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Fisting Inferno - Update

November 24, 2023

Super Holes 2

The ultimate battle between good and evil is at the center of "Super Holes", fetish director Tom Moore's latest fist-fest. Enjoy watching uber sexy studs Archer Croft and Zac Snow dazzle you not only with their stunning good looks but their love of deep fisting.

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 19, 2023

Super Holes

Staring Brian Bonds, Ethan Sinns and Dylan Hawks in his gay hot and sexy Super Hero fuck-fest. This tree-way action will go down in history as well as some expanded deep anal stretching. Once it's ready the fists will come out and go in deep! From blowjobs to ass eating you'll be on the edge of your seat. Bondage all the way around with hot nasty kinky sex, oh my!

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 06, 2023

Super Holes

Archer Croft and Zac Snow are in for a real treat starting with some normal sexual fun until we get to the good stuff. These two just can't get their hands off each other or maybe deep inside each other mmmmm. Hot and sexy masks make things turn for the better with tight restraints and hot rosebud prolapse action too. This is a classic cat mouse chase and the cat wins this one.

Men - Update

March 14, 2023

Royally Fucked 3

A prince's life isn't all play and no work; for example, today Prince Sir Peter is giving a lecture to a tour group of Men University students. But when the prince lays eyes on hot twink Joey Mills, he can't concentrate on describing the antique palace furnishings... especially after Joey crawls behind the podium and starts sucking his cock! Joey loves how expensive that dick tastes, and once the rest of the tour group leads, the handsome prince rips open the commoner's jeans and shows him what it means to be royally fucked. Sir Peter pounds the bottom doggystyle and fucks his mouth, even lifting him up for an upside-down blowjob. Joey rides His Majesty's cock until he cums and takes a Royal Facial. Has the Playboy Prince finally found his perfect partner?

Men - Update

February 17, 2023

Royally Fucked 1

Loose cannon Euro prince Sir Peter is on thin ice with his mother, the queen, after yet another scandal hits the news. But that doesn't stop him from hitting on palace waiter Justin Jett right under her nose! After Justin spills some tea on Sir Peter's lap when he's taken by surprise by the prince grabbing his ass, the horny royal puts Justin's hand right on his cock, then takes it out under the table. The servant sucks the royal appendage just outside the door, then Justin gives Sir Peter a foot job. The horny prince rims and fingers the bottom's hole, then fucks him deep and hard. Justin rides His Majesty till he cums, and takes the royal load in his mouth. But the Queen is going to punish his royally slutty behavior once and for all!

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

February 01, 2023


Try as hard, deep and often as they can, bottom guys in heat never seem to get pregnant. Is that even fair!? Yoshi is determined to change that immutable fact. Dilated and in the first flush of cramps, Yoshi is rushed to the labor room in a wheelchair, tended by nurse Hinako. She helps him onto a delivery table, spreading his legs wide open to prepare for the birthing. His swollen nipples are pumped, filled with the mother's milk he's already producing. The attending physician, Dr. Axel, steps in to prepare the patient's birth canal, opening it wide with manual stretching. His fists stimulate Yoshi's vagina till he's pissing himself. Hinako is on the ball, catching the stream in a chamber pot. With the baby still deep inside and out of sight, the physician wields his trusty speculum.

Raw Hole - Update

September 20, 2022

Mowgli's Bare Necessities

Cute dark-haired twink pup Mowgli has been searching the urban jungle for the rough and tumble top of his dreams, and along comes wicked hot raw fucker Daguy, who likes to give his guys a slap or two to keep them focused on taking dick and keeping HIM well-satisfied. Daguy is devastatingly sexy, with a lean tight muscularity, a scruffy beard and a close cropped head set off by the shock of streaky blond he keeps tied back until he gets REALLY sweaty and filthy during a screwing session. Then he lets it fall into his face and make him even hotter. The two bareback Latinos start out in an intense kiss, with Daguy's tongue laying claim to Mowgli's hungry mouth. Once they're naked, Daguy fingers Mowgli's insatiable hole, giving it a few of his trademark smacks and thwacks.

Men - Update

July 23, 2022

Norse Fuckers Part 4

In exchange for a temple built to his eternal glory, the Norse god of chaos Loki (Felix Fox) agrees to voyage across the seas to find Thor, god of thunder, the only being strong enough to stop Dracock the Dragon from destroying the Norse lands. Thor (Malik Delgaty) has found his peace living a simple life as a blacksmith with a human wife, and doesn't want to return... until he finds Loki teasing his hole with the metal cock he forged. Loki's mouth around his godly dick reawakens Thor's hunger for glory, and for his tight hole. Thor pounds the god of chaos doggystyle, then Loki rides the top's cock. The trickster cums as he gets drilled in missionary, then Thor shoots a thunderbolt on his face!

Peter Fever - Update

December 19, 2021

Peter Fever's Gay Squid 2

Now that our horny Asian hero is part of the Game he's Player 69, pitted against another thirsty sexpig, Player 96. When the mysterious Front Man calls the shots for a seXXXy variation on "Red Light, Green Light", Player 69 purposely cheats because he has his eye on a sexy Guard, so Player 96 wins the prized fuck date with The Front Man. As they work up to a hot hard screw, the Guard is distracted and jerking his dick watching the action. The obsessed Detective subdues him, strips him down and changes into his outfit to take his place in the Game. Player 96 (Danny Ice) waves his pretty ass and gets a deep rim job from the Front Man, who doffs his weird cloak and mask. We notice he's the Business Guy from the first episode.

Hot House - Update

July 20, 2021

Capitol Affairs 2

Once 'Big Lie' believers Cole Connor and Max Lorde realize they've been lied to and the march on the Capitol is a full-fledged insurgency, they run away together to hide and figure out what to do next. In the midst of the chaos, they also decide to stop lying about their sexual feelings for each other. With their longings known, Cole's hard and Max gets on his knees to deepthroat Cole's flagpole. Max pulls down his shorts and starts to stroke his cock, making Cole want to bend over and give Max a taste of his hairy hole. Max takes his time getting in deep with his tongue before getting in deep and raw with his lengthy cock. After getting fucked bareback by his bud, the men switch places and Max is on his back as Cole is storming his rear.

Men - Update

May 10, 2021

Cum In My Reality

Theo Brady is horny, but his roommate Chris Damned would rather fuck a fake ass in his virtual reality game than fuck Theo's real one. Theo peeps on tattooed, muscular Chris during a stroke sesh, but he gets too horny and ends up shooting rope across Chris's face! As Chris gets cleaned up, Theo tries out the headset while stroking a dildo, and Chris sees his chance, taking the toy's place so his roommate blows him. Two can play at that game, so Theo swaps himself in for the fake ass, finally taking Chris's hard cock doggystyle. The horny top realizes his roomie's IRL booty is way better, especially when Theo rides his cock! Theo gives the fake ass a try as Chris fucks his hole from behind, then rides Chris till he cums, and the top enjoys Theo's hole some more in missionary before he orgasms.

Peter Fever - Update

January 23, 2021

Zombie Cum Suckers 5

The gay zombie nightmare over, Jack and David get what they were looking for all along. Hot sex in a fantasy playground of gay fucking! But who would've guessed the uninhibited action they dreamed of would end up as two loving boyfriends all alone exploring every inch of their hot horned-up bodies together? Jack lies back with a huge stiffy, and David gobbles it down like it's the very first time. "I want this in my ass so BAD," David begs. "Can I have it!?" He crouches down on all fours while Jack laps at his insatiable hole. A big gob of spit juices up his crack and Jack kneels behind with his giant tool ready to ram in bareback. David's so hungry for his man's cock that he howling and backing into each hard stroke.

Men - Update

January 22, 2021

Stroke The Vote

Benjamin Blue is more interested in taking voting booth dick pics and fucking his ass with a marker than actually marking his ballot. When poll worker Gabriel Clark hears the horny twink getting up to mischief, he slips into the next booth and thrusts his cock through the glory hole! After a hot blowjob, Gabriel opens the curtains to eat the bottom's ass before fucking him doggystyle. Benjamin then rides the top's dick, and Gabriel fucks him in mish and jacks off the bottom till he cums. Gabriel covers Benjamin's face with an "I voted!" sticker and a hot load.

Peter Fever - Update

December 27, 2020

Zombie Cum Suckers 1

An ancient Asian zombie king (Jessie Lee) lures a hot young trendy (Zario Travezz) into a kinky throne room in his warehouse lair. Sharing his intentions from the start, he tells Zario "Gonna fuck you and feed you my cum," but the young stud doesn't know the bizarre transformation in store for him. The King gets Zario bent over against the wall and lubes his ass with a juicy rim, spreading his muscle butt and diving in. His raw cock follows, and Zario's hairy hole gets a deep rough reaming from one end of the kinky room to the other. Zario pounds his cock hard to keep up with the supernaturally horny zombie, ends up splattered in sperm on a leather bench. The King feeds him the zombie cum and sends him into a flailing seizure.

Peter Fever - Update

December 22, 2020

Black Panda's Hottest Moments

Boy, are these times crying out for a hot superhero? Revisit the sexiest hookups of the Panda Brotherhood in this ball-draining cum-piliation. First, gorgeous ebony prince Osiris Blade brings the sweet chocolate loving to Asian beauties Ken Ott and Levy Foxx. Their three-way cross-cultural hookup heats up with Ken and Osiris gang banging Levy's hungry little hole and ends with Osiris' long thick rod spewing a sticky reward and Ken and Levy both spraying his face with hot creamy Panda juice. The Black Panda himself, Alex Chu, takes on the dastardly agents of chaos portrayed by tatted muscleman Sean Duran and bronzed beauty Bryce Evans and makes them spew their right-wing sperm.

Trans Angels - Update

December 08, 2020

All The Hard Work

Beside being the charismatic co-host of a renovation show, trans goddess Daisy Taylor is also doing all sorts of hard work. She leads the construction teams, handles the big renovations herself and even plays the theme song, while playboy Michael Del Ray, the other co-host, lazes around with the guests. When lunch time comes, the hard working woman decides that she deserves a special snack. Who else than Micheal to provide her with what she wants? The torrid sex scene that follows proves that, sometimes, doing the hard work can be quite fun.

Peter Fever - Update

December 03, 2020

Iron Cock Masters 5

Old and new battles are heating up the dojo as the Iron Cock Master tournament approaches. Fu stands before the mirror, practicing moves and sharpening his technique when Morgen's henchman Bird snatches him. In their lair, Fu turns the tables when he breaks free, and Gunryu appears to join the epic clash. Morgen and Bird are subdued and tied up, and Gunryu and Fu decide to have their way with them sexually to teach them true submission. The power struggle turns to a clash for sexual dominance. Gunryu rims and prepares Bird for a hard fuck while Fu gets Morgen's cock hard and ready. Gunryu kneels behind Bird and plunges his powerful tool into the vanquished warrior. And Fu straddles Morgen's perfect muscled body to get all the dick he desires from the expert cocksman.

French Twinks - Update

July 21, 2020

Naked GayTraction Raphael

Discover "Naked Gay' Traction" the gay porn parody by French Twinks of the famous British TV Show "Naked Attraction "! In this new episode this is the young Raphaël Andrioli who will discover in detail the anatomy of the French Twinks models and select over the game the one with whom he will shoot his first scene. They don't wait long to get right into the action with some deep cock sucking and titalizing ass rimming. The next step is right into burying that big fat hard uncut cock deep in that willing sexy asshole. Followed by a huge cum shot splattering all over.

French Twinks - Update

April 20, 2020

Naked GayTraction Robin

Discover “Naked Gay’ Traction” the gay porn parody by French Twinks, of the famous British TV Show “Naked Attraction”! The player gradually discovers the physique of four naked boys hidden behind a curtain that rise gradually over the course of the game and he decides to eliminate one at each stage to finally keep only the one that he likes the most. In this first episode hosted by the French Drag Queen "La Velue" (The Hairy), this is the young Robin Leroy who will discover in detail the anatomy of the French Twinks models and select over the game the one with whom he will shoot his first scene. The choice is difficult and the hesitations numerous but Robin will end up making a wise choice which we let you discover in this hot video.

RetroMales - Update

March 18, 2020

Amazing Colossal Latino

Gay porn meets science fiction in this epic production from Latino Fan Club, which manages to incorporate beautiful Latino boys, a campy and humorous medical premise, intense oral sex, UFOs, surprisingly impressive special effects, and a take-off on a 1950s science fiction classic. This vintage gay sex movie is an extravaganza like nothing you've ever seen before!

Drill My Hole - Update

February 15, 2020

Bottom Fishing 2

The beach is a great place to go fishing or to pick up a hot bottom, and for JJ Knight, it's both! JJ baits his hook with a big dildo and tosses it at a hot jogger and at a sexy guy sitting with a beverage, but he doesn't even get a nibble... until he sees Nic Sahara striding across the hand and expertly reels him in! The dildo got covered with sand, so JJ promises Nic a new one in his van, and as Nic deepthroats the toy, JJ fucks Nic's ass doggystyle. Nic sucks JJ's dick and rides him, and they make the van rock as JJ breeds Nic's hole till they both cum huge sticky loads.

Drill My Hole - Update

February 04, 2020

Two Cock Destroyers 4

Caught by Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson after defying her orders, things are looking grim for Johnny Rapid, but when he warns Constable JJ Knight that Sophie's trying to poison him in order to give her favorite, Joey Mills, the job, things finally start looking up! JJ sits down with Johnny, Joey, and the other new whore, Ty Mitchell, to hash out how things are going to be. JJ and Johnny get their cocks sucked by both Ty and Joey before fucking the twinks doggystyle, and when it's time to cum JJ fucks Ty's mouth as he watches Joey fuck Ty's ass while getting his ass fucked by Johnny! The guys seal their alliance as Ty gets covered in jizz...but down in the basement, the Cock Destroyers are also making up, and vowing to take over the world!

Drill My Hole - Update

January 11, 2020

Two Cock Destroyers 3

After passing his interview with Cock Destroyer Sophie Anderson, Johnny Rapid delivers customer Leander to his secret ally, rival Cock Destroyer Rebecca More, so she can pump him for details about the brothel. Johnny overhears some tasty gossip from his new coworkers, Joey Mills and Ty Mitchell, before his shift, where he's meant to have constable JJ Knight as his first customer... but Jonas Jackson offers to pay double to get in ahead of him! Jonas is thrilled to be the first client to sink his cock deep in Johnny's tight hole, and then he gets the best of both worlds when Johnny fucks him till he cums, then gives Jonas a huge facial. But when Sophie finds out Johnny defied her already, she isn't pleased.

Drill My Hole - Update

December 15, 2019

Two Cock Destroyers 1

When twink Johnny Rapid is caught soliciting by local constable JJ Knight and taken to meet Cock Destroyer Rebecca, he has no idea he's about to become a pawn in her game to get back at fellow Cock Destroyer Sophie by infiltrating her brothel. Sophie's pet, Joey Mills, tries to cozy up to newbie Ty Mitchell, but Ty is whisked away by JJ, whose job as constable means he gets to test out all Sophie's new employees! Ty shows what he can do, first massaging and worshiping the constable's sore feet, then sucking and deepthroating his cock. JJ tastes the tanned twink's ass and loosens his tight hole with his fingers before fucking him doggystyle. Ty enjoys his attentions so much that he cums hard before taking the constable's huge load on his face.

Peter Fever - Update

October 05, 2019

Yang Gayng 2

The Yang Gayng's Chief of Stiff Dicks Jake Perez was able to set up a meeting with the wealthy Chinese investor China Gold II. Knocking on the door and told to come in, Jake enters the room and China pops out from behind the curtain in one of his playtime outfits. Jake explains they are seeking help with the poles while looking down at his own stiff pole bulging in his pants. China offers a deal with Jake in exchange for his help and the heated fun begins. They start out on the sofa sucking each other's cock that eventually ends up with two of them flip fucking. China mounts Jake's pole first before flipping Jake up on his knee's and mounts him doggie style.

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