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I was having a nice walk through a forest. Of course, I wanted to meet someone interesting and handsome. After a while, I noticed this dude peeing. It was a bit of an awkward situation at first but then we laughed about it and had a nice chat. The guy was going home from work. I could tell he was beefed up and wanted to see some skin. Sure, I had to pay him a lot of money to get things going but the guy wasn't afraid to try something new. Well? I don't think it was that new to him. He sucked my boner like a fucking lollypop covered in honey. His body was nicely ripped, and boner was impressive with huge balls. I enjoyed the view while he gobbled on my privates. And this was only the beginning. I couldn't wait to destroy his tight horny ass, no matter the price. And he couldn't wait either.

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