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Gay Erotic Story

A Father Son story Part 1

Part 1 is more about the build up to events and contains material of a sexual nature that some may find offensive. Even when young I shared a bond, a connection and chemistry with my father that he did not share with my older brothers. It just needed a catalyst to bring us even closer than we ever imagined. It was after a difficult time that myself and my father dared to push the boundary of...

Gay Erotic Story

A Father Son story part 2

I awoke early on Saturday morning boned up and horny as usual and made my way to the bathroom. I could hear the shower running as I walked down the hallway and saw the bathroom door open. “Morning, you are up early Dad” I said standing at the toilet and attempting to piss through my morning wood “Yeah I wanted to get an early start” Dad replied sounder chipper I looked around to see...

Gay Erotic Story

A Father Son Story Part 4

I awoke in Dads bed to the sensation of the bristles of his beard nuzzled against my ass cheeks as his warm tongue navigated the crevice. I gripped the pillow under my head pushing my face into it as waves of pleasure were sent coursing through my body. His soft lips kissed the back of my thighs and buttocks a few times before his tongue returned back to my hole causing my hips to back up...

Gay Erotic Story

A Father Son Story part 5

The cabin in the woods When Dad suggested we go for a long weekend at the cabin I wondered if somehow he had picked up on the image in my head at the moment he had fully entered me. A psychic link at the moment we had connected so intimately. I awoke next to Dad at the cabin my head filled with a mix of surreal images like pieces of a puzzle that I tried to piece together. The more I...

Gay Erotic Story

A Father son story part 7

Continued... We watched as man explored man, Father and son, with their hands, mouth and tongue. Thomas’s hands sliding down his Dads back and pausing on his buttocks and gripping them tightly as his finger tips explored the moisture along the crevice left by the lubrication. His Dad’s body twitched and his mouth opened wider as his son’s fingers found the entrance and Daniel bowed his...

Gay Erotic Story

A Father son story, part 6

Dad had invited Daniel and his son back to the cabin for a bite to eat and a drink which Daniel had readily accepted. A bite to eat turned into a large meal and a drink turned into more than just a few as we sat chatting out on the patio. “Oh, is that the time?” Daniel said looking down at his watch“We sort of got carried away” my Dad said with a cheeky wink“Well I am not sure I...

Gay Erotic Story

AFather Son story part 3

Dad went to use the bathroom leaving me alone in his room and I could not help but open the magazine we had been looking at earlier. “Anything you find interesting?” Dad asked catching me deeply engrossed in the pages “Maybe” I replied looking up as I closed the magazine “Well maybe we can try something you want later” Dad added with a smile I nodded and smiled back“Or we can just hang...

Gay Erotic Story

Beating off with Dad

Tony was rinsing off the soap suds when his dad walked in bare ass naked as he stood at the sink and began to run the tap. He splashed hot water on his face before applying a thick lather of shaving foam and reached for his cut throat razor. It had been his Dads and regardless of all the new fangled razor blades his Dad insisted that was the best way to shave. The sharp edge sent...

Gay Erotic Story

Becoming part of the family - Part 1

Part 1 – The chat and bate session with Toby (feedback welcome) Jon had thought Toby was like every other guy online and that it was all just horny chat in a chat room, just words you type when your cock is hard and the fantasies you exchange when a bottle of poppers is pressed against your nose and the heated pulsating rush releases all your deepest desires and lets the barriers of your...

Gay Erotic Story

James, A real Daddies Boy

We sat naked and spent on the couch in the afterglow of man sex as we drunk our cold beer. James had the most amazing ass, perfect shaped cheeks coated with light peach fuzz with a trail of golden blonde hair between the crack, and such great muscle control when I was inside him. At 24 he was 16 years my junior and if anything I was closer to his dads age.James like me had been brought up...

Gay Erotic Story

James, A Real Daddies boy part 4

A month passed since the morning when I had been fucked hard by James’s Dad and the memory of the occasion had fuelled the sex fantasies of every waking moment. It was like a drug and I longed for more but I did not know if there would be another opportunity. The image of James and his Dad naked side by side was burned into my mind as was the image of his Dad stroking him off till he shot a load....

Gay Erotic Story

James. A real Daddies boy part 2

It was a Friday night and James had gone out to meet his Dad who was in town for the weekend and I had hit the bars with my mates on a lads night out. I got home just after midnight and could see the glow of the television light through the curtains as I walked up the path to the front door. James greeted me in the hallway wearing just a pair of tight fitting white underpants. “How...

Gay Erotic Story

James. A real Daddies boy Part 3

I awoke back in my own bed with James curled up beside me. He always looked so cute and innocent when asleep and I lay and watched him for a while smiling to myself. Finally my aching bladder got the better of me and I climbed out of bed being careful not to wake him.I walked to the bathroom rubbing my eyes and as I was about to walk in through the open bathroom door I stopped in my...

Gay Erotic Story

My Nephew's fetishes Prt 1

SURPRISE NUMBER 1There were times that my dreams brought back the memories of the last time I had seen my older brother but today it was a message online from my nephew. I recalled that early morning all those years ago stood in my brother’s living room when he had confronted me. I had stayed the night on his couch after a night out on the town with him and his mates and had woke up and...

Gay Erotic Story

Never too old

This story is based on an experience with an older gentleman when I was 24 which may not appeal to all readers.I was 24 at the time and Albert was an old gentleman that was a tenant in the same house. I rented out the upstairs and he rented the downstairs which was divided by a doorway in the main hall. I liked to help Albert out when I could. I would always check in on him and got his...

Gay Erotic Story

The Step brother

Aaron grabbed his briefs as his step brother Vincent clambered to close the porn on the large computer screen before grabbing his own underwear and just managing to pull them up before the door to the basement opened. “Hey just to remind you that Julie and her daughters” Ron paused looking at Aaron“I mean your mother and sisters are away next weekend and you guys promised to help me...

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