Diary of an Attorney: Welcome to the Firm

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Diary of an Attorney: Welcome to the Firm Visit Men At Play

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"Welcome to the Firm" is the first in a series of episodes in the new series “Diary of an Attorney” that will explore the not-so-average day in the life of an attorney, offering an uncensored look into their ‘professional’ lives. Brazilian Samuel Hodecker recently moved to the city and is starting a new job tomorrow. To clear his mind, he responds to a DM and agrees to hook up with dark, uncut Latino bodybuilder Sancho. After hooking up, they exchange numbers, and Sam goes home. The next day is Mr. Hodecker’s first day as an attorney at Sancho’s Associates, and when he walks in to meet the name law partner, he notices a familiar face. The guy he hooked up with the night before is his boss. But Mr. Sancho is not surprised; he knew all along and wants to get fucked by the huge cock again.

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