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Bel Ami Online - Update

September 24, 2023

Peter, Alan, Jack & Mario

4-Way! Part 2: We continue today with part 2 of our feature scene last week. They usually would go out together, but as we have the same boys topping and bottoming, we decided to move it a week apart. After last week's taste test of Jack fucking Alan, and Peter fucking Mario the guys decided that they wanted to try the flavor that they missed out on last time, and we have the pairings of Peter and Alan, and Jack and Mario. Hopefully, you are not too tired of big dicks using cute asses, but seeing that you enjoyed the tryst last week, we hope that you enjoy part 2 this week!

Twink Pop - Update

September 13, 2023

Double Helix Part 2

It's final exam day for these three MEN U twinks, but their professor is late. Damian Night wants to ditch, but Luke Connors says they need to stay for the test, and Jake Preston suggests waiting five more minutes. Damian's bored and tells studious Luke to teach him to use the scale, and pretty soon the three twinks are in a dick-measuring contest. Luke is impressed by Jake and Damian's hard dicks, but the other two truly can't believe their eyes when Luke takes out his enormous boner! They join forces to suck it, then Jake and Luke spit-roast Damian on the professor's desk. The guys take turns fucking that hole, then lucky Luke gets pounded by Jake as he drills Damian before the bottom takes a double facial. But after Damian cums, the professor arrives in time to catch Luke naked.

Twink Pop - Update

August 28, 2023

Double Helix Part 1

When their jock classmate Clark Reid keeps tossing stuff at them, twinks Jake Preston and Joey Mills hatch a plan. As the professor makes Clark write on the board, Joey jerks Jake off in an Erlenmeyer flask, then leaves it on Clark's desk and lets the jock take the blame for cumming in class. The prof perp walks Clark out, leaving the horny college students free for some biology self study! Jake fucks Joey doggystyle over the desk, then missionary. Joey sucks the top, then rides him on the professor's desk till he orgasms before getting on his knees to take Jake's load in his mouth.

Twink Top - Update

August 02, 2023

Ethan Tate Ch 2

Hot for Coach: Weeks had passed and, through Coach's training and supervision, their bond seemed to strengthen quicker than both had imagined. Ethan Tate had been improving with every session, but it wasn't until one particularly hard day for Ethan that the sexual tension between the two came to a head. There had been moments when Coach wanted to grab Ethan's face and shove his throbbing cock down Ethan's throat. As Ethan sat down in the locker room venting out his grievances about the day, Coach couldn't help but grab Ethan close to comfort him with a large, warm body. The mixed smell of Ethan's sweat and the used locker room jockstraps intoxicated them both, and the Coach's cock started to grow during even their brief body contact.

Twink Pop - Update

July 26, 2023

Pyramid Bros

The twinks on the gymnastics team are practicing their pyramids, but as Kane Fox and Sam Ledger take turns being on top, they find themselves finding chances for sneaky cock sucking, rimming, and even doggystyle fucking right under their teammates' noses. When the others finally notice, the pyramid collapses, but Kane and Sam keep 69ing. Kane pounds the bottom on the mat, and Sam rides that dick before the top picks him up for a stand-and-carry. The hot gymnasts do some more floor work as Sam cums while getting drilled in missionary and takes a cream-pie.

Peter Fever - Update

July 02, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico

Is Anybody Home?: When world traveler, Asian stud Zed Sheng, takes a trip to Mexico with his buddy, he seeks out a non-traditional travel agent to help him with the right package. After showing him some sights, his agent drops him at an address and tells him to go inside. When the door opens, Zed finds shirtless Mexican hunk, Angel Nash, ready for action. Zed doesn't waste a second getting Angel's shorts off and soon he's got the stud's erect cock down his throat. It's a big one too, and before you know it, Zed is bent over with Angel balls deep and bareback inside his ass. The horny stud stretches Zen's hole in ways he never knew were possible until he fucks the cum out of Zed and drops a creampie of his own deep inside the begging jock.

Twink Pop - Update

June 11, 2023

Marching Band Cock Mates

Everyone knows band geeks are horny, but the marching band fuck better because they've got the stamina! Horny twink Troye Dean eyes up his partner Drake Von and sneakily sucks his cock during rehearsal. When the teacher's back is turned, Drake bends Troye over a desk and fucks him doggystyle. When the twinks get in trouble, their band mates come to their rescue so they can sustain their sex! Drake hungrily sucks Troye, then the bottom rides him. The top pounds Troye on the teacher's desk till the bottom cums, then reaches a crescendo on his face.

Corbin Fisher - Update

May 27, 2023

Give It To me Daddy

The foot fans will get a kick out of this episode's intro, and everyone will get a huge kick out of everything that happens after! It's a fun bunch we've put together in this three-way, and a horny bunch as well all three of these young studs were looking forward to filming this episode and they could hardly wait for us to say, "Action!" and let them get to it. Indeed, as fun and as cute as the conversation is at the beginning, you can tell Rocky can barely wait for the action to start and soon enough he just can't contain himself any longer, takes measures in to his own hands, and gets the action started. While Rocky was the one who could hardly wait for the fun to start, Richie is arguably the luckiest of these three once that action has started.

Gaycest - Update

May 19, 2023

The Professor Tape 3

Close Study: Work has kept dad busy lately. His students are lucky; imagine having a professor as sexy as Professor Snow! I'm lucky too even in typical professor garb and glasses, his shaved head and sharp features give him a powerful, masculine edge. I'm sure he's given rise to any horny student's "hot professor" fantasy. One late night on my way to get a glass of water, I stumbled upon him in his study. He wasn't working at all, at least not on school work he was stroking himself. It was impressive even when it was flaccid. But watching him here tonight and seeing it in its full glory, fully engorged, was something else altogether. I was utterly mesmerized. I had to wonder what had made him so worked up. Was it just the stress from work? Who was he thinking of? Was it me? Was it a student? Suddenly though, he caught me.

Trans Angels - Update

May 11, 2023

Putting Her Ass In Class 1

Horny college students Kasey Kei and Andre Stone can barely keep their eyes off each other, especially when Kasey flashes her small, perky boobs! When their teacher isn’t looking, tattooed stud Andre begins jerking off, and then Kasey reveals her kinky nature by suggestively sucking on a banana! Forgetting about the exam they’re supposed to be working on, bespectacled hunk Andre sneakily eats out Kasey’s tight, firm ass before swallowing up her thick shenis in a raunchy blowjob. Craving a hard anal pounding, the raven-haired t-girl spreads her slender legs and invites her excited lover to pummel her in missionary position, then she flips over to take a doggystyle pounding!

Bully Him - Update

April 29, 2023

Fools in Detention

Jordan gets detention for writing an April Fools poem about his bully, Jack. Mr. Thirio is not impressed with Jordan's joke and helps Jack carry on the tradition of bullying the school twink. Jordan can't believe the tables have been turned on him, but his tight hole is happy about getting pounded.

Hot College Fucks - Update

March 21, 2023

Nathan & Rachel

Rachel Gets to Know Nathan - 19 year old Nathan almost never jerks off, and when you take one look at him it's not hard to see why. He has no trouble at all finding girls to hook up with, has plenty of lucky female friends he can hit up with when he wants to get his dick with, and never has trouble meeting new girls when out and about. For being just 19, Nathan’s clearly confident and knows what he's doing in bed, and he knew he wanted to go at it with Rachel here! Can you blame him? Rachel gets Nathan riled up and ready to go with her expert BJ to start, then the hot fuck ensues!

Japan Boyz - Update

March 16, 2023

Sex Judo

Edgy Japanboy Yusaku is suited up and ready to show new guy Yuki some moves, both battle-ready and passionate. And Yuki is right there in and out of his workout gear, ready to learn. But these horndogs can't stay dressed for long and get down to the hottest, hardest bareback clenches and assramming positions. Yusaku's stiff and steady dishing it out and Yuki takes every blow, rim and plowing that Yusaku can dish out. By the sperm-spurting climax, both studs are sweaty and coated with the juiciest loads your dick has been aching to see and experience.

Bully Him - Update

December 22, 2022

Best Detention Ever

With an empty class and no one to interrupt them, Dylan swallows his teacher's cock while jerking off. The rebellious boy just wants to feel Ethan's dick up his ass, being fucked by his teacher over his desk. Detention takes a naughty turn as professor Ethan shoots all of his load over Dylan's smooth body.

Maverick Men - Update

December 17, 2022

Hot Little Pig

This was supposed to be our buddy Charlie comes over and jerks off for us so we can get to know him lol but that changed QUICK Before I even knew what was happening he was sucking my cock and had his tongue up my ass in the blink of an eye, then all of sudden, Hunter had his tongue in Charlies ass then, Charlie slobbered on our cocks then jumped on our dicks and rode them all the way to orgasm town hahahaha you will love this hot little pig video.

Frat X - Update

December 12, 2022

Balls To The Wall

Dude started giving rounds on his kees. Then his freshman hole got nailed to the wall. One by one my bros got a bite. This pledges hole was tight. But we made em a new one. Got lots of good video footage for the website.

Fisting Inferno - Update

November 16, 2022

Genital Hospital 3

Nursing student Nathan Daniels is about to learn all there is to know about object extraction with the help of Dr. Dominic Pacifico and volunteer Wrex Wylde. With his hand lubed up, Nathan slowly inserts himself into Wrex's wrecked asshole and begins to carefully pull out rubber balls, a baseball, and even a 12-inch plastic doll from his never-ending insides. Ready to show off some more advanced techniques, Dr. Pacifico removes his shirt and inserts both of his arms into the volunteer's mangled hole until Wrex's rosebud is spilling out of his body. Eventually, the two medical men push the limits of Wrex's body until his ass is swallowing two arms and an additional fist and he's laying back on the examination table completely satisfied.

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 04, 2022

Genital Hospital

Medical students Ace Stallion and Andrew Connor are quickly learning that with Dr. Micah Martinez's 'Genital Hospital' class, extreme hands-on learning is the only way to go. This week, the doctor is teaching his boys about extraction and utilizing both students' holes for a gaping demonstration. Micah first fills up Ace's ass while giving the class detailed and thorough instructions on how to properly fist your patients. The instructor soon has his hands in both of his completely naked pupils as he talks them through every step of the hypothetical extraction process. With both of them now on their backs at the front of the classroom, Dr. Martinez continues his educational demonstration until both men are drained, covered in cum, and ready to try their own hands at this hole-stretching practice.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 25, 2022

Wet, Hot Hiroya Summer 10

Twinkies In Class: Nothing says school's back in session as summer draws to an end like some horny make-believe Asian "schoolboys" getting frisky in the classroom. Thick-muscled little fireplug Rio is reaching into his gym shorts to stroke his cock in the empty room when Hiroya and Tosuke, in their proper school uniforms, peer through the glass panes in the door giggling. They burst in and show Rio what REAL classroom sex is, stroking and sucking his achingly stiff dick, then stripping off his shorts and plowing bareback into his fuzzy muscle ass. Pinning him between two fucktools in a "twinkie" spitroast, Hiroya and Tosuke get off as Rio gets an important lesson they don't teach you in school. Three hard cocks is much greater than one. He ends up drenched in cum, splattered across his hairy abs, fucked-out booty and happy, satisfied face.

Men At Play - Update

September 20, 2022

Student Affair

Professor Sir Peter has discovered that a student of his, Bastian Karim, has had a sexual encounter with the school director. Typically, this wouldn’t bother Sir Peter - but the young Colombian, puppy-eyed innocent-looking student is hard to resist and he wants him. At the end of class, Sir Peter asks Bastian to stay and talk. He lets him know that his grades aren’t improving and that having an affair with the principal won't make things any better. Sir Peter has an idea to make things easier for his pupil - but can Bastian handle the professor’s thick 9” uncut cock?! It’s time to play.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 17, 2022

Wet Hot Hiroya Summer 8

Sweet Bikini Three-way: When horny Hiroya invites a couple buddies over for playtime, you know it's gonna be special, and pretty wild. This is a bikini party for him and friends Keita and Lai. They start out in beach wear in a vacant office, but it isn't long before Hiro pulls out a bottle of clear wet lube and douses Lai's white bikini briefs. Once they turn transparent and show off Lai's big stiff rod, Keita and Hiroya run their greedy hands along the beautiful bulge that shows every vein and his perfect dick head. The bikinis peel down and this party turns into a raw spit-roast fuck, Lai taking cock from both his buds, and in both ends. On the floor with his swim goggles hanging round his neck, riding Hiroya's cock, he's in a perfect position to slurp down Keita's hard piece.

GDude-JP - Update

May 21, 2022

Wild Classroom 2

Test Studying - Bored schoolboys Don and Fu are "boning up" for an exam when they get distracted by the growing bulges under their desks and between their legs. Soon they're up on the desks or against the blackboard screwing their cock hungry brains out. These two young Japanese studs just got hotter and hotter finally blowing a huge load all over an empty desk seat.

GDude-JP - Update

May 14, 2022

Wild Classroom I

Sexy and tough new teacher Yowei strides into class with a strict attitude and a big appetite for hot horny students. Hen is the lucky object of his discipline and desire. They wait for the right moment to act and then they don't let anything hold them back. The magnetism, pure lust and desire to have each other is overwhelming.

Men - Update

April 23, 2022

Power Flirting

Ashton Summers catches Devy's eye as they work across from each other in the library, and their playful gazes soon turn into heated flirting. Devy is the first to pull up his shirt to show his muscular abs, then take it off and toss it at Ashton. Ashton ups the ante by pulling down his pants and showing the hottie his ass! They act innocent when another browser walks past, then Ashton sits on his desk and strokes his hard cock, an invitation Devy eagerly accepts to come suck it. Ashton fucks Devy doggystyle, and Devy rides the tattooed hunk before he bends Ashton over a table to pound him! The flip fuck ends as Ashton orgasms while Devy drills him in missionary before Devy paints his abs with cum.

Men - Update

March 30, 2022

Magna Cum Load 3

Ryan Bailey is trying to get some studying done at the college library, but his buddy Felix Fox is more interested in checking out the stern librarian, rubbing his cock through his pants, and making dirty jokes. Felix takes out his dick and puts it through a hole he made in his book, then Ryan sucks it under the table. Felix sneakily penetrates the bottom, but the pair get caught! The librarian leaves to report them, so the horny students keep fucking doggystyle over the table, then Felix sucks the bottom's cock and pounds him in missionary! Ryan rides Felix reverse, stroking himself till he cums, then takes Felix's big load on his face.

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