Warren Blindfolded & Bound

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Warren Blindfolded & Bound Visit Straight Fraternity

By Straight Fraternity

After shooting a few other videos for me, Warren knows the drill. He confidently strips naked and lets me tape up his wrists, wrap his ankles to the chair and blindfold him. I rub all over his smooth, sweaty body and lube his cock. It's easy to get a young guy like Warren going. I jack his slick dick a few different ways, then finish him off with my Pocket Pussy. He splatters his big load all over the floor, but he stays hard, so I ask him if he can cum more. I give the jack-off sleeve back to Warren so he can try to shoot again. He rips off his ankle straps and strokes and strokes his cock. He even plays with his asshole a little, but will he be able to go over the edge?

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