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Jul 15, 2024

The Pink Lotus Episode Five

by Peter Fever

All's Well That Smells Swell: Nolan and Travis are very nearly "fucked out" after their whirlwind introduction to the world of gay luxury resorts, yet their time at the Pink Lotus didn't achieve their aim of scattering the ashes of Nolan's beloved Carlotta. But is all that about to change? When the helpful concierge, Occitan Prince, asks Nolan to check his suitcase one more time, Nolan's amazed to find the tiny crematory urn of his beloved. And far from being a mother or dear relative, he reveals to the hotel staff that Carlotta was his darling chihuahua, inviting Occitan to come to the beach for the scattering of her little ashes. The threesome wish Carlotta a happy journey up the rainbow bridge, and Occitan invites Travis and Nolan to a bedroom playtime that will make them even happier.

By Peter Fever

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Jul 15, 2024

Xavier & Tyson

by Treasure Island Media

Xavier Milan is so hot, tops wanna get fucked by him! Tyson Steel takes that “big ass dick� like a true bottom slut. His hole devours the cock meat until Xavier power pounds his load into him.

By Treasure Island Media

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Jul 15, 2024

Worshipping Odin

by Raw Hole

Sexy, squinty, shaved-headed Odin is just the right kind of "cocky". First, he has cock to spare sticking up between his furry thighs. And second, he has the kind of confident attitude that makes a submissive guy like Gus MORE than happy to worship him. He's not a Norse god, but a hot, built Latino guy that is used to getting what he wants with a bare minimum of effort. Gus sees Odin sprawled casually across the bed and snuggles between his powerful legs to start sucking. Nibbling at his lower lip, Odin watches with satisfaction as Gus shows off his oral talents. Part of Odin's confidence is his absolute ability to decide what he wants, and change his mind when something hotter cums along. As Gus slobbers on his knob, Odin reaches back and plays with the cute bottom's hole.

By Raw Hole

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Jul 15, 2024

I wanna Fuck Philipe

by Boy Fun

Smooth little BoyFun twink Melo Prince has a rather snazzy new pink outfit to wear on the next trip down to the beach and he's giving his lover-boy Philipe Arias the first look at his new fit. It seems his pal approves of how his cute little ass looks when he pulls down his shorts and displays his matching jockstrap style underwear. Naturally, Philipe can't let his pal go about his day after delivering such a tease and with a swift grab he has the boy on the couch with him, his lips and tongue exploring the boy, his hand gripping and massaging the engorged cock filling young Melo's undies. The buff boy gets to work on the freed erection in no time, sucking and slurping the tasty helmet, gobbling on the curved cock with eagerness. Indeed, any young man would be the same, it's a delicious looking cock any sane guy would love to taste.

By Boy Fun

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Jul 15, 2024

Reach Takes On Urano

by Japan Boyz

New model Gay Urano is handsome, lean, well-built and hung, and a perfect match for hungry, versatile Reach. When the camera pans up from their muscular legs to their curious groping hands, to their muscular pecs, they seem like a balanced pair to hookup. Tonight it seems that new guy Urano gets treated to a heaping helping of Reach's muscle booty. Reach is first to crane his neck down to grab a big gulp of Urano's stiff tool. He's letting Urano take what he wants go for it while you're the fresh meat, Urano. You probably won't get Reach's hungry hole served up fresh for you to enjoy every time. Urano slides Reach down across the black leather sofa, rocks his legs back and burrows his face into Reach's hot musky butt. Reach closes his eyes and tosses his head back in deep satisfaction.

By Japan Boyz

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Jul 15, 2024

A Late Night Snack

by Cum Pig Men

A warm steamy night in a dark, deserted sex club. What better place to settle down to a scorching suckfest, when horny cocksucker Datgeek happens onto stiff and suckable Dallas Knoxxx? These two Cum Pigs get busy right away, and Datgeek is more than satisfied by the time he gets to suck, slobber and swallow. He ends up with a gullet full and a faceful of steaming hot manjuice, then leans in to share a cummy kiss with hung jizzer Dallas.

By Cum Pig Men

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Jul 15, 2024

Aprés Pool Plowin'

by DamianXDragon

Damian x BeBearhunt2279:A summery pool is great to start a perfect hookup, guys dressed in nothing but skimpy suits, their warmed-up dicks swelling in the hot sun. When I met up with long, lean, sun glassed and horny BeBearhunt2279 on the pool deck as I stepped dripping wet out of the water, we didn't waste any time and started making out in the elevator up to my pad. The minute I settled onto the bed he was slurping down my big cock. The minute his tongue started poking into my hungry ass, this summer day took an unexpected turn. Soon my legs were wrapped around his skinny waist and I was treated to a deep hard screw. When his thick tool was nearly satisfied, I shot my wad onto his spurting cock and into a puddle of his cum on his furry abs.

By DamianXDragon

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Jul 15, 2024

My Asian Stepsister 2: Miss Oi

by Sex Japan TV

The gorgeous Miss Oi had just amazing sex. She was horny and had her fill of pleasure. This pretty Asian chick gets treated to a professional-grade fucking in an office and finishes up when he does, shooting his load all over her tits and face.

By Sex Japan TV

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Jul 14, 2024

Daddy Cole Gives Lawson A Huge Tip

by Hot Older Male

When Cole Connor can’t tip through his phone app, he tips by tapping hot Lawson James’ willing daddy ass. Cole licks and sucks on Lawson's fat daddy booty before he pounds it deep giving Lawson a hot load to remember him by.

By Hot Older Male

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Jul 14, 2024

Show Me Your Moves

by TheBroNetwork

Chuck Conrad is about to get married, and his buddies tell him he must take dance classes to prepare for the wedding. His friends refer him to a beefy dance teacher, Owen Raw, who gives him a crash course! During the lesson, there is some flirting while they practice, and the dance teacher steps in for the bride. As the two guys dance close together, Santiago jokes about making the bride jealous, and tension builds between them. As the lesson moves to less conventional moves, Chuck is having more trouble picking them up and fails miserably. The dance teacher asks him if he has any moves they can build off of. Chuck misunderstands and thinks he means bedroom moves.

By TheBroNetwork

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Jul 14, 2024

Nico Stiles Tickled Hard

by Tickled Hard

21-year-old straight boy Nico thinks he can handle being tickled by Franco. His girlfriend tickles him, right? He quickly learns that's not the case here. His body tenses and he flails as much as he can, trying to resist the intense tickling. Franco moves all around Nico's body finding his most sensitive spots. He tickles him on his sides and in his armpits before digging into his belly. Nico grimaces and growls as the tickling becomes more extreme. He swears loudly when Franco tickles his inner thighs, but the sensation is nothing compared to being tickled on his size 13 feet. Nico struggles so much that his powerful jerking moves the entire tickling table! Nico desperately tries to unlatch himself, but he just can't. He begs for it to stop, but Franco won't quit until he's satisfied.

By Tickled Hard

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Jul 14, 2024

NAKEDSWORD X RHYHEIM: Caio & Gael's Gangbang

by Naked Sword

Markin Wolf, Gael, Caio Rodrigues, Rodrigo Silva, and Kaell Fernandes are coming together for a bareback orgy that’s all about big dicks, double penetration, and creamy cum shots. The men swap between fucking Gael and Caio with their oversized meat before piling up to DP and breed Gael’s juicy ass. Beefcake Kaell is the next to bottom, with Gael filling him up as the other men surround him and completely cover him in cum.

By Naked Sword

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