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Gaycation Brazil: The Laundry Spy Visit Raw Hole

By Raw Hole

Travis is making himself at home in Rio, out on the terrace hanging up with laundry to dry in the hot tropical sun. But there's a sneaky voyeur checking out Travis' hot muscle body and thick bulging crotch. Shaved headed Petrick Garcia stops in his tracks on the way down the outside staircase to enjoy the view of the American tourist. Once Travis notices, he rubs his crotch, gives the local guy a good show to spy on. Turned on and rock-hard, both studs step upstairs to the roof to fuck al fresco. Travis stretches back in a rattan lounge chair as Petrick leans in to get a taste of American cock. Big lush lips locked around the head of Travis' uncut piece, he guzzles Travis to the furry root. Petrick straddles the lounge to grind his ass across Travis' probing tongue, grabbing his cheeks to spread his hole open wide.

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