident when he lets himself in, but soon finds himself tossed on the bed and getting his face fucked! The Twink Fucker rips open Jake's briefs and pounds him in doggystyle, and his pals peek in while Jake rides that cock. The masked top pounds Jake on his side, then the bottom orgasms as he gets drilled in missionary. The Twink Fucker's mighty balls are finally empty for now as he gives Jake a facial.

Naked Sword - Update

Thursday December 07, 2023

Alpha & Luca

Falcon | NakedSword exclusive Luca Del Rey and the gorgeous Alpha Wolfe finish a revealing interview before Alpha begins sucking Luca's rock-hard dick. Then, when Luca bends over the back of the couch, Alpha dives in tongue-first, his hearty beard tickling Luca s heavenly hole. With Luca's manhole wet and sloppy, Alpha pushes his hairy bareback cock into Luca's guts doggy-style. Next, holding onto the arm of the couch, Luca stands and bends over so Alpha can continue the rough pounding. Still hungry for more, Alpha lies back on the sofa so Luca can climb onto his big dick and ride before revisiting an all-fours position. Luca, ever the porn superstar, next wants to get some ass of his own. He throws Alpha on his back and pushes his cock deep into Alpha's fuzzy ass.

Cocky Boys - Update

Thursday December 07, 2023

Lane & Jordan

When big dicks collide, it's fun for all especially when the guys are CockyBoys Exclusive Lane Colten & Jordan Starr. Knowing already what's in store, Lane & Colten don't bother with chit chat they go straight to making out and taking out their dicks out and marveling at their sizes. And, they continue to savor this match-up with long, sensuous blowjobs. After Jordan shows off his cocksucking prowess, Lane shows his by not just sucking Jordan but taking a deep throat fucking. In return Jordan rims Lane and strokes him from behind then slowly enters him, giving them both the opportunity to vividly express the enjoyable sensations before Jordan drills Lane up against the wall. Jordan subtly dominates Lane, who still can't help but be vocal about the utter pleasure he's getting.

Helix Studios - Update

Thursday December 07, 2023

Big Dee

Spikey Dee wraps his arms around lean-mean, Ezra Tanner as the pair plant one on each other. The kisses turn to stripping one another down, as these two horned up hotties can't get enough! Tanner caresses Dee's king sized cock in his small palm, before slinking down for a Slurpee knob job, that has Spikey pulling the blond boy deeper down by the back of the neck. Never one to shy away from what he wants, Tanner tells Dee to "eat me out." Spikey is more than happy to give the guy what he wants, and the tongue punching-pucker fucking goes down deliciously. Once he's primed the twink's tight tunnel, Dee stands up, and jams that famously juicy giant cock in the boy's butt, all the way to the balls. He drills deep, using his entire rippling, beautiful body to pound his piece into the twink's hungry hole.

Bentley Race - Update

Thursday December 07, 2023

Porn Star Max Lorde

It's not often we get porn stars from the US visit us in Australia. I was really excited to hear that Kyler Drayke and Max Lorde were coming to visit us. We had so much fun taking photos and making videos over a couple of days in Melbourne. On the first day I spent some time taking photos of Max while Kyler filmed some BTS footage. Max is this very cute guy who was very interested in meeting some Aussie boys. Even though the guys had just spent 15 hours flying to Australia they were still full of energy and looked great in the photos. This is the first of two scenes featuring Max in our studio. It was such a nice experience getting to shoot with some international stars.

Treasure Island Media - Update

Wednesday December 06, 2023

Gunner Gates Cumdump

GUNNAR GATES is the afternoon cumdump for Santino Cruz, Leo Estebon & Parker Logan. One of the highlights of the scene is the return of 3-Shot Eddie who lives up to his name and then some.

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