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Two men hook up in the corridors of a dark, cruising club in Paris. Jonathan Darko is tall, skinny, tattooed, and dangerous looking. Eneko Xtrem is shorter, darker, and smaller. They're soon all over each other. Both men are wearing sports gear. Jonathan's are navy blue and shiny. Jonathan pushes Eneko into a corner, thrusting lustfully against the sexy twink until Eneko gets the message and drops to his knees to suck the tall guy off. Jonathan's dick is exactly as you'd expect from a man of his stature: very long. It bounces off the back of Eneko's throat as the bottom boy sucks with immense stamina and a surprising lack of gagging. Jonathan grabs the back of his head and thrusts himself into the twink's mouth with extreme force, spitting repeatedly and abusively slapping Eneko's face until his eyes water.

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