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Olaf & Torsten Visit Bel Ami Online

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There is trouble in paradise today as Olaf confesses that he would like to try a 3way with Jens. Torsten seems (a little) open to the idea of a threesome, but categorically rules out that Jens is the 3rd guy. Rebuffed but undeterred, Olaf decides to change tactics and catch Torsten when he is in a more amenable mood and that normally means right after sex. Of course, Torsten is onto this tactic right away and is going to milk it for all it's worth before he gives in. Olaf must really want to try out Jens as there is no command or directive that Torsten gives that our blond pup is not willing to submit to. We promise we won't keep you waiting too long to see if Olaf got his way or not!

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