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Dirty Boy Society - Update

September 24, 2023

Brian & Ethan BTS

Ever thought about what goes on in the heads of two sexy studs that just came on all over each other? Directly after a steamy session on the camera for the first time together, we scored a behind the scenes interview with Brian Taylor and Ethan Storm. The cum is still dripping down their stomachs as these two studs give a candid interview about how hot it was to shoot their most recent Dirty Boy Society scene, and the sordid details of their sexual history!

Men At Play - Update

September 04, 2021

Best Glory Holes Scenes

Best Glory Holes Scenes Compilation - The Best MENatPLAY Glory Hole Scenes is a bonus compilation of our top favorite glory hole films from MENatPLAY Classic Movies. This collection is dedicated to our fans who share our passion for anonymous oral sex and hand jobs at the local glory hole. Enjoy as we look back at our best glory-hole-suited sex porn videos in action!

Raw Hole - Update

March 29, 2021

BTS Joao & Douglas

Douglas Ferraz had quite a time plowing the talented hole of beautiful Brazilian stud Joao Miguel. Here's what the final scene was missing, the behind the scenes XXXfun and hijinks in the luxe Sao Paulo digs where we shot the scene. Once the camera is rolling, these horny raw-fucking Latinos are revved up to the redline. Joao gets on his knees and never misses a beat as he sucks Douglas' swelling piece to its full gargantuan size. Bearded Douglas just lets Joao have his fun getting their cocks raring and ready. Joao is no slouch in the endowment department himself. Once he stands Douglas can barely get the whole thing down his throat. His beautiful butt is a tasty meal in itself when Douglas burrows in to get it open and wet with spit.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

September 27, 2020

Sergeant Miles Submits

Sergeant Miles has always been a take-charge kind of guy. When he jumped into the white-collar business world after getting out of the military, he brought with him the no-bullshit attitude he earned while in the service. But he never met a Persian executive quite like Arad Winwin, who always gets his away at the end of a meeting. Before Sergeant knows it, his face his beet-red gagging on the cock of Arad Winwin, who takes a lot of pleasure from exercising his executive authority over Sergeant. And that’s before Arad Winwin spins Sergeant Miles around and breeds him up his ass.

Maskurbate - Update

August 08, 2020

Chuck In Montreal BTS

Here's a behind-the-scene look at Chuck's visit to Montreal as he played pool in a local Strip Club. This scene is filled with extra footage, exclusive interview and fun bloopers. Chuck is one hard bodies sexy guy with a n ice big fat hard cock that he just can't stop touching. I don't blame him, I would too. There's just something about those hunks from the "Great White North" that just make my knees feel like water. Watch this absolute stud Chuck and you may too.

Bentley Race - Update

April 21, 2020

Cristian Berry

While I was on vacation in Europe last month I met some very sexy guys. 26 year old Cristian Berry and I had been chatting online for a while and planned to meet in Berlin. I was really impressed by Cristian when he had sent me some shots of himself wearing a speedo. The hot Colombian boy and I met up at my hotel to take some sexy photos and make a video for the site. Firstly Cristian is one of the sweetest guys I have met during my travels. He's softy spoken and has a big cheeky grin. He's very fit with big tattoo'd arms. But anyone who meets him will tell you about his nice thick bum and that large uncut dick. He gets easily turned on as I take his photos naked in the window. And his first video turns into a really horny show.

Next Door Casting - Update

April 16, 2020

Rockey Goldenrod

Blonde haired Rockey Goldenrod is a feast for your eyes before he even gets undressed, but when he unleashes his package, he truly lives up to his name. A natural in front of the camera, getting hard is no problem with the camera, as he teases his nut and plays with himself, all the while checking in to make sure he's doing it right. Such a pleaser, but will he have what it takes to finish the task at hand and pass his audition? You'll have to stick around to the end to find out!

Maskurbate - Update

January 25, 2020

Mike's Extra Footage

A lot of footage were initially taken out of the original edit because I wanted the sequences to sync with the music I put in the background. That was unfortunate. So I decided to revisit this video and show you what you missed! Mike's first scene ever was really successful when it came out. He looks amazing and what a smile!!! You'll surely like these extras as much! You'll be happy to get some more of this sexy hot hard bodied stud Mike.

Bel Ami Online - Update

December 18, 2019

Blake Eluan & Andrei 3-WAY

We're very happy today to be able to present to you the first scene from 'Blake Mitchell is An American in Prague' co-starring Eluan Jeunet and Andrei Karenin. We wanted to plan a very special welcome for Blake from the moment he stepped off the plane, so we dispatched 2 of our hottest and most experienced models to pick him up at the airport and make sure he was made to feel welcome. Although it's Eluan who is the instigator of all the action, it is Andrei, at his sluttish best, that turns out to be Blake's welcome gift. Both Blake and Eluan take turns filling his ass and his mouth with cock and cum.

Bentley Race - Update

August 03, 2019

Sarpa Van Rider

When I had just one day to do some shooting with my beautiful mate Sarpa I made the most of our time by grabbing this extra photoshoot in my bathroom. You might remember Sarpa Van Rider started shooting with me 5 years ago when he was 20. He has away for a couple of years so it was has been really nice to connect with him again this year. He's now super fit and really looking very handsome with a bit of facial and chest hair. In this shoot we are getting some simple shots of Sarpa posed in a skimpy speedo and then playing in the bubble bath. I thought the photos were going to be a little too dark to use at the time, but they actually turned out great! Sarpa is one of my favourite local models.

Bentley Race - Update

July 26, 2019

Jack & Dylan

For his first couple shoot I invited our new British mate Jack Durham around to meet Dylan Anderson. I knew Dylan would be the perfect match for Jack having been in many couple shoots before. And I knew that Dylan could take control and show Jack how it's done. The guys got along really well. We had a lot of fun taking photos in the studio and then after making one very hot sex video. Jack loves getting fucked and since Dylan is one of our expert tops, I already knew what was going to happen. In the end Dylan fucks Jack on the massage table until his new mate blows a load of cum all over himself. I suspect this won't be the last time Dylan and Jack will be hooking up.

Bentley Race - Update

June 24, 2019

Gio Velsaco

Our newest mate joining us this week is 26 year old Gio Velsaco from South America. Gio moved to Australia recently and was introduced to me by our mutal mate Andy. When Andy showed me his photos I knew he would be make a great model for the website. And I'm glad we made it happen because Gio is so adorable in real life. I had so much fun shooting with Gio that I am already organising the next shoot with him. He's very fit and very horny. In his first shoot we did a simple strip tease photoset followed with Gio wanking on the bed and stuffingb his fat uncut dick into a lubed up fuck toy. I think the sexy latino is going to make a great addition to the site and I can't wait to see him in action with our other mates

Bentley Race - Update

March 11, 2019

Kell Fuller

During my visit over the summer to Germany I did a series of shoots with 20 year Russian hottie Kell Fuller. After meeting him 2 years earlier, I really wanted to get him modelling for me again. Well Kell has really grown into a man in the past 2 years. He's super fit and showing off a hairy chest and some new tattoos. The series of shoots included splashing around in an inflatable pool, and riding a bike naked through the park. But today Kell is back stripping and showing off naked on my balcony. It love seeing his cheeky smile as he shows off his bottom while sliding back on a the chair. We quickly moved back inside where we made our last video today. In this video I start sliding my cock in and out of Kell's hole while he rams his cock into a fleshlight.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

January 11, 2019

Casting Couch 398

Gian Rey has admired Indigo Baz and his work for some time and has contacted him to help him break into the film industry. Indigo has Gian strip for him as he looks him over as he decides whether or not to move forward. Gian does everything that he can to make sure that his lean, muscular body looks its most appealing and as Indigo stands up, Gian can see that he has met with Indigo’s approval. Indigo also begins to strip down and the guys exchange a tender kiss before Indigo forces Gian to his knees. As Gian licks and chews on Indigo’s growing cock he gives Gian a couple of slaps across the face, just so he remembers who is in charge.

BarebackFlixxx - Update

November 22, 2018

Hans & Michael

Was the end of the week and Michael Roman was still a horny slut. He started texting his buds to see who wanted to come over and dump a load in his ass and his first bite was Hans Berlin. Hans walked in and there was Michael eagerly awaiting to get his face fucked and get that German cock hard for his slut ass. As soon as Hans was rock hard he shoves that cock in Michaels surprisingly tight hole but it opened right up for that raw cock and stayed open until he got that fucking load. As soon as Hans pulled out another cock went in and it was.

Maskurbate - Update

November 15, 2018

Moving Muscles BTS

Behind-the-scene porn is getting more and more popular because you get to see the modelsinteract as they would in real life. This week's update features Brad's classic Moving Muscles.In this BTS version, in addition of exclusive never-seen-before shots, bloopers and uneditedsequences, you'll see Brad in-between takes being directed by Pascal. A lot of members havebeen asking to see this so I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it!

Eurocreme - Update

October 09, 2018

Dave London Amateurs Jonas

Beefy hunk of a man Jonas comes in and spices things up on Dave's couch! It's not just smooth twinks that get a go with Daddy Dave London, the muscle men are also welcome! Playing around with Dave, Jonas soon strips and shows off the goods, his huge muscles, furry chest and stomach, and his proud dick is soon bouncing around too! Dave gets his lips around that in no time, and Dave even gets himself some blow job action from the willing Jonas! This really is a turn up for Dave who usually just plays with the boys, but of course would never pass up the opportunity from such a handsome man!

Bentley Race - Update

July 24, 2018

Ryan Kai

Yesterday I loaded this fun shoot with my Asian twink mate Ryan Kai. You can tell from the number of times I have shot with Ryan that I love having him model for me. In this shoot it was a really hot day so we headed outside to get some nude shots on the roof. I could photograph Ryan’s gorgeous little bum all day long. He looks great naked and rubs his big dick nice and hard so I can grab some erection shots. We did a lot of photos on the roof and back in the studio, making this a very big gallery. But make sure you watch the video too. It’s the first time I am giving Ryan a naked massage and then wanking him off.

Bentley Race - Update

February 26, 2018

Brad Hunter

One of the best things about summer in Australia is that along with the days being long and hot, my mates love getting naked outside. This is the very cheeky first photo shoot with 20 year old Brad Hunter from Melbourne. Brad is one of our mates who is straight and has a girlfriend. But he likes to fool around a bit too. It was during this rooftop shoot that I realised that my skinny skater mate has a huge cock. He was hiding it behind the skateboard when he first dropped his undies. And then he pulled it aside to show his quickly thickening shaft. He tells me that it's enjoying the sunshine. Brad's photos out on my city rooftop look great!

Freshmen - Update

November 06, 2017

Taste of Colombia

Here is a condensation of our trip to Columbia to whet your appetite for our "Viva Columbia" series that will be released in time for Christmas. The full series will be released monthly for a year. Most of the material will be featured here. However, the documentary series will run parallel over on BelAmionline.

Buck-Angel - Update

June 21, 2017

Buck Angel Japan Documentary Pt. 1

The Pussy Hat Goes to Japan! Enjoy the excitement, energy and open conversations as Buck Angel tours parts of Japan. In Tokyo, he previews his FTM or Trans masturbation tool, the Buck-Off. Reminding everybody that, everyone has sex, Buck invites a couple of men with vaginas, like himself, to discuss their personal situations and relate their experiences as part of the Trans community. Buck comments, we have to create that one unity and community, so that everyone sees us as comfortable beings.

Colt Studio Group - Update

April 24, 2017

BTS: Big Rig

The "Making of BIG RIG" documentary including extensive interviews with director John Rutherford as he takes control of the set and displays what a professional production he helms at COLT Studio Group. The cast is prominently featured as they prepare for their scenes, as well as sharing their excitement of acting out the fantasy of some hot, truck stop sex!

Naked Sword - Update

February 19, 2017

Seed Money

Seed Money is the story of Chuck Holmes, a San Francisco pornographer turned philanthropist. Holmes helped create and shape gay identity in the years after Stonewall, and later became a major contributor to gay advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign and the LGBT Victory Fund, only to find later in life that while his money was welcome in philanthropic circles, he sometimes wasn't.

Helix Studios - Update

December 02, 2016

Lifeguard BTS

Our "Lifeguard" series is a block buster of a nut buster! Go behind the scenes of this hugely popular series and see all the HARD work the boys did just for you. Watch the boys frolic the beautiful beaches with bronzed buns as they share the good times that went into this huge hit along with some fun bloopers and clowning around. We're sharing a butt load of extra footage and a shower scene with a bundle of boys and their bountiful boners bouncing in the breeze. Get wet once again with California's hottest lusty lifeguards.

BadPuppy - Update

October 29, 2016

Kayden Gray

The UKHotJocks shared Kayden Gray with us, and adjectives from the Badpuppy staff included “amazing” & “terrorizing.” Kayden’s Polska Kielbasa will put fear in the hearts of many & at the same time, make the cakes cream of irrepressible bottoms worldwide. Enjoy!

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