Casting Couch 506: Samuel & Jacob Blog Post

Casting Couch 506: Samuel & Jacob Visit Kristen Bjorn

By Kristen Bjorn

Samuel Blanco X & Jacob Lord: The ultra sexy daddy, Jacob Lord is tasked with inducting the young and vibrant Samuel Blanco X into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. The contrasts are dynamic with Jacob and his hairy, muscular body and Samuel with his smooth, burgeoning body. The guys immediately greet each other with a kiss that leads to even more intense kissing. Samuel’s hands are exploring Jacob’s firm, hairy torso as Jacob’s tongue delves deeper inside of Samuel’s sweet mouth. Jacob moves quickly on Samuel and spreads his smooth, twunk ass to expose that hot, sweet pink center. Jacob dives in tongue first and never looks back. That powerful talents of Jacob’s tongue has Samuel relaxed and his ass ready for action.

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