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Cum Pig Men - Update

Wednesday November 29, 2023

3 Blondes, 2 BJs, One Cocksucker

Cock worshipper Ander looks like your above average trendy twink, with bleach blond hair, a lean muscled body, and a long uncut cock. But what is not average at all is his appetite for cock and cum, preferably down his ravenous throat. Once he's on the floor wedged between horny studs Zacc Andrews and Jesse Stone, his talent for dick swallowing really shines. He sucks deep and never gags, and gets his reward in the form of two big musky loads from his two dick feeders.

Raw Road Nation - Update

November 12, 2023

3some Breeding

Lined up and poking out of metal glory hole fences, PJ Knox chomps downs like a champ and make them dicks hard and wet. Alex and Greg double end the slut and work their cum sticks into his body. Fuck and spit roast him to the max stretching his ass hole. Pounding their hard cocks into his ass they double penetrate him and fill him with their man juice leaving him feel like a dirty little slut.

Men At Play - Update

May 27, 2023

Tux Glory 2

The new local cruising club caters only to businessmen with memberships and tonight members are only allowed to enter and play with the boys if they’re tuxed up! Members Leo Bacchus and Mark Vallant are ready for some sleazy action and go to the cruising club. Leo notices Mark sitting at a booth nearby, sits next to him, and touches his leg. No words need to be spoken Leo wants to play and the two studs make their way to the private cruising area. In the dark, Mark loses Leo temporarily, who has gone into a room and is eagerly waiting behind the glory hole to service cock. Behind a glory hole, Mark notices one of the club’s young service boys… but passes in search of the tuxed stud Leo instead. At the other side of a glory hole, Mark finally finds Leo who is ready to swallow and ride his cock.

Cade Maddox - Update

May 12, 2023

GloryHole Sucked & Swallowed

I was on the apps when I came across a guy offering an anon gloryhole blowjob. Well, I'm never one to say no to some head and he was down to make a movie, so here's a little split-screen action for you instead of this month's solo video.

Jalif Studios - Update

April 23, 2023

Jeff Stronger & Phyzer

After a long day at the office, Jeff Stronger waits to be pleasured in a sweaty sex club. He smoothes out a wrinkle in his perfectly-tailored suit. He stands: one hand holding a rum and coke, the other thrust into his pocket, slowly massaging his ever-swelling dick. Sleek and scruffy Phyzer walks through the darkened corridors of the club. He spots the suited Stronger and instantly knows he wants him. Stronger is tall, broad, and sophisticated. Phyzer is a working class boy dressed in sports gear. We're very different people but we'll spark when put together, he thought. Phyzer heads to the next-door cubicle and sticks his hard dick through the glory hole. Suited Stronger dutifully sucks it with the same care he nursed his drink. Camera lights glint enticingly on the shimmering fabric of his suit, soon to be scuffed in this dirty club.

Private Playground XXX - Update

April 17, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 1

Horse Market is back! One of PPX's biggest events is returning for a new chapter. Same rules apply: the Mares, or bottoms, stay blindfolded while the Stallions, or tops, are free to graze the fruitful pasture. Mares are herded in by our stable hands as stallions warm up and survey the plentiful livestock. Time to get saddled on for Part 1!

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

March 29, 2023

Married Latino

Takes Both Holes: Married Latin man text and wants head again. Of course I said yes, so after sucking his cock and getting it wet and hard he says I want some of that hot ass. I backed up my hungry hole and let him have it good, then I got back on my knee's and licked him nice and clean. Didn't leave one drop of cum on his balls or shaft.

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

March 07, 2023

Latin Stud Gets A Blowjob

Latino stud was driving through the area and saw my website while stopping for lunch. Decided he needed to bust a hot load and liked what I have to offer. Nice cock big sack and fully loaded just wanting to feed a hungry eater.

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

February 23, 2023

Nut Tugging

Gloryhole Blowjob: Stew gets off on sucking strange dick at public gloryholes. He lusts for the taste of another man's cum and has the oral skills to get what he wants. This guy is so into the thrill of sucking off strangers in gloryholes that he decided to set one up in his house. Volunteers willingly drop by to experience his cock sucking, cum swallowing talents and willingly agree to let him make amateur homemade videos of their experience. Watch, as he sucks the cum out of another strange man's cock.

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

February 07, 2023

Hot Construction Stud

Gloryhole Blowjob: This guy enjoys sucking cock, especially if it's a stranger's stiff meat at a gloryhole. In fact, Stew loves it so much he decided to set up a gloryhole in his own home and invite guys over to get their dick serviced. The only catch is they have to let him film their cock getting sucked, so he can share the oral experience on-line. Stew is very good at sucking dick, so he gets plenty of volunteers to feed him their warm cum loads. In this scene, he teases the man's nuts and gets them ready for a cum gushing finale.

Treasure Island Media - Update

February 01, 2023

Paul & Rusian

Rusian Angelo goes to the local sex club gloryhole and runs into big-dicked Paul Tergeist who immediately shoves his rock hard cock in the bottom’s mouth. One look at Rusian’s bubble butt and Paul wants to fuck it, burying his cock deep and plantin’ a big load. Lots of dick to mouth action!

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

January 31, 2023

Ebony Cock Suck Off

This guy has a gloryhole fetish. Stew loves sucking strangers off and eating their cum at raunchy gloryholes. He is so in to it Stew decided to set up a gloryhole in his house and invite men over to get their dick sucked. They just have to agree to let him film it and share it with anyone that likes homemade amateur videos of guys getting their dick sucked at a gloryhole. In this episode, Stew feels that stiff cock deep in his throat and swallows, of course.

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

January 24, 2023

Gloryhole Suck & Swallow

Here is a guy who can't get enough cock in his mouth and cum down his throat, so he spends a lot of time at sleazy gloryholes sucking on strangers' dicks. Stew is so into it he decided to set up a gloryhole in his home and invite men over to get their cocks serviced. Guys that take him up on the offer must agree to let him record the oral session and share the video with anyone who likes watching amateurs get their dick sucked. In this episode, a visitor enjoys the tongue bath and cum draining glory hole blow job he came for.

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

January 20, 2023

Sucking Cop Cock

At The Gloryhole: Stew loves the taste of cum and the thrill of sucking off strangers in trashy gloryholes. His passion for cock is so great he decided to set up a gloryhole in his house and invite strangers over to get their dick sucked. His amateur homemade videos of these sessions are legendary, as is his talent for sucking cock. He has no problem finding volunteers to feed him their warm cum loads. In this episode, it's a classic gloryhole suck off and a mouth full of fresh warm cum to swallow.

Gloryhole Hookups - Update

January 07, 2023

Police Officer

Needs A Gloryhole Release: Stew gets off on sucking strange dick at public gloryholes. He lusts for the taste of another man's cum and has the oral skills to get what he wants. This guy is so into the thrill of sucking off strangers in gloryholes that he decided to set one up in his house. Volunteers willingly drop by to experience his cock sucking, cum swallowing talents and willingly agree to let him make amateur homemade videos of their experience. Watch, as he sucks the cum out of another strange man's cock.

Treasure Island Media - Update

December 29, 2022

Collin Lust & Yan

Collin Lust in on the hunt for cock and cum to satisfy his round bubble butt and hole. Enter horny uncut Yan who needs a warm wet place for his dick and load. Yan power pounds Collin's ass until he shoots a huge nut and drives every drop in deep.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

November 07, 2022

Floor Fucking

Grant is always finding himself in trouble. He went looking for it at the men's room hoping some guy would slip his pecker in that glory hole and don't you know that's what happened. Wasn't long before Jonah had him out on the floor getting his ass fucked by them dirty urinals. Cuz that's how we roll at Lot 45.

Men At Play - Update

October 05, 2022

Cruising At Club-X 4

Drew Dixon is horny and feeling mischievous today, and takes a walk through the corridors of his favorite cruising club. The dark corners and smell of sex at Club-X turn him on the minute he enters. Inside one of the glory hole cabins, a stranger offers Drew his anonymous meat. Drew quickly wraps his lips around the uncut cock, then slides it raw inside his hole to ride. Once finished, Drew returns to cruising and bumps into suited Italian stud, Leo La Rosa. A hot but brief play session in a cabin leads the two studs to the leather swing for some additional rough play. Power bottom and wide receiver Drew Dixon gets his fill of cock and newcomer Leo La Rosa breeds some British ass. Until next time!

Peter Fever - Update

September 03, 2022

Camp Naughty Pines 2

Outdoor Romping: At Camp Naughty Pines, it's tough to tell who's hornier, the staff or the cock-crazed guests. Nolan is relaxing on his cabin porch when Asian "tour guide" Levy Foxx offers to show him around to see some things "you've never seen before!" When he grabs Nolan and locks lips at the first clearing, we get an idea of the things he's gonna show the hot twink. Next stop, a fully decked-out wooden glory hole area for the guests (and tour guides, we presume). Nolan strips off his shirt and sticks his hefty cock through the hole, and Levy's there on his knees to take it straight down his thirsty throat. Tricky tour guide soon replaces that mouth with an equally hungry hole pressed against Nolan's dick. Backing into the raw tool, Levy gasps with satisfaction.

Jalif Studios - Update

August 20, 2022

Kameron & Alex

We're in the dark, damp basement of a sleazy club in Paris. Sexy, shaven-headed, scally boy Alex Kiffeur sits on a bench wearing sneakers and shiny track pants. He spots someone he likes and subtly begins to rub the bulge between his legs. The object of his interest is Kameron Frost, a tall, blond, handsome guy who leans casually against a wall, watching Alex with lust in his eyes. He grabs his crotch and signals for Alex to follow him into a nearby cabin, which has a glory hole in one of its walls. Kameron unzips his flies, pulls out his dick and pushes it through the hole… Alex appears in the neighboring cubicle and immediately drops to his knees, allowing his soft, rosy lips to glide seductively up and down Kameron's stiffening shaft. Kameron then pushes the tip of his sneaker through the glory hole.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 09, 2022

Soccer Player Zachary

Zachary is one sexy 18 year old soccer player we meet and brought him right in to see what he'd do and he didn't disappoint. Zachary couldn't wait too long before he got his mouth all over that nice big fat hard uncut cock. Grabbing onto his own meat while servicing a hard cock inside the Glory Hole. He was in heaven and loved every prick draining minute of it.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 16, 2022

Kameron, Kevin & Boy

Kameron Frost had been waiting all day to get to the bathhouse. He loves getting his dick sucked, and the glory hole room is the perfect place for guys like him. It took forever for the workday to end, but when he was done he just had to take care of the ache in his pants! Heading straight for the glory hole area, he's a little surprised to see someone is already in there. Kevin Archer is wearing just a towel and has the same goal as Kameron. Good thing there's more than one glory hole there! Through the hole, Kameron and Kevin can see one of their favorite cocksuckers is on his knees on the other side. No name for the deep-throater in a mask; everyone just calls him Boy. Kameron sticks his rock-hard uncut cock through the hole - Boy loves sucking and is very good at what he does!

All Australian Boys - Update

June 11, 2022

Surfer Dylan

So many of you demanded we “Get Dylan to the Glory Hole” after we released his solo shoot. Some time ago. That’s exactly what we did in this shoot. Experience, this super-hot Straight, All Australian, Jock moaning and growing in ecstasy as he gets his cock. expertly and relentlessly sucked. Till he spurts everywhere - while watching Girl/Girl porn.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 27, 2022

Rugby League Brad

Brad is what AAB is all about. He is a Typical - All Australian Boy in all respects. Is an easy going guy that loves the outdoors. Works as a laborer and loves playing Rugby. He is from Maroubra in Sydney but is originally, a country boy from the Hunter Valley. This knock about bloke got hard instantly, watching lesbian porn, He hadn't cum for a week. At the Gloryhole he just loved it so much - he came TWICE ! His big cock pumping cum everywhere.

All Australian Boys - Update

May 21, 2022

Touch Football Julian

Julian just 18 has natural good looks and a slim, smooth, hairless body. He plays touch football. Julian plays with himself getting ready for the Glory Hole and those magical lips sucking cock after cock. It doesn't take too long before Julian is ready to explode and loves every scond of it. The sucker said Julian oozed pre cum all the time he was sucking him, till he spurted.

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