Micah Feeds Eli

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Micah Feeds Eli Visit Corbin Fisher

By Corbin Fisher

When we first paired Eli and Micah up with one another, Micah brought out an all-new side of Eli that was hot as heck to see! Eli got dominant and aggressive, but in a wonderfully passionate and at times even intimate way that clearly rocked Micah's world and set all our screens on fire. With the chemistry these two had, we immediately set about trying to get them back together with one another. We wanted to see if that chemistry carried through, and just what these two would make not only of the opportunity to get a piece of one another again, but of the opportunity to flip the script this second time around and have Micah doing the topping honors! Well, just as hooked as Eli was on Micah's hole their first go around, he's totally hooked on Micah's cock in this one.

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