Mike Tiger & Tony Axel

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Mike Tiger & Tony Axel Visit Jalif Studios

By Jalif Studios

Handsome hunk Mike Tiger is taking a much needed shower after a busy and stressful day. He lathers himself up. The soap suds cling to his well-chiseled body. He likes how they feel. Roomie Tony Axel passes the bathroom and peers in from the landing. He likes the view. He likes it a lot. He's always had a secret crush on Mike and figures that tonight's as good a night as any to come clean. Tony boldly walks into the bathroom and casually removes all his clothes. It's impossible to know which of the two men has the better body: both are meticulously sculpted and shredded. It turns out that Tony is also hung like a donkey. Mike is a little surprised by Tony's striptease act, but shock instantly gives way to excitement. He smiles lustfully. Tony is now rock hard.

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