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Masked Muscle Bros - Update

November 25, 2023

Sit Back & Relax Bro

There's nothing like relaxing, not thinking about anything else and letting a Masked Muscle Bro dominate you and give you intense pleasure. Having your entire body “filled” without knowing what it is: not seeing, not moving, just being a blank canvas for the other guy to give you pleasure. Just sit back and relax, bro!

Private Playground XXX - Update

November 25, 2023

Whore Dash II

Time to hit the road for Delivery #2! This client wanted the full fuck van experience. Our bottom is loaded up and so is the car, so buckle up for a high speed pounding!

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 20, 2023

Tiffany & Quinn Work Over Miles

In the great debate of who gives better blowjobs, Quinn puts his dick sucking abilities up with anyone. Around campus he’s known for his proficiency in getting the biggest loads out of the hottest men. So we decided to put his skills to the test against our coed Tiffany, who’s always up for some naughty fun and competition. In deciding who should be our lucky judge, we went with our new and oh-so-sexy freshman, Miles. Expecting just some one on one fun with Tiffany, little did Miles know he’d get two cock masters at his disposal. The surprise was well received though, as Miles is over the clouds at getting to experience one of his steamiest fantasies come to life in being the center of attention of two hot coeds! There’s also some definite attraction between Miles and Quinn, with a teasing element between their interactions.

Tickled Hard - Update

November 15, 2023

Bronson's Tickle Seduction

Bronson has been tied up before, but never like this. First, Franco gets him naked and sniffs him. Then he makes Bronson help him undress and shows Bronson the big boner in his boxer briefs. Franco locks Bronson's ankles and wrists, then plastic wraps him to the chair. With Bronson's feet suspended and hands tied behind his head, Franco starts tickling his armpits. He tickles Bronson's pits, ribs and even his inner arm while Bronson laughs and bounces. Removing both shoes, Franco applies his tickling touch to Bronson's size 11 socked feet. On goes the blindfold, and a whole new level of sensation opens up. Franco uses his tickly beard and mouth on Bronson's sides, allowing Bronson to tilt and lose his balance. Bronson pops a boner and Franco quietly watches as he shows off, pulsing his thick cock up and down.

Young Bastards - Update

October 28, 2023

Hot Boy Gets Splooged

Super fit boy Alpan is blindfolded and chained up, his big cock thick and swollen with excitement. Dom boy Jays might be a slim young master but this boy knows how to take charge fully. Watch as he explores his captive boy, jacking the sub twinks desperate cock and tweaking his pert little nipples before freeing his own big meat for greedy Alpan to slurp and suck. The hung young sub's ass is soon taking some painful spanks from the leather paddle, his pink hole fingered and stretched ready for that young master cock to ram inside. Jays is almost ready to dive in and pound his sub boy hard and deep, but not before slurping on Alpan's impressive fuck-stick.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

October 19, 2023

Breeding The College Boy

We met MJ at a local gym, and our conversation took a surprising turn. What started out as a casual chat about doing a photoshoot turned into one about his kinks and fantasy of being filmed anonymously. Fast forward two days, and he's blindfolded in our bed with a used soccer cleat and jockstrap shoved in his face while getting bred by Florien and his meaty, uncut cock.

Young Bastards - Update

October 03, 2023

Hung Muscle Piss & Cum

He's a kinky guy who knows how to enjoy his big dick and smooth hole solo. With a mask to obscure his identity he shows off his impressive body, strong and smooth, his thick and long uncut penis swelling while he enjoys some hardcore action on his phone. Watch as the big guy plays with his engorged fuck meat, sliding his foreskin over his bulging tip, laying back on the bed to play with his shaved manhole and tease you with the potential pleasure of filling him up. He's lost in his own kinky pleasure as he unleashes his flood of hot piss all over his powerful body, his big dick gushing the warmth over him to flow in rivers to the sheets below. It's so intense he's soon following it up with an explosive cum shot, pumping warm cream over his soaking wet stomach before playing with the slick mess.

Tickled Hard - Update

September 19, 2023

Christopher's Sexy Tickle

Franco invites Kae over to have some fun with 25-year-old Christopher and give him more experience tickling other guys. They cuff Christopher loosely so he can squirm, then blindfold and start tickling him from both sides. Christopher twists around hard, but you can tell he's loving this special kind of attention. They tickle Christopher's smooth armpits and inner thighs while he laughs and tries biting at them. Just for that, the blindfold stays on longer! They continue tickling his thighs and pits before pulling off his socks and tickling his wide, size 11 feet. First they use their fingers on his soles, then Franco munches them with his wet mouth and tickly beard. Franco attaches another rope and hoists Christopher's feet to the sky, and they tie his knees together with bondage tape.

Private Playground XXX - Update

August 23, 2023

Horse Market Dallas II Pt 7

Time's running out! The stallions begin to feel the pressure as the event's end nears closer. So many mares to mount and so little time to seed. Every thrust counts!

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

July 01, 2023

Mitch, Ferdinan & Cedric

We look in on daddies Mitch and Ferdinan, who've bound young Cedric in a chair and are having their way with the young Latino. Ferdinan shoves his big uncut dick in the naked boy's mouth, while Mitch goes down on Cedric's stiff meat. Then Cedric is fed both daddy cocks, before he's released from his restraints to ride Mitch raw, while Ferdinan sucks his cock. The trio ends up in a bareback daisy chain fuck, with Cedric in the middle pounding Ferdinan from behind. Finally, Cedric is spit roasted by his horny daddies, before taking a mouth full of cum.

Private Playground XXX - Update

May 18, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 3

Let the party commence! Stallions have paired up with the mare of their choice and wait for the buzzer to sound. Anticipation hangs overhead in the air like smog. Tops begin to rev their engines and when the fucking begins the bottoms won't see it coming... literally.

Bound Twinks - Update

May 13, 2023

Tyler & Liam Encounter 2

In a dimly lit dungeon, submissive bottom Liam Evans is gagged with his hands bound behind his back. Tyler Tanner walks in, hard-cocked, with one intent: to dominate his fellow twink's jockstrap-laden ass with a long, painful spanking session. Liam winces and whines as the slaps on his ass cheeks get harder and harder. He feels humiliated and aroused at the same time. The pain is exquisite; Tyler mocks Liam for, despite the cries and struggling, seeming to enjoy the treatment. After all, he's tenting! Liam's jockstrap struggles to hold down his submissive, abuse-loving erection. Tyler bends down and plants his face between Liam's ass cheeks, tasting his sub's hole before sticking in a few fingers. Liam's cries grow louder from the entry of the digits.

Raw Hole - Update

April 14, 2023

Blindfold Booty Blast

Built bottom Gio is not one of those guys who wears a hood through his hookup scene for fear of being noticed. He's clad in a wine-red blindfold tied over his face so that he can concentrate on the irresistible feelings coursing through his booty without any distraction. And Latin stud raw fucker Lexis doesn't give a shit--he's there for the butt-ramming. As the camera pans back from Gio, deep into his anal fantasy, we see ass-lover Lexis burrowing his face between Gio's big round cheeks to slurp on that hairy hole. Once his hyper-focused bottom bud is wet and slick for the bareback plowing, Lexis gives that meaty butt a smack and starts humping into his juicy crack. He rolls Gio over and sucks face, drills a finger into that twitching pucker while Gio squeezes his tan uncut tool.

Military Classified - Update

April 05, 2023

Jagger 3 Marines

Blow Job Reciprocate: Jagger is back and this time he's crossing the line even further by allowing me to blindfold him and place restraints on his hands and feet to keep him in position. Why? Because I wanted to take advantage of this horny Marine and make him do things even his mother wouldn't approve of. I can say this with certainty that what Jagger did today on tape, he did strictly for money and what I caught on tape was spontaneous, unrehearsed, and real... and Jagger will never be the same! Once I had Jagger restrained and naked, he sat on my chair with nothing on except for his boots and this look on his face of concern. I knelt down in front of him and started sucking his cock with the greatest of care and Jagger sat there just watching the porn on the monitor looking unimpressed with a big hard on that could drill through steel.

Disruptive Films - Update

April 02, 2023

The Next Step

Julian Cano and Rodney Holcomb have been together for a year, so when Julian presents Rodney with a small ring-sized box, Rodney thinks they're taking the next step in their relationship, he is in for a big surprise, with some of the hottest bareback action two big dicked studs can muster.

Men At Play - Update

March 04, 2023

The Hustler 3

A Valentine: Suited French Daddy Adam Franco could be single, but he knows how to treat himself on Valentine's. Adam has arranged for an evening with a young, submissive hustler who will provide the perfect, naughty boyfriend experience! Just like he ordered, hustler Javi Grey, waits for him tied on the bed, ball-gagged, with his butt up and naked, only wearing sheers. The Valentine is horny and kinky AF and gets his hole loosened with a butt plug before taking daddy's rod. Remember to Treat Yourself Too.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 14, 2023

Send Warren Right Over

I bring gay-for-pay player Warren over on a rainy afternoon to have some sensory-deprivation fun. I toss him a blindfold, strip him naked and start feeling his smooth, toned body. I suck Warren's cock and lick his big, beautiful balls, then sit next to him and tell him to take my clothes off. As the thunder rumbles outside, I put Warren's hand on my dick so he can stroke us both. I kiss him on the neck, then I lube up my hand and stroke his cock some more. Next, I put Warren on his back and eat his ass, preparing his hole for my thick finger. I rim my plaything's sweet ass and finger his hole deeply until he shoots a load all over his stomach. It's so fucking hot that I spray a ton of cum all over Warren and the couch.

Men At Play - Update

December 26, 2022

Worship 2

A Master is a male dominant - and they come from all ages and backgrounds! Master Pol Prince exerts ultimate control over his submissives and today he is visiting Dani Robles for a suit sex play session. Blindfolded and with his hands tied, Dani awaits his Master on the sofa, wearing the suit that Pol has approved. When Master arrives, Pol begins touching and kissing Dani gently and soon frees his hard cock for a good sucking by Dani. Seeing Dani submit his freedom turns on Pol, and he tears Dani’s pants, only to discover a butt plug sex toy inserted in Dani’s hairy ass. Dani smiles mischievously - he can’t see Pol’s face but he knows this will please his Master! It’s time for Pol to fuck Dani to the max.

Japan Boyz - Update

December 23, 2022

Kouya's Surprise for Zen

Zen is kneeling with his eyes closed on the tatami. He knows he has a date to hook up but isn't sure of who will appear. Kouya's had a taste of the hot blonde Asian and his famous cock before, but wants to surprise his buddy. Wrapping a blindfold around Zen's face, he goes to work making hot Japanboyz love. He warms him up with some soft kisses and nipple licks. He gently massages Zen's tool inside his tight briefs. Zen eagerly swallows down Kouya's cock, then crouches on all fours while Kouya drills into his ass with a couple of lubed fingers. It's time to pull down the blindfold and let Zen know who is hot and hungry for his booty. He smiles and climbs onto Kouya's big hard bare cock, rides his old buddy with gusto. As Kouya pounds up into Zen, they pull each other closer into a passionate kiss.

Raw Hole - Update

December 14, 2022

Anal Autumn Bonus

Code 5's Cummy Hole: Maybe it's us, but few things are hotter than a guy whose ass is hot, wet and cummy from the last fuck but still twitching for more. Our latest Ass-nonymous anal fuckboi Code 5 is hot as fuck, even in his hooded black mask. His butt is big, muscular and fuck-ready, his smooth Latin body is slamming and his thick pouting lips look like they could take a good face fucking as well. Our top guy rubs his dick in the sperm slick around Code 5's pucker, teases him with the head and gives him a deep fingering. A gob of spit right on the hole makes that penetration even more fun. Code 5 springs his legs up and apart to take every bit of ass play he can get. Once the top is ready to blast, he starts beating his own dick and squirts his spooge right in time with the cock drenching his hole.

Chaos Men - Update

December 04, 2022

Amone & Christian: Edge

Amone Bane and Christian Ryder enter the room as Amone instructs Christian to make his way over to the St. Andrews Cross. Amone explains how things are going to go... that he's in charge, and that Christian is allowed to cum when HE lets him. Amone secures Christian's wrists, then begins to kiss his way down Christian's body as he rubs Christian's cock through his shorts. Amone leans in and whispers 'You're mine now, boy...' Christian acknowledges with a breathy 'Yes sir,' and Amone gets to work. Amone pulls Christian's dick out through his fly and orders Christian to 'Get it hard for me.' Christian's cock stiffens and Amone takes it into his mouth as he reaches up to play with Christian's pierced nipples. Amone spits and slobbers all over Christian's dick, slicking it up as Christian begins to moan faster and faster.

Hot College Fucks - Update

November 26, 2022

Kara Uses Chris

The guys around here are used to always having to fulfill the role of the dominant one when they have sex with a girl, but in this blazing hot episode Chris is about to discover what it's like to submit and be dominated by a girl, with Kara set to tease and torment him and treat him to what is clearly a mind-blowing experience for him. It's often the case guys have wanted to experience what it's like to submit, and we can see that in just how they respond and how turned on they are when a girl takes charge of them in a Coeds episode like this one. Kara also knows that about these young college studs - Chris isn't the first she's taken charge of like she does here, and she is oh so good at it! She has Chris rock-hard with his dick is about to rip through his underwear before the action's even started!

Daddy Sex Files - Update

October 16, 2022

Dominating His Smooth Boy

Imagine walking into the bedroom and finding a boy like Duncan Matthews splayed out on the bed, roped down and ready to be used! Big daddy hunk Lance Charger isn't holding back with this boy, eating his ass and feeding him his rampant cock, sliding inside and fucking the twink with his raw daddy dick. The boy is soon greedy for as much as he can get, taking a spurting load over his stretched hole and feeling that gooey meat sliding right inside to seed him!

Raw Hole - Update

October 09, 2022

Shy Boy Bottom

Classic Latin bareback top Carle is sitting around with dick in hand waiting to meet his new bottom. When Rafael appears, he's slim, muscular and apparently handsome, but camera-shy, with a black blindfold tied over his eyes and covering his upper face. That doesn't mean he's gonna hold back worshiping and taking scruffy bearded Carle's big thick uncut tool. Not one for deep kisses, Carle fingers Raf's cock-starved booty. Rafael sucks in his cheeks and gets to work swallowing down that cock to the furry root. Horned-up Carle is eager to start screwing Rafael's tight, hairy ass. He slides his pole in to Raf's great delight, and pumps in deep. Rafael gets on hands and knees and bumps his booty into Carle's every hard thrust. Raf wants another go at Carle's furry cock and slurps it down, blindfold never sliding an inch out of place.

Straight Fraternity - Update

October 07, 2022

Marcus' Gay Hazing

When Marcus comes in for his audition video, I'm struck with how friendly and upbeat he is. At first he says he won't do anything with a guy, so I know a hazing video is perfect for him, bound up in a chair with nothing to do but enjoy the sensations on his body. Marcus' cock responds quickly, and when he tells me he likes his balls played with, I tickle them and rub the rim of his asshole a little bit. In no time, Marcus tells me he's ready to cum and busts his nut for me.

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