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By Randy Blue

RandyBlue's most prolific star Reese Rideout is back again, bringing an edgier verbal side to Jack Aries who's totally there for some Dom-sub role play. When Reese tells him he has to work for his cock, Jack does just that, deep-throating him and taking his face-fucking before Reese bends him over, tongue fucks & spit lubes his hole and fucks him. As he so often does, Jack scores points in his reaction to getting fucked, by going back to sucking Reese just as he commands, and riding him so well. In return Reese gives Jack a thorough cocksucking, then plows him on his back, triumphantly fucking a blasting cum-shot out of him. Reese shoots his load over him, both proud and thankful for the hot time Jack gave him.

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