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Hunger Hunted: Magnu & Gianni Visit Kristen Bjorn

By Kristen Bjorn

As a gay person we have all learned the importance of being “street smart” and Magnus Loki has noticed that his new neighbor, Gianni Gio has been making him feel a little uncomfortable. Taking control of the situation Magnus confronts his “hunter” and calls him out. Fortunately, this time the “hunted” is pleased to find out that he is not going to be rolled, but rather he is going to be incredibly pleased with his new neighbor. The guys return to Magnus’ apartment and quickly begin stripping down to their underwear. Gianni takes Magnus into his strong arms and begins kissing him with his firm, unwavering lips. Magnus feels a sense of weakness in his knees under his new neighbors forceful kisses and unyielding embrace. Both men’s cocks have become monoliths of flesh.

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