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Liam Rose was on a mission as he walked in while his stepdad's friend, Vincent Stone, was in the living room waiting for Liam's stepdad to get off his call. Liam has been crushing on the manly Vincent for a long time and decided it was now or never. As soon as he walked in, showing off his new clothes, Vincent couldn't help noticing how hard the fabric made Liam's cock. All a part of Liam's plan. Vincent grabbed and stroked the boy's cock so much that he had to have it in his mouth. Liam sat back and gave Vincent what he wanted, but knew a big daddy dick in his young tight pink hole was the ultimate prize. Liam soon returned the favor and swallowed Vincent's meat until it was hard and ready to plow his hole. A cock up his ass and Vincent's cum on his dick equals mission complete.

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