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Curious straight guy Patrick sighs nervously as he tries to prepare himself for this new experience, but Franco catches him off guard with a few test tickles. Franco tickles Patrick in his armpits and on his ribs, then tickles his size 13 feet through his ankle socks. Patrick begs for Franco to stop, but he only gets a brief break when Franco moves from one sensitive tickle spot to the next. Franco tickles Patrick's armpit by gently plucking at his armpit hairs, then tickles him there with a soft paintbrush. He tickles Patrick with his thick fingers and a big feather on his sides and crotch before returning to his feet with hair brushes. Screaming and howling with laughter, Patrick barely can form words as he tries to bargain with Franco for the tickling to stop. But Franco keeps tickling Patrick from behind until he's completely overwhelmed.

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