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Masonic Boys - Update

August 28, 2023

Apprentice Shepard Ch 3

The Anointing: Master Weston instructed me to enter the room and I walked in to find him sitting on a bench, dressed in a beautifully fitted, pure white suit. He looked up at me and smiled. I felt a million butterflies fluttering in my stomach. He rolled up his sleeves and gathered a series of metal containers from the corner of the room which were filled with warm oils. Master Weston dipped a finger into one of them then drew a line of oil across my forehead. Before long, he'd meticulously rubbed oil into most parts of my body. The more he touched me, the more I melted. Strings of precum were pouring uncontrollably from my penis tip. I dropped to my knees to serve him and he pushed his underwear down to reveal his stiffening cock which I immediately began to suck.

Masonic Boys - Update

August 15, 2023

Apprentice Roux Ch 1

The Interview: I was utterly terrified when I walked into the room and was instructed to sit down next to Master Stone. He told me I needed to be completely honest with him. His voice was low, resonant and masculine. He placed his hand on my thigh and asked if I was attracted to other boys. I said I wasn't. Then he asked if I was attracted to older men. I hesitated. My mouth was dry. He told me to stand, then ordered me to remove my shirt. Then he instructed me to take off my pants. I obliged. He said he needed to restrain my hands behind the chair before starting to touch me again. He asked if he was arousing me. I said he wasn't, but didn't know if that was changing right before my eyes. I liked feeling close to such a powerful man. He started to play with my nipples. The sensation sent a rush of intense pleasure through my body.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 20, 2023

Apprentice White Ch 4

The Covenant: Apprentice White was suitably submissive as he crawled into the room, his white ceremonial gown clinging perilously to his body. I instructed him to wash my feet; an erotic ritual which the boy took gratifyingly seriously. I instructed him to stand, and slowly ran my hands over the flesh which the flimsy fabric left exposed before untying the ribbons allowing the white robe to billow to the floor, leaving the boy entirely naked. I could feel my dick throbbing so I instructed Apprentice White to drop to his knees, unbuttoning my shirt and looking into his ice-blue eyes as I seductively pulled my pants down. I had forgotten quite how good that boy's mouth feels as it explored my forbidden fruit. He is a remarkably adept deep throater.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 05, 2023

Apprentice Tate Ch 2

The Interview: Apprentice Tate frustrated me within seconds of walking into his interview. The boy is stunningly attractive but there was something about his demeanor and arrogance which immediately got my back up. I cut to the chase, demanding he remove his clothes. But, the moment he stood up and started suggestively tinkering with his belt, I realized he was trying to play me. I feigned disinterest but removed my jacket so that he could get a sense of the shape of my body underneath my well tailored shirt. He'd plainly gotten used to being wanted by every man who saw him, so it was time for him to experience the sensation of wanting someone else. I informed him that I was going to restrain him before sitting him down and securing his hands behind his back. I could sense that his penis was beginning to swell.

Masonic Boys - Update

June 22, 2023

Apprentice Tyler Ch 5

The Covenant: A chamber servant handed me a white, ceremonial robe. I was instructed to crawl into a gleaming white room. Master Snow was sitting there on a bed, and I was surprised to see Master Weston standing behind him. Both men were immaculately dressed. Master Snow instructed me to wash his feet, which I did, with utmost care. He pulled me to my feet and stood behind me, running his hands across my trembling body. He undid the ties on my gown, which dropped to the floor. He threw me to my knees, then pushed down his pants to expose his enormous penis. I took it real slow at first, repeatedly running my tongue up and down his shaft. I slid my soft wet lips towards his balls. Within minutes I was on the bed, legs spread wide, with Master Weston holding onto my feet while Snow pushed himself into me.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 17, 2023

Sunny & Kevin

It's amazing to discover what goes on in the attic of semi derelict Bordeaux farmhouses! Kevin Sportwear is kneeling in front of a handsome Catholic priest, who's wearing his religious robes and holding an ornate crucifix. The priest's name is Sunny Blue. He has smooth, olive skin, blue eyes and dark hair. Kevin's a pretty hot-looking guy as well chiseled and handsome. Heaven only knows what kind of quasi-religious, sado erotic ceremony is taking place between these two studs. Kevin lifts the skirts of the priest's robes and discovers a semi erect penis underneath, which he instantly gets to work on. Within seconds, Sunny's thick dick is rock hard and ready for any sin Kevin's willing to commit.

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 31, 2023

Mickey & Damian

18-year-old Mickey O'Brien and 27-year-old Damian challenge each other to see who can give the better blowjob. Mickey may be gagging on uncut cock, but he's sure giving it the old college try! Since these guys know the drill, I just tell them to get naked and help each other feel good. Mickey goes first, blowing Damian until he's hard. He even gags a couple of times going down on Damian's uncut dick. The guys surprise me by making out, then it's Damian's turn to suck Mickey's ultra-white cock. After he munches on Mickey's scrotum and sucks the head, the guys swap places so Mickey can try to outdo him. Not to be beaten, Damian tries sucking Mickey's cock one more time. The guys tongue-kiss each other while jacking off side-by-side. Damian shoots a big, watery load on himself, and Mickey cums on the side of Damian's face.

Yes Father - Update

April 29, 2023

In on the Secret

Andy is no stranger to father Rob’s way of addressing confessions, but when Andy’s friend Myott learns about it, he wants in on the secret. Andy and Myott visit Rob in his office, and Andy tells father Rob that Myott knows about their last encounter. Andy must pay penance for his sins, and father Rob needs Myott’s help to lead Andy to forgiveness.

Missionary Boys - Update

April 28, 2023

Elder Ledger's Penance

After Dakota reports Sam for wrongdoings, leader Brody must take immediate action. Sam is blindfolded and laid on a table, where Dakota and Brody will spank his ass and have their way with his hole. Sam loves the sensation and is happy to repent and pay his penance for his sins.

Masonic Boys - Update

March 12, 2023

Apprentice White, Ch 1

The Interview: The interview room was dazzling white. A man was sitting on one of the chairs and I was staggered by how handsome he looked with his shaved head and neatly-cropped beard. Master Snow was exactly the sort of guy I found dangerously intriguing. From the moment I sat down next to him, I was blushing and giggling. He asked me all kinds of embarrassing questions, then rested his large hand on my thigh, asking if what he was doing was turning me on. I lied and said it wasn't, so he asked if I was willing to prove it and for some ungodly reason I said that I was… He told me to stand and take my pants off and undo the buttons on my shirt. My dick instantly tented in my garments. He grabbed it and rubbed it. I was a bit freaked out when he sat me on the chair again and tied my hands behind my back.

Masonic Boys - Update

February 19, 2023

Apprentice Tyler Ch 3

Anointing: I nervously entered the room and found Master St. Michael sitting, statuesque, on a chair, wearing a beautifully-fitted white suit, shirt and tie. I'd been handed a robe to wear which was almost see-through and did nothing to disguise my hard-on. The Master asked if I was ready before covering his hand in warm oil and gently running his thumb across my forehead, then over my eyes, my lips and then other parts of my body. His soft touch made my penis stiffen and bounce. He sat me on the chair and started to push his fingers into my hole before wrapping his soft, warm lips around my dick. Then he pulled me into him and we started to kiss. He kissed so passionately. I spread my legs wide inviting him in. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a garment which clung to his pecs like a second layer of skin.

Masonic Boys - Update

January 10, 2023

Apprentice Foster Ch 2

Anointing: Hard-working and dedicated young initiates to the Order like Apprentice Foster are always identified and anointed by Grandmaster Legrand Wolf. The sacred, erotic ritual is the doorway to the alluring secrets that will be shared during the apprentice's anointing. The Grandmaster will take command of all of the young man's wildest fantasies. And because the eager apprentice wants to be led through the carnal rites of passage by Legrand, he vows to always comply with the ultra-masculine Grandmaster's desires!

Missionary Boys - Update

December 22, 2022

Worshiping The President

The elders rejoice over the president’s cock, blowing him willingly. It’s now time for Quin and Dakota to take the lead. As president Parker lies on the altar, elder Quin starts fucking him while Dakota jacks off on his face. The three men climax together in a hot finale, completing the lusty ritual with the joy of giving in to pleasure.

Spritzz - Update

October 31, 2022

Fresh Cream For Twink

Taras is always up for a sex adventure and he especially likes sucking Alec's big cock. The beautiful boner is also just always hard and the fresh cum tastes delicious when Taras' tongue licks over the glans. But Alec is in a fucking mood and rams the slim boy properly in different positions. Finally he shoots his load into Taras' greedy mouth.

Next Door Studios - Update

August 29, 2022

Big Night Out Part 1

In the first part of this epic series, Damien White and Max Lorde decide to try and make money as first-time pornstars after seeing an ad in a magazine. When they ask Damien's friend Kye Storm for help on how to stay hard at an event for pornstars later that night, things take an unexpected turn.

Men - Update

May 04, 2022

Double Stuffed Part 3

Stripped down to their skivvies, bearded hunk Johnny Donovan hungrily kisses curly-haired twinks Felix Fox and Chris White in the living room. Felix is in the middle, sucking Johnny while getting rimmed by Chris, then Johnny gets his cock worshipped by both the blonds at once. Felix moans as Johnny fingers his hole, then fucks him with a toy before Johnny climbs into his lap and rides his dick, as Chris rubs Felix's socked foot against his bulge. Felix gets spit-roasted by Johnny and Chris, who take turns enjoying his throat and his ass, before Felix gets his hole stuffed with both cocks at once! Chris is the first to orgasm, and Johnny penetrates Felix's hole with the toy as he takes the bottom's load on his face, then cums in Chris and Felix's mouths.

Masonic Boys - Update

April 09, 2022

Apprentice Ryan Ch 6

Ordination - Grandmaster Angus has been grooming Apprentice Marcus for some time. He believes the boy has remarkable potential and has been impressed by his demeanor and tenacity. It is the Grandmaster's policy to personally ordain the most promising apprentices, and he believes Marcus is now ready to have this particular honor bestowed upon him. The ceremony happens in a gleaming white room, deep within the Masonic complex. Grandmaster Angus is dressed in a pure white suit, and Marcus is, as usual, perfectly turned out in a smart shirt and tie. Angus wastes no time. He's hungry for the boy and always gets what he wants when he wants it. Marcus quivers with anticipation. He has grown to love and respect Grandmaster Angus over and above all the other leaders.

Peter Fever - Update

March 04, 2022

Devil Made Me Do It 4

The Wedding - After all the hot seXXX and tomfoolery, it's time to get to the main event, the wedding of Nolan to his beloved Dan After Dark. The minister cuts to the chase, pronouncing them husband and husband. Their first kiss after the vows is so passionate and erotic the minister has to break in to suggest "That's enough! Get a room you sluts." But thinking again, he changes his wise advice to "Screw the room, just let 'em fuck, whaddya think?" Because Dan and Nolan are so heated up that any advice to the contrary would fall on deaf ears. With Alfonso and Jessie the Devilboy cheering from the aisles, the happy couple has their traditional wedding night hookup right at the altar. Nolan drops his drawers and Dan kneels to give him a juicy blowjob.

Missionary Boys - Update

February 10, 2022

First Day Decompression

After Cameron Lane's first day on the job as a missionary, Dakota Lovell invites him to relax and wind down. Cameron can't help but notice Dakota's massive cock, so Dakota proposes they compare sizes. One thing leads to another, and the two missionaries are fucking on the sofa before long. Things are looking bright for Cameron and it only gets hotter.

Yes Father - Update

January 30, 2022

Cumming Confessions

Andrew Powers confesses his sins to Father Johnny B, who can't help but feel enamored by the naughty sins Andre has been committing. As part of his penance, Andrew must now satisfy Johnny if he is to be forgiven. Father Johnny definitely hopes to see more of Andrew soon. If you love these confessions, then you'll want to see more and more of this hot sexy site. There's something about a man of the cloth showing his true self to the new ones.

Missionary Boys - Update

January 29, 2022

Elder Jack Bailey

Assigned Companions - When Elder Jack helps Elder Ashton straighten up his tie, he pulls him in to make out with him. Elder Ashton is not comfortable with doing this with the door open because they might get caught, so Elder jack closes and locks the door before finally getting fully close and personal with Elder Ashton.

Masonic Boys - Update

January 14, 2022

Apprentice James Ch 4

Chapter 4: Ordination - When the time came for Apprentice James to receive his final achievement, Master Cox was honored to be able to be the one to sanctify him into the Masonic brotherhood. Master Cox brought the young man into the ceremonial chamber he'd come to know well, bathed in white light and filled with a sense of purpose. He removed his clothing, stripping him of his shirt and tie, leaving him clad only in the bright glow of the room. When Master Cox removed his clothes, his lean, muscular frame stood tall and strong. His olive skin contrasted with James's beautifully, dusted with a soft pattern of hair on his chest and stomach. James dropped to his knees, placing himself once again eye to eye with the older man's massive, thick cock.

Yes Father - Update

December 22, 2021

Jay & Brandon 2

They Made The Wrong Choice - When catholic boy Brandon James gets sent to catholic school after being caught with a boy, his new roommate Jay Tee informs him that if his parents wanted to pray the gay away, they made the wrong choice sending him there. Jay will make him feel welcomed in the most sinful way for sure! These two young guys just can't get enough of each other and we're happy to watch it.

Cocky Boys - Update

December 08, 2021

Austin, Brock & Max

In the LOVE HAPPENS finale, uptight mindfulness coach Brock Bankski (Brock Banks) finally sees the light ..with the help of radical faeries Max Adonis & Austin Avery! Brock's sexual awakening retreat didn't go as planned after being hijacked by Max & Austin and their friends, and Brock confronts Max about it. But Max gets Brock to see the weekend was actually a big success...and he should enjoy it as much as his guests. After a liberating frolic in the water, Max prods Brock to take one more step into the unknown by walking to a hidden spot on the retreat's grounds. Surrounded by sheer white flowing curtains Brock lies floating on a sling, stroking his cock...and being watched by Max & Austin. Soon they step into the circle and began to pleasure Brock.

Masonic Boys - Update

December 05, 2021

Apprentice James

Chapter 3: The Covenant - Oliver did as he was told. Obediently, he stripped down completely and put on the ceremonial robe. It was big and loose hanging on his body, clearly not made for him. As he tried to balance it on his shoulders, he wondered how many others had worn this exact garment, and how many others had done what he was about to do. He'd barely spoken a handful of words to Master Cox, but already the older man had touched his body, handled his genitals, and even been inside him. Sex with him was part of the requirements of the Order, but Oliver did not mind. Crawling into the ceremony room on all fours, he lowered himself below the older man. Master Cox sat on the edge of a large bed, draped in a red altar cloth. Max Cox was dressed in all white, even down to his tie. Everything felt so formal and so ritualized.

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